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Photographer Makes Ocean Waves Look Like Mountain Waves Using Creative Photo Composition

mountain sea

If you don’t scrutinize these images you would swear that they were photographs of rugged mountains, shot in some desolate region of the earth. Look closer and you will realize that these images are actually ocean waves, shot at their peak as they glide through the sea’s unpredictable surface. It’s a terrifying sight, and must be really frightening if you saw it in person.

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Wildlife Photographer Captures Imposing African Elephants in a Series of Beautifully Raw Candid Pictures

peter delaney

Wildlife photographer Peter Delaney documented some imposing African elephants in a series of beautiful and raw candid pictures. Delaney saw the mammoth animals as they were moving along the arid plains, kicking up a lot of dust and while refreshing themselves with a drink from a shallow water reservoir.

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Delightful Images of Squirrels in the Wild


Gifted nature photographer Vadim Trunov has been up close and personal with squirrels before, however this series shows quite a surprise. It is the first time his prints of squirrels shooting photos of each other have ever been seen. The Russian photographer not too long ago published some photos of squirrels that appeared to be building a snowman or just horsing around with acorns and pine cones in the snow.

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Heartwarming Photos of Smiling Babies

smiling baby

Whenever a newborn baby smiles, the old folks say that their angel is playing with them. If that were true, then all these babies must be smiling at their guardian angel. True or not, pictures of smiling babies make for irresistibly cute photographs, and that’s what newborn baby photographer Sandi Ford specializes in. Ford runs her photography business, Bumps Babies and Beyond, in London, and has been photographing toddlers and families since 2010. For Ford, photography is not just work but a great source of inspiration.

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Dreamy Photos of Sun Rays Shining Down on the Polish Landscape

marcin sobas

Marcin Sobas is a landscape photographer from Poland. His creative process often involves imagining a scene first, or just capturing a visual image with his mind. While there might not always be a camera on-hand, he admits, he tries to capture the moment, embed it in his consciousness and quickly tuck this alluring episode into the fine crevices of his soul. Sobas’ landscape photography gives you that feel and inspiration, a momentary appreciation for nature’s magnificence time and again.

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Stunning Travel Photos Captured Using a Drone

travel photo

Drone technology, although developed originally for military purposes, has no doubt found its way into civilian use. Many enthusiasts exist today who just love to fly their quadcopters either for amusement or other purposes they can imagine. The photography community is one such group that has found a purpose for drones and quadcopters. A quadcopter is a multirotor helicopter that lifts and is propelled by four rotors. Quadcopters fall under the classification of rotorcraft, as differentiated from fixed-wing aircraft, since their lift is created by a set of rotors that are vertically oriented propellers.

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