Photos of Airports Shot from Above

JFK International Airport from the air

JFK International Airport

We have a never-tiring fascination with things that take to the sky. Ever since those brothers, Wilbur and Orville, invented the first successful airplane, the Wright Flyer I, we have this more than century long love affair with the aircraft.  Photographer Jeffrey Milstein is one such individual that is lured by these modern machines that have transformed the way we live in the world in more ways than any other invention.  His photos series, AirCraft: the Jet as Art, featured   “large-scale images of airliners in flight, shot at the precise moment when the aircraft is overhead. This work combines passions for form, symmetry, color, and flight. As a typology of aircraft, these photographs open up conversations about the complexity and beauty of modern technology.”  It is a collection of photos showing the underbelly of aircraft, shot in sterlingly sharp detail, fooling the eye to think you are looking at model aircraft photographed in studio-like controlled conditions.

Well, he is at it again, this time reversing the perspective of these flying buses. The new series, Flying is a work in progress which puts Milstein up, up and away in the sky and the airplanes safely on the ground.

aerial shot of JFK International Airport

JFK International Airport

JFK International Airport shot from the air

JFK International Airport

This reversal of perspective gives the new series its unique look, as overhead shots reveal the intricacies of today’s busy airports. These airports are utterly teeming with activity, with runways crammed by aircraft waiting for their turn to accelerate into airspace. It is an extraordinary view of the organized chaos, managed in these flight terminals by flight control professionals. It is also a rare view of these infrastructure marvels that support the volume of air travel contemporary living demands.

JFK International Airport aerial shot

JFK International Airport

JFK International Airport aerial photo

JFK International Airport

Flying will mesmerize anyone that has always had a love for the airplane, and captivate anyone who appreciates controlled mayhem. Milstein in his own words describes the new theme, calling it “A new and ongoing series of photographs shot from the air showing the patterns, layering and complexity of cities, and the circulation patterns for travel, such as waterways, roads, and airports that grow organically over time much like a living organism.”

Newark Liberty International Airport aerial shot

Newark Liberty International Airport

aerial shot Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport

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