The Biggest International Fireworks Competition in a Time-Lapse Video

Photographer Rob Whitworth is specialist in time lapse videos as well as architectural photography. He earned his first-class honours degree from Norwich School of Art & Design, majoring in photography. Whitworth is now based in Singapore, where most of his current work revolves around Asia. One such project is his recent visit to Vietnam this past April to shoot the Danang International Fireworks Competition 2013, touted to be one of the most extravagant fireworks contests and display in the world. One of the works to emerge from Whitworth’s visit is a dazzling and stunning time-lapse video, which is his forte. Already receiving numerous online views, the video showcases the two nights during which the competition took place, as well as some of the other sights during the event. If you are expecting to see images taken from a static camera mounted during the entire event, be ready for a surprise.

danang fireworks competition

Whitworth’s version of time-lapse is a much more animated, and intricate weaving of videos together. They are, rhythmically edited into one seamless piece that gives you several views of the event from many vantage points. Set to music, the edit points are professionally synced to the melody, giving the video added dimension. Zooming in and out, panning left, right, you are swept away by the pace of the time-lapse video, and Whitworth is obviously a master of the medium.

The piece is inclusive of three fireworks displays on the opening night and two more displays during the second evening. Leading manufacturers of pyrotechnics from around the globe were on hand to participate. Countries such as the U.S.A., Russia, Japan, Vietnam and Italy, all powerhouse competitors came to let loose their most impressive fireworks exhibitions, lighting up the skies over the Han River. The triumphant contingent which was from the United States was announced on the third night of the competition, and was awarded the prestigious DIFC (Danang International Fireworks Competition) trophy.

danang fireworks competition

Other fine works made by Whitworth are Traffic in Frenetic HCMC (December 2011) and Kuala Lumpur – Day Night (October 2012) which you can over on his website.

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