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Stunning Travel Photos Captured Using a Drone

travel photo

Drone technology, although developed originally for military purposes, has no doubt found its way into civilian use. Many enthusiasts exist today who just love to fly their quadcopters either for amusement or other purposes they can imagine. The photography community is one such group that has found a purpose for drones and quadcopters. A quadcopter is a multirotor helicopter that lifts and is propelled by four rotors. Quadcopters fall under the classification of rotorcraft, as differentiated from fixed-wing aircraft, since their lift is created by a set of rotors that are vertically oriented propellers.

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Stunning Travel Photos of the Bolivian Landscape

Bolivia landscape photography

Rustic and rugged, exceptional in its natural beauty, paradoxical, multifaceted and somewhat full of surprises, Bolivia is one of South America’s most varied and mystifying nations. On a journey to Bolivia not too long ago, touring photographer Antony Harrison documented the spectacular beauty of the South American country in all of its natural magnificence.

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Extremely Essential Camera Skills by Rob and Lauren Lim

Extremely Essential Camera Sale

The fastest route to better quality photography isn’t buying a new and expensive camera with all the latest bells and whistles. It’s by mastering the one you have. They say that the best camera is the one that you have with you, and this eBook will teach you all the essential camera skills you’ll need to create amazing photographs with whatever camera you may have.

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Photographer Shoots Elaborate Photo Series in Her Tiny Attic

daniela majic

Canadian photographer Daniela Majic transformed her tiny attic into an amazing garden set to shoot her ongoing collection called Secret Garden. Majic is very involved with the set, but is quite limited on space. Some of the lenses she uses are the 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 135mm 2.0 and a 24-70 2.8mm on her Nikon D800.

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57% OFF Hacking Photography Evolution Presets!!!


Busy photographers don’t waste their time or money on sorry presets, they find presets like the Evolution Preset Collection.

The top-secret of many top photographers, the Evolution presets were incrementally tested, personalized, and researched in creator Mike Newton‘s own photography work.

These presets push the envelope of color, contrast, and feeling without going over the top.  Finding that sought-after delicate balance of unique looks, interesting color grading, all while keeping it tasteful has lead to record sales for this set of Lightroom presets since they were released.

So what do you get?  The Evolution Presets Collection consists of 48 different color preset combinations and 6 black and white presets.  They have a few specific uses:


Make your portraits more personal. 

Every person is unique, so shouldn’t every portrait be unique too?  With tons of presets for portraits you are sure to bring out the best in your subject.

Take your viewer on a journey with you.

When you travel, it isn’t easy to capture the real ambiance of a scene.  Let the Evolution presets set the tone and pull out all the details of your travel and landscape photos.

Make easy work of tricky lighting

Ever shot in bad lighting conditions?  The Evolution preset collection has presets to fix backlighting, odd colored lights, and wonky lighting conditions.


Command the viewers attention.

If you truly want someone to focus on your image, black and white is the answer.  Removing color correctly removes distractions and helps the viewer focus.  Let the black and white Evolution presets grab your viewers attention.

Tens of thousands of photographers have purchased and trust the Hacking Photography Lightroom presets in their editing workflow. Fortunately for you we were able to get you a big discount because of the size of the Exposure Guide Audience!

The Hacking Photography Evolution Presets sell for $75, but were were able to you a 57% discount so the cost is only $32!

Mike understands what its like buying presets online – its hard to know if they will fit your editing style without trying them out first.  With that in mind, Mike offers a 60-day money back guarantee on all his products.

If you don’t love the presets for any reason at all just drop him an email and he’ll immediately refund your purchase – no questions asked.  He is a photographer himself after all!

With 56 pro-level Lightroom presets in the set, you should get them at the discount before the price goes back up.

Empowerment of Young Afghan Women Through the Unlikeliest of Objects: A Skateboard

jessica fulford-dobson

Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich seven years ago in 2007 went to Kabul, Afghanistan with some tools of his trade, skateboards. Upon seeing the inquiring faces of Afghan children, specifically the young girls, it was not long before Percovich got the idea to start Skateistan, an NGO in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa, with a mission to promote “skateboarding as a tool for empowering youth, to create new opportunities and the potential for change.”

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