Mother + Daughter: A Photo Series by Carra Sykes

photo of mother and daughter by carra sykes

Carra Sykes puts an interesting spin to mother-daughter bonding with this series of photos starring herself and her mother.

“It is inspired by my uncle always joking with my mom and asking her if she is wearing my clothes,” she says.

You could say Carra took what her uncle said quite literally and out came this interesting batch of photos as a result. Her mom seems like a good sport, donning everything from shorts in the middle of winter, to a motorcycle helmet.

photo of mother and daughter by carra sykes

She planks, too!

As the saying goes, we all end up looking or sounding like our mothers in one way or another, some even sooner than later. If you don’t already bear a striking resemblance to your mother, you will once you turn 32, or so the study suggests. Researchers have found that turning 32 signifies the point where we finally begin to take in more of our maternal influences. In a poll of 1,000 adults conducted by Hallmark, results showed that participants began using some of the commonly used phrases they heard growing up. Also, if you notice yourself becoming more excited about grocery sales and soap operas, or becoming more of a worrywart, it could also be your inherited maternal side kicking in. Almost two-thirds of the participants reported this happening to them. Though grocery shopping and soap operas sound horribly cliché, those who took part in the survey revealed these very tendencies kicking in at around that age.

photo of mother and daughter by carra sykes

Carra has a long way to go before she hits 32, but anyone can tell how much she and her beautiful mother look alike. It’s almost as if it’s the same person in both photos but in two different time periods. Definitely a cool concept to do with your mom or your dad!

Heck, even if you end up being nothing like your mom or dad, you could still make a project out of it. Think contrast!

photo of mother and daughter by carra sykes

photo of mother and daughter by carra sykes

See more from the Mother + Daughter series HERE.

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