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Time-Lapse Video Takes You Through the Spectacular Views of Dubai

Rob Whitworth is a well-known urban filmmaker, with a reputation for creating breathtaking videos that show locations in a dramatic and captivating way. Whitworth’s easily identifiable style has attracted critical acclaim, and has received millions of online hits.

He is presently based in Shanghai, China and has broad experience working in various Asian destinations. For his latest project however, we find Whitworth in the global city that is Dubai.

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Spectacular Photos of the Dubai Skyline as They Pierce the Clouds in the Sky


Dubai has turned out to be a global city as well as business hub of the Persian Gulf region. It is the most densely inhabited city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates or UAE, in addition to being the second biggest emirate after the capital, Abu Dhabi. Dubai is situated on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is among the seven emirates that comprise the country.

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Beautiful Dainty Globes that Look Like Christmas Tree Ornaments are Actually Frozen Bubbles

frozen bubbles

When the temperature drops and turns freezing, Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly sees creative opportunity and seizes it. She does this by making use of the chilly weather as she blows bubbles that freeze and turn into lovely ice bubbles.

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Dazzling Star Trails Captured from Space by an Astronaut

star trails

If you happen to be 240 miles up in space traveling at 17,000 miles per hour, it would be difficult to imagine botching up an image shot from such a vantage point.  Such is the case with Don Pettit who brilliantly used stunning long exposure photography while orbiting the Earth at speeds earlier mentioned. The result is “star trails” from space that are a combination of a series of images photographed from a mounted camera on the Earth-orbiting International Space Station, taken from around 240 miles above the planet.

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Surreal Landscapes that are Beautifully Shot in Black and White

andy lee

A collection of the monochrome images of British photographer Andy Lee, who works out of Pembroke all depict dramatic and surreal landscapes that are beautifully shot in black and white. Lee skillfully makes use of contrasts, from stark whites and the blackest black, along with countless hues of gray in between for his work.

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Incredible Photos of Water Drops with Reflected Images

dave wood

The astonishing collection of images called Water Drops by British photographer Dave Wood is so simple in concept but beautiful in result. Wood very simply shoots some astounding macro images of multicolored photos by capturing the world through mirrored reflection as they bounce off humble drops of water. The whole Water Drops collection can be viewed on his website.

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