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Thanksgiving Photography Tips

Plan Ahead


Every photography project or endeavor is better served with some sort of pre-planning – thinking about what shots you want to get, and making sure you’ve transferred all existing images on your memory card(s) so you have clean ones. Recharge your batteries and clean your favorite lenses. Scout the location (the family house or apartment) taking notice of specific details. Observe how the light filters in through the windows and illuminates the room. Don’t be afraid to take notes, take test shots under various lighting conditions to check exposure values, and try out compositions. This way when it comes down to actually photographing your family, you’ll know exactly what to do, where to position people and what are the best times to shoot.

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Enter Photo Challenges, Win Prizes from Top Brands and Connect with Other Photographers Through Photocrowd

photocrowd pics

If you are photographer and want to get the most mileage out of your images, Photocrowd is the site for you. At Photocrowd, photographers can participate in exciting contests as well as assignments, and even create unique portfolios. Photocrowd is also a great resource for interesting articles, in addition to being a place where you can meet other photographers.

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Awe-Inspiring Photos of the Milky Way Shot Over Yellowstone Park

yellowstone park

Gazing into space, all we see is either a deep blue sky in the daytime or a starlit night during the evening. What we don’t see are the countless celestial bodies that make-up our universe. Kansas-based photographer David Lane however shows us that there is much more than meets the eye through his images.

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Marine Photographer Captures the Thrills of Sea-Based Endeavors

kurt arrigo

The beauty and majesty of the sea cannot be underscored more than in pictures. Photographer Kurt Arrigo does exactly that, capturing the awe-inspiring views one encounters when setting sail into the immense blue ocean. Arrigo was raised on the island of Malta, and ever since that time this marine photographer has always been around vast waters.

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Photographer Conquers Fear of Heights to Capture Beautiful Images of a Yosemite Wedding


Many of us are afflicted with some kind of fear or “phobia”, and the fear of heights is quite a common anxiety. Known medically as “acrophobia”, it is an abnormal and stubborn type of fright. Acrophobia is a natural fear, and to a certain extent, there is nothing wrong with it. It is healthy and natural, a God-given mechanism that protects against doing things dangerous like standing near a cliff or walking at heights unprotected. The problem begins when the natural healthy instinct turns into paranoia. Acrophobia can be quite overwhelming and debilitating. Countless individuals suffer from acrophobia of varying degrees, and Brian Rueb, our featured photographer is one of them.

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Photographer Captures Borders Between Countries in Europe


Your country of origin influences your personal identity to a large degree, and it brings with it a sense of belonging. For some nationalities, the boundaries of one’s country are clear, but for some it can be rather vague. Valerio Vincenzo dwells on the latter in his series called Borderline, the Frontiers of Peace which documents the existence of borders that are characterized by ambiguity.

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