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Breathtaking Long Exposure Images of the Night Sky

night sky

The Universe is an all-encompassing area of space, time and everything else that exists, as well as all stars, galaxies, planets, the contents of intergalactic space, the tiniest subatomic particles, and all matter in addition to energy. Analogous names used include the cosmos, the world, reality, as well as nature. It is a truly difficult concept to grasp, but photographer Giovanna Griffo does an exemplary job with her attempt to depict the infinite cosmos.

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Christmas Photography Tips and Techniques

Girl Decorating Christmas Tree

Capture the Preparation Stages

Families come together at holidays, but not just for the main event, they come to help decorate… and these are exciting, fun-filled moments, so they’re ripe with photographic opportunity! Trimming the tree is a special moment in creating the atmosphere of Christmas, and most families have a cherished collection of ornaments, lights and stockings – all of which need to be hung on the tree. Try to get people’s faces as they open the ornament boxes. Young children (who might not have remembered the last Christmas) are especially good subjects. When the tinsel goes on, you’re almost done, but there are two more shots to get – the first is when the star (or angel) is placed on the top of the tree; and the last shot is when everything is on the tree and the lights are plugged in for the first time.

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Surreal Portrait Photography Set Against Iceland’s Stunning Landscapes

siren songs

Sam Breach no doubt loves creating beautiful imagery. She says, “With the help of light, a camera and my computer I revel in sharing something of my imagination with a wider audience. To help other people visually create the story of what they are, what they dream of being or what they are passionate about is the kind of challenge that renders me giddy with enthusiasm.”

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Mountain Photographer Captures Exceptional Views from the Top

Blejsko lake, Alps

Blejsko lake, Alps

29-year-old Karol Nienartowicz is a photographer from Poland whose main passion is to shoot the Alps. Nienartowicz was born and raised in Jelenia Góra, a tiny town located in the south-western part of the country, but now lives in Gdansk. He still remembers with vivid detail one particular day during the summer of 2003, when his mother took him on his first mountain trip. It was during that impressionable visit that he saw the incomparable beauty of mountains, and it was a visual experience that he wanted to share with other people.

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Incredible Collecton of Light Painting Images with the Help of Kayakers and Canoers


Light painting has surely spawned its share of enthusiasts, one of which is Stephen Orlando. Light painting is a photographic method in which exposures are created by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure shot. This is done either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light right at the camera. Light painting can also be works where the camera itself is moved at the moments of exposure. Orlando does this fun little trick, but brings it to the next level with his kayak stroke motion exposure photography.

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Dreamy Portraits Set Against Magnificent Natural Landscapes

elizabeth gadd

The self-taught Canadian photographer Elizabeth Gadd grew up with a passion for traveling, hiking and nature. Gadd shoots breathtaking landscapes and self-portraits as she walks by the hills outside Vancouver, usually accompanied by her two dogs. Through her photography, Gadd intends to depict an affirmative and serene interaction between man and nature.

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