Vintage Flying Cars Photo Series

photo of vintage flying car

Vintage cars have a certain appeal that newer cars don’t. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s not stopping car fanatics from appreciating the novelty of them even if they have lost the ability to run. Seeing these beauties perfectly restored as if they came straight out of a car show is enough to transport the viewer to a lost time.

Leaving them lying in your garage covered in dust without any tires doesn’t really do these cars justice. You’d never imagine them to be in driving condition, much less flying condition, but photographer Renaud Marion begs to differ.


The flying car is a symbol of the past and the future. We’ve all dreamt about them at some point, which is why Marion’s series called Air Drive has spread so quickly across the Internet—it’s almost like a dream come true… that happened years ago. Photos of vintage cars hovering on the ground isn’t a brand new concept, but to see very realistic photos of it is almost like an alternate reality that goes beyond cartoons and video games.

photo of vintage flying car

“When I was a child, and as many children, I was dreaming that we would have flying cars and I was truly believing that we would get to that,” Marion says.

There have been some promising prototypes of flying cars, but sorry to say, they’re just not at the same level of The Jetsons yet. Even the DeLorean from Back to the Future would do, but nada.

If you’re wondering why Marion chose older models, it’s because he grew up around them in the 70s and 80s in France. He still lives in Paris, but chose to photograph the cars in Geneva, Switzerland because of the wider selection of automobiles there. He took inspiration from various influences such as Star Wars, Blade Runner and Jean Giraud, a French comic book artist. The backgrounds were also shot separately in Geneva, Switzerland.

He enlisted the help of a photo retoucher to erase the wheels and then pasted the modified cars onto the backgrounds. There are only six images in the series so far, but Marion is already hard at work on the next six.

Check it out:

photo of vintage flying car

photo of vintage flying car

photo of vintage flying car

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