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Surreal Landscapes that are Beautifully Shot in Black and White

andy lee

A collection of the monochrome images of British photographer Andy Lee, who works out of Pembroke all depict dramatic and surreal landscapes that are beautifully shot in black and white. Lee skillfully makes use of contrasts, from stark whites and the blackest black, along with countless hues of gray in between for his work.

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Incredible Photos of Water Drops with Reflected Images

dave wood

The astonishing collection of images called Water Drops by British photographer Dave Wood is so simple in concept but beautiful in result. Wood very simply shoots some astounding macro images of multicolored photos by capturing the world through mirrored reflection as they bounce off humble drops of water. The whole Water Drops collection can be viewed on his website.

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Absolutely Adorable Photos of Young Children with Their Pets

pet photo

Most people consider a pet to be their most faithful companion, a trusted soul-mate they share life with. Photographer Elena Shumilova captures the unique bond that exists between pets and their owners in an uplifting collection.

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Awe-Inspiring Landscape Astrophotography Featuring the Milky Way

ben coffmanLandscape photographer Ben Coffman is a based out of Portland, Oregon, and he specializes in a very specific kind of night photography. Coffman’s niche is landscape astrophotography, and this area of expertise can be seen in spectacular images that feature the Milky Way. These awe-inspiring images take Coffman to the great outdoors, where he blends stunning night sky views with equally wonderful vistas and panoramas on the ground.

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Delicate Floral Landscapes Capture Nature’s Profound Beauty

floral landscape

A beautiful and unique collection of floral landscapes was recently shot by Ron Van Dongen. Van Dongen used the technique of shallow depth of field in each image to bring a delicate and mesmerizing effect.

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Vintage Contact Sheets of Hollywood Film Stars

breakfast at tiffany's

Who can forget those movies from the golden age of Hollywood?  There is nothing quite like them. Hollywood films have always had a special magic, thanks to their clearly defined narratives, flawless continuity, editing style, and of course all those glamorous stars.

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