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Summer Photography Tips and Techniques

Beach Photography Tips

Beach Photography Tips

Being on the beach is all about fun, so make sure you capture the enjoyment. Get your friends or family to run on the sand; set the mode dial to M (Manual mode) and use a shutter speed of at least 1/500th of a second to freeze the movement. Use a relatively small or medium aperture (f/8-f/16) for a deeper DOF (depth of field). Set the lens focus mode to AF (Autofocus) and select continuous focusing (AI Servo AF Canon/AF-C Nikon) mode so that the lens can constantly maintain its focus on the moving subjects. Remember to protect your camera and lens from possible sand being kicked in your direction; always use a clear UV filter to protect the lens and electrical tape around the area where the lens fits onto the camera body.

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Amazing Long Exposure Photography Tips

sparks flying out of lit box

Searching for a complete instructional guide on how to take breathtaking special effects shots?

Say no more. This eBook entitled Trick Photography and Special Effects V2 contains over 295 pages of instruction along with 9 hours of video tutorials and over 300 creative photographs to help you learn everything you need to know to create impressive images and to bring your photography to a whole new level.

Trick Photography Tips

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Priceless Photos of Children Frolicking Outdoors

child photo

Devoted parents can make for some of the most diligent photographers. Open any family album and you will most probably find a well-documented upbringing of a child or group of siblings. It’s what doting parents do, you know. Izabela Urbaniak is no exception, as she has been recording for posterity the activities of her children as they frolic outdoors in the countryside each summer.

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Macro Images of Cats’ Faces as They Gaze Back Into the Camera

Cat eye

Photography has many sorts of enthusiasts, and some of them can be quite unusual individuals. Philadelphia-based Andrew Marttila can perhaps qualify as one of those odd ones. He is a cat photographer and has a growing portfolio that names few celebrity felines.

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Bird’s-Eye View of Earth’s Endless Formations and Shapes

Alban Henderyckx

Photographer Alban Henderyckx shares with us aerial views of the Earth’s endless formations and shapes. From jagged lines of rocks down by the ocean to geysers spouting away in snow and ice, Henderyckx photographs all the topography details and colors superbly.

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Photos of Metallic Figures in Graceful Dance Poses

guido argentini photo series

While splashes of color and texture can stimulate the mind in a myriad of ways, sometime visual drama can come from the complete opposite. This was the creative conundrum that confronted Guido Argentini while searching for an original approach during a 1995 Miami photo shoot. The result of that was quite unorthodox, as he coated his female models with silver make-up, creating graceful metallic figures.

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