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Eerie Black and White Photos of Abandoned Castles

abandoned castles

Andy Lee has been taking some incredible shots of abandoned castles, fortresses that once epitomized power and wealth. Andy Lee has been taking pictures for quite some time, and the passion began about ten years ago while he was filming a documentary for a charity in Ethiopia. Lee had an old Hasselblad film camera and between scenes he started to photograph just about everything he could. Since then Lee has been a confirmed camera addict.

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Surreal Portrait of Make-Believe Scenes Inspired by Children’s Tales, Mythology and Dreams

sarah ann loreth surreal

Through the images conjured by these two artists, you will convincingly be brought into the tantalizing worlds of folklore, myths and legends. Photographers Sarah Ann Loreth and Omalix Martinez recreate with stunning reality the make-believe scenes of children’s tales, mythology, fantasies and dreams to manufacture their version of these otherworldly scenarios. You will be easily taken and swept away by their work.

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Photos of Flower Vases at the Precise Moment They Are Shattered by a Steel Ball

martin klimas

How many ways can you break a vase? The answer is in an infinite number and manner of ways. We all know vases are meant for flowers, but what else can these breakable pieces of décor be useful for? For smashing up of course! This is what German Photographer Martin Klimas does. He breaks various vases with a steel ball and uses a very fast camera to shoot it right at the precise instant it shatters.

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Beautiful and Striking Landscape Images Reveal Nature’s Wonders

marc adamus

Photographer Marc Adamus is noted for his landscape images that are vivid and full of drama and artistry thanks to a lifelong passion for nature. This fervor is apparent throughout Adamus’ work and has earned him quite a following around the world. Adamus portfolio includes a month-long journey inside a fiery canyon in Utah, across the Alaska Boundary Range, and during a delightful aurora borealis while in the Yukon.

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Colorful Wet Markets Around the Globe Photographed in Vivid Detail


If members of a family usually gather at the kitchen, perhaps it could be said that people in a town converge at the wet market.  Wet market is term used to distinguish fresh meat and produce markets from Dry Markets which trade goods like clothing items and electronic gadgets. Wet markets by tradition were places that sold live animals out in the open. This would include fish, reptiles, poultry, as well as livestock. Some markets also sell exotic animals once in a while, like deer. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also in abundance in markets.

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Amazing Shots of Snowboarders in Action Captured Against Majestic Landscapes


Lorenz Holder is the holder of the Red Bull Illume 2013 Overall Winner title. Holder grew up in Munich, near the Bavarian mountains, and it was that place that influenced his life greatly. Back in the day, Holder was a semi-professional snowboarder, until an injury forced him to quit the sport for a whole season.

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