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Adorable German Shorthair Assumes Many Different Looks and Poses in Whimsical Photo Series

samuel jurcic

A rather adorable German shorthaired pointer makes a comeback as it assumes many different looks and poses other than that of just being a regular pooch. The dog’s master once again puts on all sorts of costumes and props on the obedient dog, using a variety of homemade outfits and then posts the images on Instagram.

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Shooting Stars eBook by Phil Hart

Photographing the Night Sky

Shooting Stars has all the basic instructions you’ll need to get started using your camera equipment under the beautiful night sky. If you haven’t already figured it out, it would be incredibly handy to have a tripod with you as you carry out Hart’s instructions. In addition to the basic instructions and suggested camera settings for each particular style of night sky photography, Shooting Stars also explains in detail the finer points of shooting in low light conditions. It’s a resource you’ll keep coming back to time and time again, and even professional photographers will learn more about how to use their camera at night.

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Mesmerizing Photos of Water Droplets in Stunning Detail

waterdrop feather

Stay-at-home dad and photographer Shawn Knol (Photoelasticity on Reddit) has a special talent. He takes some completely eye-catching, macro images of water drops. Knol’s close-up photos are lively, vivid, and extremely detailed, revealing every minute feature of the water’s luminous surface in addition to a myriad of reflections.

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Photographer Captures Iceland’s Breathtaking Landscapes Using Infrared Photography


UK-based photographer Andy Lee is capable of wearing many creative hats. He is a versatile artist and uses various mediums to express art. In this particular project, he journeyed to Iceland to photograph the barren but captivating landscape. He calls the series Blue Iceland, and he used the not so known technique of infrared photography.

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Portraits of Superheroes Set Against Tranquil Environments


Superman has the Fortress of Solitude, Batman has the Batcave. Obviously, even superheroes need some space and alone time.  When the writers drew up these characters, they also had to humanize them by giving them some kind of escape where they could be by themselves. French photographer Benoit Lapray‘s imagined series, The Quest for the Absolute, Portraits of Superheroes builds on that premise. The collection shows images of famous superheroes alone with their thoughts while in tranquil environments.

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Photos of Some of the Most Bizarre Fad Diets and Eating Regimens



Feast your eyes on some of the most bizarre eating regimens in Italian photographer Dan Bannino’s series called Still Diet

People will sometimes go to great extremes with diets. There is also almost a 100% certainty that a new fad diet will emerge from some nutrition guru almost every year, and will be touted as the ‘best’ eating regimen. If you also want to find out about the latest diet, count on the world of showbiz to always up the bar with eating trends.   Lots of folks want to know about the latest odd celebrity diets in the hopes of looking as ‘fit’ as their idolized superstar. The truth of the matter is, many of the diets are not at all healthy, but instead are insanely weird and sometimes not even safe to eat for prolonged periods. Italian photographer Dan Bannino cast a spotlight on some of these notorious pop culture diets as well as the celebrities who consume them in his latest series called Still Diet.

Luigi Cornaro

Luigi Cornaro

The images show the foods and liquids included in such concoctions like the ‘Hollywood Diet,’ which is comprised of diet coca-cola, many variants of alcohol as well as cigarettes which is followed by supermodel Kate Moss. Then there is the ‘Master Cleanse,’ once consumed by Beyonce, which is a regimen made up of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and laxative herbal tea. If you thought strange diets are anything new, check out Lord Byron’s “Romantic Poet’s Diet” made of Soda water and biscuits or potatoes dipped in vinegar, as well as Henry VIII’s “The Banquet Diet,” made up of Pork, chicken, rabbit and lamb’s meat chased with fruits and wine since water was thought to be bad for you in medieval times. Bannino explained what motivated him to do the Still Diet series.

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