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Mastering Star Trail Photography

by Jim M. Goldstein

This video course is for photographers of all skill levels interested in expanding their photography and post-production knowledge to make great astronomy landscapes. The course includes 4 hours of instruction and professional tips covering every aspect of star trail photography including gear selection, camera technique, post-processing and more.


Learn Star Trail Photography

Star Trail Photography eBook

This video course will introduce you to techniques and best practices that will allow you to create amazing star trail photographs no matter your skill level. The covered material in this video course expands on the extremely popular eBook by Jim M. Goldstein titled, Photographing the 4th Dimension — Time.


4 Hours of Instruction and Pro Tips

Star Photography Ebook

Learn every aspect of star trail photography via this 4 hour video course. Watch the video course for free, live as it happens, or purchase a digital copy of the full course to watch and rematch as your schedule permits. Learn what gear is required to capture amazing astronomy landscapes and see firsthand how to properly use it. Follow Jim's lead as he walks through in camera techniques and explains post-processing techniques in detail.


Free eBook

Star Trail Photography Tips

Receive a FREE copy of the popular eBook Photographing the 4th Dimension — Time with your webinar recording purchase. Free with each eBook, a quick reference checklist that will fit easily in your camera bag. This handy checklist will enable you to reference the great information within the eBook on the go.

This Ebook can be found here: Mastering Star Trail Photography Video Guide

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