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Thought-Provoking Cinemagraphs of Both City Life and the Natural Outdoors

julien douvier

Is it a picture or a looped video? Well something in between, but it is surely entertaining to look at. Photographer Julien Douvier uses a myriad of methods from his magic bag of techniques to produce these delightful, thought-provoking cinemagraphs of both city life and the natural outdoors. A cinemagraph is a photograph wherein a chosen area is animated to create a specific movement by repeating it in a loop. What Douvier does is take what are already dramatic photographs and animates them to life with understated elements of movement like flowing water, smoke from a chimney or the dancing of branches as they are swept by the blowing wind.

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Cyclist Performs a Wheelie Against the Colorful Backdrops of Tokyo


Mamoru Kanai‘s continuing series called Riding Pop, shows the Tokyo resident as he rides his bike throughout the bustling metropolis. Kanai performs a wheelie everywhere in front of the busy city as he uses the colorful backdrops of Tokyo in every image. Kanai’s bike is known as a mamachari or “mom’s bike’, a nonspecific type of bicycle in Japan.

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Beauty, Fashion & Portrait Photography Retouching


An inspirational eBook with lots of beautiful images, retouching tips, articles and a few illustrated text and video tutorials for amateur and professional photographers who edit their work in Adobe Photoshop.

Photographer Blends Animal Symbolisms with Stunning Black and White Urbanscapes


Irish photographer Jason Mcgroarty is always striving for an element of the unexpected in his images. You might say he would rather that his work jolts you in a manner that would push you to think; rather than just present an aesthetically pleasing picture. That is exactly what he achieves in his series Totem.

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Striking Seascapes Capture the Remarkable Power of Nature

storm clouds

While the awesome power of nature’s fury can be one of the most frightening things to behold, there is also an inherent beauty in seeing it unleashed.  This series of striking seascapes captures the remarkable power of nature as it is expressed with the fine art of skilled photography. Shot by Montauk, New York-based photographer Dalton Portella, the photos have an inherent painterly-like character that depicts the threatening force of the sea during stormy weather.

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Amazing Long Exposure Photography Tips

sparks flying out of lit box

Searching for a complete instructional guide on how to take breathtaking special effects shots?

Say no more. This eBook entitled Trick Photography and Special Effects V2 contains over 295 pages of instruction along with 9 hours of video tutorials and over 300 creative photographs to help you learn everything you need to know to create impressive images and to bring your photography to a whole new level.

Trick Photography Tips

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