Gorgeous View of the Northern Lights Shot Through an Airplane Window

When you are on a plane ride, you hope for nothing more than things you would on a pleasant flight. Decent food, nice flight attendants, a smooth turbulence free ride, and a flight that is trouble free and on schedule. A nice movie or a pleasant seatmate would be added bonuses.

Well, photographer Paul Williams got much more than any of the above. While in transit from a flight from London to New York, a show-stopping scene of the northern lights while on board the flight presented itself. Luckily for Williams, he had camera in tow and shot the whole stunning spectacle. Luckily for us, he uploaded a time-lapse of the phenomenon on YouTube.

Aurora From the Sky

William related the experience,

“I balanced my camera on a rucksack and left it snapping away out the window … what an amazing spectacle was to be seen!” Williams would remark on his amazing video.

Aurora From the Sky

According to Williams most of the other passengers were asleep during the aurora borealis. He also added that his camera lens which was a 24mm f1.4 amazingly picked up more light than the naked eye. The aurora borealis also known as the northern lights happens when gaseous particles in the atmosphere merge or combine with charged particles from the sun. As the particles come into Earth’s atmosphere, what one sees is a radiant glowing of purples, greens, blues and reds. This is an occurrence that peaks around every 11 years during what is referred to as a solar maximum.

Aurora From the Sky

Many go chasing such phenomenon in places such as northern Canada and Alaska in the hopes of experiencing the lights firsthand. Williams is such a lucky dude, as he got to see it while flying to the Big Apple. That surely beats the in-flight movie, whatever it was.

Aurora From the Sky

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