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Magnificent Examples of Nature Photography Showcase Norway’s Scenic Views


For most photographers, when it comes to fantastic landscapes, Norway has some of the world’s best views with its dramatic panoramas. These include awesome mountain areas as well as gigantic, majestic Fjords. Whether shot in the daytime or evening, each image taken by landscape photographer Haakaon Nygaard is a breathtaking scene.

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Heartwarming Photos of a Little Girl and Her Pet Piglet

portrait child with piglet

Libby is a 2-year-old girl, and she happens to have one of the most adorable pets that a young child could have – a cute 3-month-old piglet called Pearl. Pigs need little in the way of housing and can be kept indoors or out. Pigs are actually bright, inquisitive social animals. They also can be toilet trained just like dogs and cats. Indoor pigs will require their own space, ideally their own room with a pile of blankets where they can snuggle up. They will also need some exercise outdoors. These are just some of the things that Libby’s adoptive mother Lindsey, a photographer and blogger, does to maintain Pearl the piglet. Lindsey captures their cute activities together and shares them on Instagram.

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Photographer Captures the Grace and Elegance of a Dancer Using High Speed Photography and Milk Powder

high speed photography

Photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte using high-speed photography captured the powerful but graceful dance movements of a professional acrobatic dancer reacting with unpredictable movements of powder. The dance performance was actually staged to promote and market a new line of coffee creamers created by the Dutch company Campina Friesland Kievit, which is known for specializing in powdered milk.

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Magnificent Self-Portraits Set Against Grandiose Landscapes

elizabeth gadd

Elizabeth Gadd at 21 years old is quite a talented photographer.  The young lady from Vancouver, Canada is self-taught, and her trademark style is to photograph solitary wanderers in the midst of magnificent panoramas. These images are actually incredible self-portraits shot in remote landscapes, embodying the spirit of young Gadd’s wanderlust.

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Photos of New York City Shot from As High as 7,500 Feet Above

New york city

Unless you are from another planet, everyone knows of The Big Apple. But who exactly is this artist who recently captured some of the most amazing aerial views of NYC? The man is Vincent Laforet, a French American director and photographer. Laforet was accorded a shared 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography with two other photographers as a member of The New York Times staff.

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Three Brothers Recreate Their Childhood Photos as a Present for Their Mother

childhood photo

One would be surprised with what lengths some people would go just to relive some childhood experiences. The closest we have to reliving those bygone days of innocent childhood is usually through videos for the younger generation, but most of us older folk in their 40s to 50s have to rely solely on pictures. Hopefully we had parents that diligently snapped away at candid and playful moments, freezing in time childhood antics that we remember well into our senior years.

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