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Captivating Long Exposure Images That Showcase the Beauty of the Evening Sky

boat long exposure

Mikko Lagerstedt comes from the growing school of self-taught fine art photographers. He is from Kerava, Finland, and he is quickly becoming known for his captivating night sky images which are beautiful, surreal and enigmatic all at once. Lagerstedt has been passionate about his craft since he took it up in 2008. He makes images that are visually impressive, and they transcend into emotionally engaging pictures. Like the vast majority of young blood, Lagerstedt specializes in digital, long exposure, evening photography and his growing portfolio is exceptionally impressive.

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Photographer Recycles Broken Lens, Shoots Tilt Shift Images with It

DIY tilt shift

Tilt-shift effects are achieved either in camera, using a special and often pricey lens, or digitally using Photoshop. The process in Photoshop is not complex and can be done in as briefly as one minute. There are even some iPhone apps for the effect. The only question is, how convincingly can it be done? Not just any photo can qualify for tilt shift manipulation and the tilt shift post processing procedure must be done correctly for convincing results. Tilt-Shift photography is often used for miniature faking, and is a creative technique wherein a photograph of a life-size location or object is tweaked to provide an optical illusion of viewing a photograph of a miniature scale model.

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Incredible Photos of Mountaineers Scaling the Swiss Alps

swiss alps

Hundreds of mountaineers recently pulled together their efforts to create one of the most ambitious climbs. To document their hard work, Swiss mountaineering photographer Robert Bösch in collaboration with Swiss mountaineering outfitter Mammut were there as dozens of mountaineers staged some truly jaw-dropping photos. The work is nothing short of magnificent, requiring precise coordination and photographic skill.

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Beautiful Travel Photos from All Over the World

marianna jamadi

Photographer Marianna Jamadi is an avid traveler, and she captures and shares the lovely scenes she encounters around the world. She is Eurasian having a European mother and an Asian father. Raised and born in the United States west coast, she spent her twenties in The Big apple, giving her quite an eclectic upbringing. These days she is a nomad traveler in search of the scenic and the beautiful.

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Stunning Landscape Photos of Scotland Inspired by Scottish Hero William Wallace

Kilian Schonberger

In his most recent series, landscape photographer Kilian Schönberger travelled the Scottish Highlands, mindful of retracing the journeys of William Wallace. The mood in his images melds the awesome wilderness of Scotland that hearkens to its storied past. “The landscape retains, especially under rainy conditions, the ancient spirit of the lifetime of the Scottish national hero William Wallace aka Braveheart,” says Schönberger.

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Learn Digital Photography The Smart Way

Volcanic Crater

Do you own a DSLR but still take average, boring photos?

“Now You Can Master Any DSLR Camera And
Take Gorgeous, Attention-Grabbing Photos By
Following Step-By-Step Video Tutorials!”

“Use your computer, laptop or smart phone to get expert advice with easy-to-follow instructions whenever you need it!”

Beautiful Ocean Sunrise

Above is an example of my recent personal work

After helping beginners for 5 years, I see exactly what’s stopping you from taking photos that really impress your friends and family… and will sell online, at shows, and even galleries.

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