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Photographer Journeys Around the Globe and Documents the Beauty of Women from Different Countries

atlas of beauty

Some 24 months ago 29-year-old Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc ditched her day job and began journeying around the globe in search of women from various and diverse cultures. Noroc wanted to document women from different countries of the world to prove that beauty can be different, but no less stunning. Hence, Noroc along with her rucksack and camera began to travel around the world with just her savings she earned during years of traditional employment. Her project is entitled The Atlas of Beauty and it celebrates our planet’s diversity as illustrated through portraits of women.

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Couple Celebrates Nuptials with Star Wars Themed Wedding and Reception Complete with Stormtroopers as Escorts

wedding photo

Wedding planners and couples have been thinking out of the usual nuptial box lately, and this is quite evident in all the creative, if not zany wedding themes that has become a trend. So it really comes as no surprise that the Star Wars franchise is tapped for one very special wedding ceremony. Hence for at least one day, Jennifer and her husband Joshua got to live the fantasy by having a Star Wars-themed wedding and reception to celebrate their nuptials.

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Interview with Fine Art Photographer, Chris Kayler


As an emotionally driven photographer, do you find it difficult to create when confronted by emotionally arid episodes in your life?

Much like emotions themselves, it’s a complex topic. Both emotional droughts and emotional floods come with their own advantages and disadvantages. During the most difficult and trying times of my life, I’ve had to dig deeply to find motivation to get out into nature. When I do, however, I often create some of my best images. During these moments I am able to immerse myself in the experience more than at any other time. It’s my way of escaping the rest of world. I give it everything I’ve got. I feel the deepest connections, and I believe that the art I create shows that. During emotionally arid times, the motivation comes much more easily. I yearn to be out in nature. I yearn to feel something deeper. Different images come out of times like these. Images of simplicity and beauty. In the end, nature inspires me no matter what is going on in my life. In that way, I suppose there is never a time that would be so arid as to block my creativity.

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Beautiful Photos of Nature During Golden Hour

alex greenshpun photos

Autumn is perhaps one of the most motivating seasons for nature photographers. This is certainly the case for brilliant Israel-based photographer Alex Greenshpun, who specializes on the fall season in her work. She is absolutely incomparable at capturing its beautiful colors and detailed autumnal scenes and compositions.

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Clever Self-Portrait Series Conveys a Feeling of Weightlessness


The sensation of “weightlessness” happens when there is no force of support on your body. When your body is actually in free fall mode, traveling downward at the acceleration of gravity, you are that moment not being supported. The feeling of apparent weight emanates from the support that you feel from the ground, a chair seat, etc. Weightlessness has long fascinated man, and Berlin-based dancer Mickael Jou, explores this phenomenon.

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Extremely Essential Camera Skills by Rob and Lauren Lim

Extremely Essential Camera Sale

The fastest route to better quality photography isn’t buying a new and expensive camera with all the latest bells and whistles. It’s by mastering the one you have. They say that the best camera is the one that you have with you, and this eBook will teach you all the essential camera skills you’ll need to create amazing photographs with whatever camera you may have.

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