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Adorable Portraits of a Little Boy and His Teddy Bear

adrian murray

Adrian Murray was inspired to get serious about photography, especially since he realized that the childhood years of his kid would be fleeting. While he had been around cameras his entire life, his photography took on a new meaning, especially as a father documenting his children. There was now a profound reason to pursue photography.

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Landscape Photography eBooks

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Thanksgiving Photography Tips

Plan Ahead


Every photography project or endeavor is better served with some sort of pre-planning – thinking about what shots you want to get, and making sure you’ve transferred all existing images on your memory card(s) so you have clean ones. Recharge your batteries and clean your favorite lenses. Scout the location (the family house or apartment) taking notice of specific details. Observe how the light filters in through the windows and illuminates the room. Don’t be afraid to take notes, take test shots under various lighting conditions to check exposure values, and try out compositions. This way when it comes down to actually photographing your family, you’ll know exactly what to do, where to position people and what are the best times to shoot.

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Black Friday Event – SAVE 40 – 60% ON PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIALS!



This is the home of the funnest photography tutorials in the world. And right now you can save an incredible 40 – 60% on every one, and get the best prices of the year! 
Want to take better photos? Grab a tutorial and you’re on your way.

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Remarkable Landscape Photography of Europe Captured Moments Before Sunrise

landscape photography

Professional landscape photographer Kilian Schönberger began his professional career in 2006, and already he is quite renowned for his work, notable of which is the photographic illustrations of the Brothers Grimm. Born in 1985, the 29 year-old again shot some remarkable pictures for his latest series of mysterious dense fog over mountains of central Europe.

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Photo Series ‘Alter Ego’ Features Ghostly Multiple Exposures of Twins

olivier ramonteu

In French photographer Olivier Ramonteu’s creepy but absorbing collection called Alter Ego, he depicts ghostly images of twins. One however, would wonder, upon examination of the images, if they are indeed real twins or just digitally manufactured doubles? These days you can never be sure about what you see.

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