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Macro Photos of Tiny Hummingbirds in Stunning Detail

chris morgan

Hummingbirds are a rare bird with stunning beauty. They are among the tiniest of birds, as most other species measure in the 7.5–13 cm range. The smallest existing bird species, the 5-cm Bee Hummingbird, weighs less than a penny on average. They also have been scientifically confirmed to be the cutest birds in the animal kingdom. They are difficult to spot, and most of us have never seen one in person, or even had the chance to get close to any one of them.

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Dramatic Landscape Photo of Mt. Fuji in Japan Makes It to National Geographic’s ‘Your Shot’

mt fuji

Called Sleeping Giant, Japanese photographer Hidenobu Suzuki submitted his beautiful image of Mount Fuji to National Geographic’s Your Shot assignment called Embrace the Untamed. Suzuki’s photo was selected to be one of only 32 chosen out of a total of 18,000 entries submitted.

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Breathtaking Photos of an Abandoned Mall in Bangkok Overrun by Koi Fish

jesse rockwell

The days of strolling the outdoor city streets, window shopping as you walk past store fronts is becoming such a rare experience. Attribute this fact to the proliferation of malls, which has replaced sidewalks with their wide corridors, lined on both sides with shops of all sorts. The ubiquitous mall has become the new and undisputed shopping arena, bringing you convenience, comfort and relative safety as you indulge in some form of buying activity.

It would be difficult to imagine a mall usually teeming with people as an empty abandoned structure, but there is one mall in Thailand that defies this notion. Over in Bangkok, a mall lies empty and neglected, but its strangeness does not stop there. Its ground floor has since filled with water given that it stopped operations and has become a humongous fish pond!

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Photographer Captures United Nations Troops in Action

jane stockdale

Photographer Jane Stockdale‘s United Nations troop photography captures the men and women in uniform of the UN immersed in their work, but do not come across like your typical, newsy, reportage images. Stockdale instead takes on a more inventive, artistic approach.

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Father and Son Duo Capture Low-Flying Planes as They Pass Over Maho Beach

low flying airplane

What happens when you combine a beach with a runway? Lots of opportunity for truly odd photographs. After all, you don’t really associate aircraft coming or going with bikini clad figures. This is exactly what you see at the Dutch/French Maho Beach, situated on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. It happens to be right beside the short runway of the Princess Juliana International Airport.  Beachgoers frolic in the sand and surf while roaring planes hover low overhead.

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Captivating Photos of Brazilian Beaches Teeming with People


The fervor surrounding the Brazil hosted World Cup may be over, but the Brazilian passion for partying and celebrations goes enduringly on. French photographer Benoit Fournier captures that spirit through the beauty of Brazilian beaches in his latest series, showing the love affair Brazilians have with the shoreline.

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