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Dramatic Portraits of Women Submerged in Water in Photo Series ‘Barrier’


The Vienna-based photography studio Staudinger + Franke’s collection called Barrier is made up of dramatic portraits of women “barriered’ (as the title suggests) from the viewer by a shield of water. An uncomplicated idea but executed flawlessly, the images in the Barrier collection put a new spin on the fad of underwater photography.

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Fascinating Photos of Libraries All Over the World

French photographer Franck Bohbot reminds us of the simple pleasures of reading books, and he celebrates this as he travelled around the world to photograph some of the most beautiful and glorious libraries. Bohbot currently resides in New York, and his series aptly entitled House of Books began shooting in 2012. So far, he has already visited some of the most superb libraries all over the world, like Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Biblioteca Angelica in Rome as well as the New York Public Library.

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This is What the Coldest City in the World Looks Like


If last year’s polar vortex had most people bundled-up and tested for their capacity to withstand intense cold, such temperatures are actually ordinary in some places. To be specific, somewhere in the Siberian tundra, the village of Oymyakon is believed to be the frostiest place on Earth inhabited by people.

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Powerful Black and White Photos of the African Wildlife


Jaco Marx has two very unrelated occupations. He is a dental surgeon and is also a passionate photographer and conservationist. Marx lives in central South Africa, and spends much of his leisure time taking pictures of the African wilderness. Given the majesty of the place, the results are nothing short of stunning.

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Picturesque Photos of the Norwegian Landscape


Last summer Anders Lönnfeldt visited Norway for the second time. He had been in Oslo once already, but that was several years ago. During this recent visit he wanted to see the well-known scenery while driving through the mountains in a camper. His road trip took him from Oslo to Geiranger, Dalsnibba, Trollstigen, Ålesund as well as Atlanterhavsveien. Surely this was one of his best trips, and he documented the majestic scenery in a collection of breathtaking photos.

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Brilliant Examples of Photomicrography Featuring the Enchanting Beauty of Gemstones

Negative crystal in spinel, Vietnam

Negative crystal in spinel, Vietnam

Photographer Danny J. Sanchez has a deep interest in gems. He not only has a passion for how they look externally, but an equal amount of curiosity for how they look inside.  Sanchez is an enthusiast when it comes to photomicrography, which he practices on gemstones with interesting and unique results.

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