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Couple’s Wedding Pictorial is Photobombed by an Inquisitive Bull

wedding photo

Outrageous wedding pictures seem to be a fad that will not be going away anytime soon, or so it seems. Not too long ago we had a couple pose in a field while a real twister formed in the distance. Then we also had another couple share their wedding photos set against majestic sceneries in Iceland. Now here comes what should have been an idyllic country wedding photo shoot. All the elements are there: a lovely blushing bride, fine-looking groom, a perfect countryside, romantic sunset, and an ideal nuptial bull. Bull?

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Mesmerizing Underwater Photography by Mother-Daughter Tandem


Not too many people can brag of an underwater model/photographer tandem such as that which Sacha Kalis and Elena Kalis have.  They also happen to be mother and daughter. Elena, a talented underwater art photographer always encouraged her little nymph, Sacha to take to the water. Because of that, ever since she was little, Sacha also known online as Bahamas Girl, has always been more at ease in the sea than on dry land.

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Exquisite Photos of the Infamous Portuguese Man O’ War

Man o' war

Who does not squirm when they first hear that a Portuguese man o’ war is in their midst? Dreaded and steered clear of by beach-goers around the globe, the Portuguese man o’ war has astounded, scared and fascinated those who have encountered it. The organism often thought to be intimately related to the jellyfish species is fussed at for the complex and lively patterns found its physical being and feared for the painful sting it shoots at beachgoers. South Florida-based fine art photographer Aaron Ansarov wants to give us a new attitude regarding the Portuguese man o’ war.  For Ansarov, they are incredible creatures that should be re-examined.

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Adorable Little Girl Poses Next to Brahman Bulls in Extraordinary Portrait Session

Jacqui Nightscales

Wedding, portrait and family photographer Jacqui Nightscales shot an extraordinary and stunning encounter on assignment recently when she was photographing 2-year-old Tatum. The Dubai-based Nightscales, photographed little Tatum as she innocently interacted with a herd of giant Brahman bulls. The remarkable pictures show the animals as they dwarf cute little Tatum.

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Absolutely Stunning Aerial Photography of Holland’s Endless Rows of Tulip Fields


As Gloucestershire-based travel photographer Peter Adams saw the rows and rows of tulip fields that seemed never ending across the landscape of North Holland, he knew exactly what he was going to do. He had to shoot the tulip fields from an airplane. For Adams, aerial photography “always gives [him] a high that lasts days.”

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Thought-Provoking Cinemagraphs of Both City Life and the Natural Outdoors

julien douvier

Is it a picture or a looped video? Well something in between, but it is surely entertaining to look at. Photographer Julien Douvier uses a myriad of methods from his magic bag of techniques to produce these delightful, thought-provoking cinemagraphs of both city life and the natural outdoors. A cinemagraph is a photograph wherein a chosen area is animated to create a specific movement by repeating it in a loop. What Douvier does is take what are already dramatic photographs and animates them to life with understated elements of movement like flowing water, smoke from a chimney or the dancing of branches as they are swept by the blowing wind.

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