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Powerful Photos of Newborns Just Moments After Birth via C-Section

newborn photography

The evening prior to French photographer Christian Berthelot’s first encounter photographing a Caesarean section was an anxious one. It also brought back memories of the previous year, when his own child came into this world through a similar C-section procedure.

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Photographer Shaves Off Half His Beard and Fills the Other Half with Tiny Objects


São Paolo-based photographer Adriano Alarcon has a thick beard, even though it is just half of a whole, and that’s exactly what makes his facial hair unique. After deciding to shave-off half of a 4-month grown beard, Alarcon got creative. He started to complete the other half of his face with an assortment of objects, substances and even creatures.

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Couple Strikes Yoga Poses All Around the World

yoga beyond

There is a growing trend of juxtaposing dancers against urban landscapes, such as the series shot by Omar Z. Robles of ballet dancers all over New York City. Claudine and Honza Lafond add their version to this trend as they combine their twin passions:  travelling and yoga. It is an ongoing series of elegant photos that they post on Instagram. The two, who also happen to be instructors of yoga, go to gorgeous locales and monuments around the world, celebrating their trips with magnificent yoga poses.

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Stunning Photos of Graceful Ballet Dancers Juxtaposed Against Urban Backdrops

omar robles

Dancing in the streets is certainly not anything new, but to see graceful ballet dancers strut their stuff on a typical road will surely catch your attention. Enticed to the streets by photographer Omar Z. Robles, these graceful ballet dancers, both male and female, dart around the many iconic sites of the city.

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Photographer Captures the Breathtaking Beauty of the Rice Terraces in Vietnam


With centuries of hindsight, it seems perhaps rice was not the ideal choice as the most popular food staple. Growing rice is, for a fact, water and labor-intensive, and it needs a flat field that farmers can saturate with water during the planting season. So how have mountain dwelling folks dealt with this? Highland farmers need to create a flat field by carving floodable terraces into the hillsides. If we sit down and think of the work involved, a single rice terrace requires overwhelming labor and it typically is done by hand. Therefore, to behold multiple rice terraces, stacked atop each other as if to form a colossal staircase, is truly magnificent. This is perhaps the reason why Sarawut Intarob’s images of rice terraces has nearly two-million views on his 500px page.

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Couple Builds a Tiny House and Travels Across the Country in It

tiny house

Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard are undertaking what many people only dream of doing. They are making a reality of traveling across America and Canada in a little home they are pulling with a pick-up truck. Imbued with a true sense of adventure, the couple is currently driving across the U.S. in a home that is a mere 125 square feet.

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