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Captivating Wedding Photos Shot Against the Breathtaking Icelandic Landscape

iceland wedding photo

Sometimes the lines can blur when a wedding pictorial is shot in a location that can upstage the milestone event. That is perhaps what can be said of Ohio couple Sarah and Josh, who decided to ditch plans for a grand wedding bash in their home state. The couple instead opted to head for Iceland to stage some astounding wedding photos.

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Powerful Images that Showcase the Graceful Movements of Ballet Dancers

erik saulitis

Some of the most challenging subjects to photograph are movements that derive their beauty from motion itself. Dance would certainly fall into this category, and ballet and its attendant grace would figure quite prominently.   Erik Saulitis however is able to capture the magnificence of this art form in his dancer photos.

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Brilliant Examples of Surreal Portrait Photography

megan christine

Photographer Megan Christine is undoubtedly another skilled artist to join the ranks of the growing surrealist movement that is so popular among the current generation of digital photographers. Christine is from the United States, and despite being a young photographer possesses the rare talent to tell narratives through her images.

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Simple Wedding Photography Tips

Simple Wedding Photography is a downloadable eBook that teaches you everything you need to know about the wedding photography business in one easy-to-read manual.

Building a successful business shooting weddings is no easy task. It’s a huge undertaking that requires a ton of hard work, dedication and talent. After all, the images that you’ll be shooting will serve as reminders of your clients’ fond memories, so there’s little to no room for error. As a wedding photographer, it’s up to you to catch once-in-a-lifetime moments beautifully on one of the most important events in their lives.

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6 Amazing Examples of Conceptual Photography

logan zillmer

Here’s a second look at the work of Michigan-based photographer Logan Zillmer. This is his 365 Photo Project, an endeavor where he committed to post a picture everyday on his website.  We also said that this is a guy you should keep an eye on, and we stand by that recommendation. Zillmer creates remarkable images laced with the surreal as well as some very interesting conceptual photography.

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Award-Winning Photographer Celebrates His Native Japan Through His Glorious Images of Its Evening Phenomena

takehito miyatake

Taisho Lava, Stars, and Volcanic Eruption from Arimura Village, Sakurajima, Japan, 2013 From Arimura village, the Showa crater, the most active volcano in Sakurajima, cannot usually be seen unless some of the cinders soar really high. Yet this eruption was big enough to set an observed record-high atmospheric vibration, as recorded by the Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory. In this great universe, the earth is one member of the celestial body that is alive, active, and growing.

Growing up amid the environment of rural Japan, Takehito Miyatake developed a strong connection with the wildlife. He would take up photographic engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics, and eventually be a nature photographer. His work captured through a 4×5 digital camera is comprised of mystical images taken at night, comprised of volcanic activity, shorelines, forests and various evening phenomena.

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