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Breathtaking Images of Some of the Widest and Longest Caves Around the World

cave photography

Suspended on a thin rope, engulfed in cloud and lost in time, a tiny figure is dwarfed by the sheer size on a monumental scale of Cloud Ladder Hall. The beam of light cast by anothers headtorch pierces the fog yet illuminates nothing. This naturally formed room is so large it has it’s own weather system going on.

Robbie Shone is an adventurer who has particular fondness for cave photography. He melds his passion for both photography and caving into a perfect mix to capture some rather imposing photographs. For the past 10 years he has been able to document the depths of widest and longest of caves around the world. Shone’s adventures have brought him to the farthest areas of Papua New Guinea, Borneo, China, the Alps and Crete where he has shot some enormous, cavernous cave systems.

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Dreamy Landscapes with Reflective Fragments Inserted Create Stunning Visuals

seascape mirrors

Victoria Siemer is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer who created a series of digital artworks that investigates our discernment of space. In an untitled series of images, Siemer cleverly made geometric shapes into images of natural landscapes to create fragmented reflections within the landscapes themselves. She places fragments of the landscapes, making flowing natural panoramas and vistas turn into angular and rigid visuals.

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Hauntingly Beautiful Long Exposure Images

darren moore

The uniqueness of Darren Moore‘s photographs is not found in how he captures fleeting moments, but rather quite the opposite.  The Surrey photographers’ dreamlike and ethereal long exposures, as fantastic as they are, barely allow us to see the painstaking process involved in their creation. Besides the usual task of finding an idyllic location as well as subject or focal point, composing the image and getting the technical details right,  Moore who is both a painter as well as  photographer has to set up his camera to take in minimal light since he mostly shoots in the daytime.

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Bold, Dramatic Imagery Shows the Wonders of Nature

desert landscape

Landscape photographer Marc Adamus travels practically non-stop around the world during the entire year. The beauty and artistry of his photographs emanate from a talent and sensitivity to see the many moods of nature as well as a passion for the outdoors. This is readily apparent in Adamus’ work, which has quite a following, resulting in the interest of many global publications.

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An Engagement Ring, A Couple in Love and A Stunning Ice Cave: Photos of a Beautiful Marriage Proposal in Iceland


Just when you thought you have seen everything there has to do with outlandish and out-of-this-world marriage proposals, you come across something totally unexpected. A Reddit user who goes by the moniker VolcanosMeltMeDown not too long ago took a trip to a stunning ice cave close to the Skaftafell glacier in Iceland with her boyfriend in tow. Little did she know that an epic romantic surprise was awaiting her in that journey.

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Enchanting Pink and Purple Blanketed Landscape Captured Using Expired Infrared Film

arctic infrared landscape

Photographers have a fetish for discontinued film stock. Taking images using film that is in very limited supply appears to make their work more exotic, rare and perhaps hopefully more in demand. Such was the case for New York–based photographer Daniel Zvereff who recently got his hands on some of the last remaining supply of old Kodak Aerochrome film in 120 format.

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