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These Incredible Nature Photos Will Make You Feel Insignificant

elena morelli landscape photos

Italy-based Elena Morelli shoots incredibly fantastic landscape images and her portfolio is absolutely spectacular.  It is a collection that one should find the time view. Morelli has a vast collection of landscape photographs, as well as a few shots of her black feline pet, Luna. Morelli’s approach to photography is largely instinctual. She is passionate about taking pictures of anything that emotionally affects her or makes her think.

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Fashion Photographer Seamlessly Blends the World of Astrology and Fashion in Photo Series ‘Zodiac Signs’

Capricorn : Structure loving, elegant and intuitively stylish Capricorns are unsympathetic to just one thing: fashion faux pas.

Capricorn :
Structure loving, elegant and intuitively stylish Capricorns are unsympathetic to just one thing: fashion faux pas.

Many people actually take their zodiac signs seriously, and derive a lot of direction from these. Divination forms a good part of people’s everyday compass, so it is not strange to find various themed creations that are based on astrology and zodiac signs.  Here is such an example, blending the world of astrology and fashion. It is the 2015 Splash Calendar entitled Zodiac Signs.

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Photographer Captures the Otherworldly Splendor of the Finnish Landscape

night sky photographer

Finland-based photographer Mikko Lagerstedt once again shows us that he is a master at the theme of surreal landscape images. Just like his previous works, the otherworldly splendor of the Finnish landscape is impeccably captured in his photographs.

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Photographer Explores the Mystical Beauty of Owls

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Photographer Brad Wilson captures some striking, up-close portraits of numerous owl species. In his work, the owls are set against a dramatic, stark black background, and the intimate proximity allows us to examine their unique qualities.

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Photographer Travels the World to Battle His Depression, Captures His Beautiful Three-Year Journey

landscape photo

Depression is a very real psychological ailment that for many, can be completely debilitating. It is a condition not to be trifled with and needs to be addressed. It has also claimed so many talented lives, like genius-comedian Robin Williams. Depression is a form of mental illness that can place people in a quagmire of despair. In an attempt to elude this deep despair, photographer Michael Loffler spent three years traveling around the world.

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Striking Examples of Minimalist Photography


Adrienn Balaskó is a photographer with a genuine talent for making use of mirror imagery and symmetry in her work. She shows off this style typically in the form of water, involving other nature elements like birds, trees or people reflected on the tranquil water surface.

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