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Dreamy Photos of the Finnish Landscape


Mika Suutari is an avid nature photographer based in Southern Finland. Suutari is into pictures with an intense atmosphere and he deliberately incorporates that element into all his photography. Suutari also hopes that his work is able to convey the feelings he personally experiences at the precise moments that he captures those images.

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Stunning Photos of Mountainous Landscapes

landscape photography

This series of travel pictures were shot by photographer and entrepreneur Alex Strohl. Strohl is a Madrid-born, French photographer and scours the world to shoot images with his inimitable style of photography. Among Strohl’s many accomplishments was his crucial role in organizing and creating content for the highly effective Alberta 1×1 campaign for Travel Alberta and the Canadian Tourism Commission.

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Dramatic Portraits of Solitary Figures that Appear Consumed by Nature

portrait photo

Evan James Atwood is a young and talented chap originally from Nottingham, England. Atwood currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona where he is taking up business marketing. He plans to continue to grow and develop his creative instincts as an individual and hone his craft as a visual artist.

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Brilliant Photos of Lightning Streaks Over Stormy Florida

justin battles photo florida

Our entire planet goes through around 44,000 thunderstorms each day, with approximately 1,800 storms in in progress at any given moment.  The most active place in the world for storms is Java, Indonesia with an average of 223 storm days every year. Of course, we all know that storms come with lightning most of the time. As far as the United States goes, Florida is the lightning capital, with storms happening approximately 100 days out of the year, compared to California’s figures of only 5 per annum.

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Photos of Two Siberian Huskies as They Playfully Explore a Frozen Lake

siberian husky

Russian photographer Fox Grom recently captured some incredible images of his Siberian Huskies while they were exploring a thawing frozen lake. The immaculate surface looked more like a mirror that would reflect their image and everything else. Grom who is also an all-terrain vehicle enthusiast was on a stroll with his dogs when he came across the striking sight of a frozen lake, awash with rainwater, making it shine and reflect almost everything.

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Beautiful Landscape Photos of the Great Outdoors

marc adamus

Corvallis, Oregon-based photographer Marc Adamus specializes in landscape images. The beauty and artistry of his photographs come from a keen eye for the many facets of nature in addition to a life-long passion for the outdoors. This love can be seen throughout Adamus’ work which has attracted a global fan base.

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