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The Magic of Fall in Macro Photography

fall photography

Autumn is perhaps one of the most motivating seasons for nature photographers. This is certainly the case for brilliant Israel-based photographer Alex Greenshpun, who specializes on the fall season in her work. She is absolutely incomparable at capturing its beautiful colors and detailed autumnal scenes and compositions.

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Nature’s Powerful Energy Captured in Stunning Black and White Images


While most people get away as fast as they can from perilous storms, a few insane people run towards them. Landscape photographer Mitch Dobrowner is one such individual. He has had a passion for photography since he was a teenager growing up on Long Island, New York.

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City Skylines Captured at Different Times Merged into Time Slice Images


Photographer Dan Marker-Moore adores Los Angeles and he wanted to convey the total beauty of the city skylines as it traverses day to night. With that goal in mind, he decided to try a unique approach which was a time slice.  In his Time Slice series, Marker-Moore brings the city’s appeal to another level with this unique technique.

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6 Remarkable Landscapes Shot All Around the World


Nature photographer Erez Marom shot some rather remarkable landscapes during his trips around the world. Ranging in content from the massive desert dunes of Namibia to the frozen lakes of Iceland, the Israel based Marom encourages his viewers to feel the same excitement of travel communicated his camera.

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Technicolored Sheep Star in Photo Series Shot on Australian Farmlands

sheep dream series

Gray Malin‘s Dream Series collection brings one on a surreal journey through a brightly colored dream world composed of technicolored sheep. Malin’s new series strives to emphasize individuality amongst a figurative herd. To shoot this series, Malin traveled to rural Australia where he worked with a family of third-generation sheep farmers. The colors you see were not digitally infused, but rather were organically applied.

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Minimalist Scenes Taken All Around Europe

christian richter

During trips around Europe, Christian Richter took some astonishing minimalistic landscapes of the continent. This photographer loves shooting long exposure and atmospheric pictures using his full frame camera, powerful zoom as well as wide angle lens.

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