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Photographer Captures Majestic Views from All Over the World

landscape photo

Koveh Tavakkol’s area of specialty is in travel and landscape images. Tavakkol is totally self-taught, but he shoots beautiful photographs, possessing an incredible eye for composition. He has sojourned to the Himalayan Mountains, travelled the coastlines of New Zealand and ventured into other remote places to shoot amazing landscape images.

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New Year’s Eve Photography Tips

New Year’s Eve is by far the world’s biggest party – think about how the media strives to connect the dropping of the Ball in New York’s Times Square with the other parties going on all over the country -regardless of the time zone! Big parties come with a lot of expectations and a big desire by party guests to makethe most of the evening. It’s up to you to capture these highly celebratory moments and still partake in the fun.

Take Outside Shots


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Photographer Captures Powerful Photos of Foster Children in Photo Series ‘Stories Worth Telling’

stories worth telling

In Stories Worth Telling, conceptual photographer Rob Woodcox decided to get on a journey of images showing challenges, victories, feelings, and discoveries of foster children. Every image in the collection contains wonderfully composed visuals inspired by cinematic scenes.

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These Incredible Landscape Photos Will Leave You Breathless


Jakub Polomski is a professional Polish photographer. His chosen niche is landscape and travel photography, and he carries with him a very special, if not inspirational story. The year 2005 was a difficult time for Polomski.  He graduated from school and yet was clueless with what to do with his life. As luck would have it, he saw some images on a National Geographic magazine issue, and this greatly influenced him to get into photography.

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Breathtaking Long Exposure Images of the Night Sky

night sky

The Universe is an all-encompassing area of space, time and everything else that exists, as well as all stars, galaxies, planets, the contents of intergalactic space, the tiniest subatomic particles, and all matter in addition to energy. Analogous names used include the cosmos, the world, reality, as well as nature. It is a truly difficult concept to grasp, but photographer Giovanna Griffo does an exemplary job with her attempt to depict the infinite cosmos.

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Christmas Photography Tips and Techniques

Girl Decorating Christmas Tree

Capture the Preparation Stages

Families come together at holidays, but not just for the main event, they come to help decorate… and these are exciting, fun-filled moments, so they’re ripe with photographic opportunity! Trimming the tree is a special moment in creating the atmosphere of Christmas, and most families have a cherished collection of ornaments, lights and stockings – all of which need to be hung on the tree. Try to get people’s faces as they open the ornament boxes. Young children (who might not have remembered the last Christmas) are especially good subjects. When the tinsel goes on, you’re almost done, but there are two more shots to get – the first is when the star (or angel) is placed on the top of the tree; and the last shot is when everything is on the tree and the lights are plugged in for the first time.

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