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Evocative Black and White Landscape Photos Shot in Vivid Detail

peter zeglis

Peter Zeglis has thing for landscape imagery, and he photographs the subject immensely well. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, Zeglis is essentially a self-taught photographer, and like most people with no formal training, is able to easily think ‘out-of-the-box’. His images of landscapes shot almost entirely in black and white evoke a consistent surrealism.

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Photographer Explores Underwater Maternity Concept, Comes Up with Extraordinary Images

adam opris

The uterus, when with child, is actually a water environment that nourishes a fetus during the 9 month gestation period. That is the reason why they say we are all essentially water creatures from inception. Adam Opris therefore is actually spot on with his concept for pregnant women underwater.

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Dreamy Landscape Photos of Scenic California


Los Angeles-based Rickett & Sones is the collaborative team-up of husband and wife Ryan and Sonia Rickett. The creative tandem first crossed paths while on the set of a fashion shoot when both were photographing for the same account. As luck would have it, they had instantaneous chemistry, and that connection would lead to their professionally pairing-up. Ever since they merged forces, both have set out to complement each other’s art and creativity.

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Terrifying Aerial Images of a Restive Volcano in Iceland


The earth is constantly a volatile planet, and in case you did not know, volcanic eruptions or other kinds of geographic upheavals are always happening somewhere around the world. A few weeks ago in Iceland, the Bárðarbunga volcano in the Holuhraun lava field began ejecting hundreds of cubic meters of lava, producing a rare opportunity for celebrated Icelandic photographer Lurie Belegurschi.

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Couple’s Wedding Pictorial is Photobombed by an Inquisitive Bull

wedding photo

Outrageous wedding pictures seem to be a fad that will not be going away anytime soon, or so it seems. Not too long ago we had a couple pose in a field while a real twister formed in the distance. Then we also had another couple share their wedding photos set against majestic sceneries in Iceland. Now here comes what should have been an idyllic country wedding photo shoot. All the elements are there: a lovely blushing bride, fine-looking groom, a perfect countryside, romantic sunset, and an ideal nuptial bull. Bull?

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Mesmerizing Underwater Photography by Mother-Daughter Tandem


Not too many people can brag of an underwater model/photographer tandem such as that which Sacha Kalis and Elena Kalis have.  They also happen to be mother and daughter. Elena, a talented underwater art photographer always encouraged her little nymph, Sacha to take to the water. Because of that, ever since she was little, Sacha also known online as Bahamas Girl, has always been more at ease in the sea than on dry land.

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