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Technicolored Sheep Star in Photo Series Shot on Australian Farmlands

sheep dream series

Gray Malin‘s Dream Series collection brings one on a surreal journey through a brightly colored dream world composed of technicolored sheep. Malin’s new series strives to emphasize individuality amongst a figurative herd. To shoot this series, Malin traveled to rural Australia where he worked with a family of third-generation sheep farmers. The colors you see were not digitally infused, but rather were organically applied.

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Minimalist Scenes Taken All Around Europe

christian richter

During trips around Europe, Christian Richter took some astonishing minimalistic landscapes of the continent. This photographer loves shooting long exposure and atmospheric pictures using his full frame camera, powerful zoom as well as wide angle lens.

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Photographer Examines the Relationship Between Albinos and Light in Photo Series ‘Snow White’


Photographer Sanne de Wilde draws a parallelism between albinos and light in her photo series. Light leaves a permanent imprint on an albino’s skin. Pictures of albinos thus highlights their ashen beauty, a trait that makes them stand out, while also making them obscured, consumed by the light.

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Barren Mountains, Caves of Ice, Peaceful Shores and Graceful Waterfalls of Alaska and Ireland Captured in ‘Polaris’


Acacia Johnson‘s Polaris portrays the northern lands of Alaska and Iceland in a collection of elegantly moody photos. With a deep connection to the Far North’s ethereal terrains, the Alaska-born photographer who characterizes her photographic process as “expeditionary in nature,” shoots some dramatic images of the wilderness. Spartanly gorgeous, the landscape is punctuated with barren mountains, caves of ice, peaceful shores, and graceful waterfalls.

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Photos of Napoleon the Cat’s Incredible Exploits


Jesús Segura recently found himself jobless for over a year, but that certainly did not make him idle. Instead he decided to use his spare time which he had an abundance of, taking shots of his sweet tiny kitten called Napoleon, depicted in various adventures.

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Tiny Seattle: Aerial Photos of the Pacific Northwest

tiny seattle

Jacqui Kerness does a great job of fake miniature shots taken of Seattle from the air. The technique is also known as the diorama effect or diorama illusion, and it involves a process in which a photograph of a life-size location or object is made to appear like a picture of a miniature scale model. This is achieved by blurring parts of the photo, simulating the shallow depth of field typically associated in close-up photography. This makes the scene look much smaller than it actually is.

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