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Poignant Photo Series of Views from Within Rooms that are in Various States of Disrepair


Every window in this series has been peered into by the author and each one has its own unique tale to tell. Some of the stories are as old as two centuries. All this has been seen from the perspective of a hobby photographer, who also goes by the name Urbexography.

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Spellbinding Photos of Clouds Shot from the International Space Station

clouds international space station

Not too long ago astronaut/ geophysicist Alexander Gerst shared his remarkable Earth Time-lapse video that was shot in Ultra HD while orbiting inside the International Space Station. This time he shares some still images of clouds casting thousand-mile shadows into space which can only be seen from the ISS perspective.

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Heartwarming Photo Series Shows the Tender Side of Pit Bulls

portrait pit bull

Mention pit bulls and you normally get a reaction of how these are some of the most vicious of dog breeds. Acclaimed pet trainer Caesar Milan was always quick to dispel this widely held belief, showing how sweet and gentle a pit bull can actually be. Well looks like he will be getting some help in retooling the dog’s bad reputation from U.S.-based French photographer Sophie Gamand. To detract from their typical portrayal as ferocious and aggressive canines, Gamand, has set out to change all that by photographing pit bulls posed with attractive hippie flower crowns.

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Mesmerizing Photos of the Miniature World of Colorful Tropical Frogs

macro frog

Some recent macro photography to come out of the internet is from Wil Mijer, a gifted photographer based in the Netherlands who has a special fondness for the miniature world of colorful tropical frogs. Mijer is an extremely artistic and passionate photographer and her heart has been won over by the tiny tropical creatures.

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Brilliant Landscape Photos Saturated with Vivid Color

long exposure

Photographer Eric Hines shoots pensive images of reflections in every  amazing location he chooses and one is made to muse over the various panoramas as well as feel the tranquility present in each photograph.  He is able to manifest natural light as it bursts out across the heavens in his magnificent collection of landscapes. Hines uses long exposure techniques to capture a muted, indistinct painterly light, the flowing motion of water, or a star-filled night sky. Stillness is contrasted with a lively energy that emanates from the lush, rich colors.

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Priceless Reactions of People as They Get Hit by a Taser


Getting Tasered is by no means anything but pleasant. A Taser is a specific brand for electroshock weapons or a conductive electrical weapon or CEW made available by Taser International as a self-defense weapon. The Taser gun uses electrical current to stop voluntary control of muscles resulting in neuromuscular incapacitation. A person struck by a Taser will undergo stimulation of his or her sensory nerves and motor nerves, and will thus experience powerful involuntary muscle convulsions.

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