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Beautiful Photos of the Far-Flung Wild Lands of Australia

julie fletcher

Over a decade ago, after becoming disappointed with the humdrum lifestyle in Sydney Australia, Julie Fletcher decided to leave and find some kind of respite in traveling and photographing the far-flung wild lands of Australia. The Outback is the immense, remote, arid area of the continent.

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Light-Painted Shapes and Long Exposure Landscapes

martin kimbell

Photographer Martin Kimbell is quite adept in the handling of light and image-capture technology to generate astonishing pictures. His skill is on display in his recently shot light-paintings, where funnels of light of twisting in the dark seem to gush out from the ground or shoot down from the sky. He uses LED light to create the illusions.

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Astonishingly Vivid Compositions Inspired by Fairytales

Margarita Kareva

Russia-based photographer Margarita Kareva has a special niche with her exquisitely composed photographs of mesmerizing women. Her surreal work takes inspiration from fairytale books, and one who is remotely familiar with these timeless tales will immediately recognize the many princesses and witches in her images.

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Heartwarming Family Portrait with a Jack-Russell Terrier Posing as the Couple’s Newborn Baby

family portrait

No baby? No problem. The dog will do. At least for a photoshoot, that is. This is what professional family and pet portrait photographer Jamie Clauss did. Clauss and her photographer buddies created a series of baby photos with their Jack-Russell Terrier called Snuggles, which stood in for the real thing. The Huntsville, Alabama-based Jan and Chase Renegar do not have a baby. That however, did not stop the two who also happen to be wedding photographers, from staging some ‘family’ pictures they could call their own.

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Top 10 Photography eBooks

Long Exposure Effects eBook

Trick Photography eBook and Video Course

Take better photographs today with this instruction manual that includes 295 pages of instruction and 9 hours of how-to video tutorials. You’ll also be getting over 300 creative photographs by some incredibly talented artists from all over the world. This diverse mix of perspectives and techniques goes above and beyond any typical photography manual.

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Dreamlike Images of Solitary Figures Posing Against Dramatic Landscapes

Kasia Derwinska

For Kasia Derwinska, her photography is her way of expressing her innermost thoughts of the world. Through her work she communicates her own thoughts, doubts, experiences, fears and hopes in an effort to reflect her own life’s direction. An example of this would be her collection of single figures wandering through immense, otherworldly landscapes rendered in dramatic black and white.

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