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Digital Photography Glossary

Photography Glossary - G

Understand the terminology of digital photography, digital printing and digital imaging so that you will become a better photographer. Photographic terms such as Gamma, Gif, Grain, Grayscale, and more.



Gamma is a technical term that measures the midtone brightness of a digital image. Gamma is an adjustable value that allows you to alter the brightness of the middle range of gray tones without radically changing the image's shadows and highlights.



GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is a file format for storing graphical images that contain up to 256 colors. It uses LZW compression which is a lossless compression method. GIF is used on the web primarily for logos.



ISO Sensitivity Comparison

Grain is the actual physical emulsion particles on a piece of film that reacts when exposed to light. Grain refers to the size of the emulsion particles.

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Graininess is a descriptive term used to characterize the level of film grain (emulsion particles on the film frame) visibly apparent to the human eye.


Gray Card

Gray Card (18%) is a reference tonal value of gray that represents "middle gray" on the grayscale. The Gray Card is used a standard in photography to establish consistent exposure and color value representation. It has only 18% reflectivity.



Grayscale is the tonal scale of grays that can be captured by photography, ranging from pure white to the pure black.

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