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Models’ Faces Turned into Two-Dimensional Images in Photo Series ’2D or Not 2D’

pop art make-up

“To be or not to be, that is the question,” exclaimed the character Hamlet from the Shakespeare play of the same title, Hamlet. Russian Alexander Khokov on the other hand, muses with his photos, 2D or Not 2D, which is a totally different thing. Since the time he got a lot of attention for his monochromatic face-paint photography series Weird Beauty, Khokhlov does it again with another out-of-this-world concept, not to mention a whole lot more color.

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Long Exposure Images Create a Melancholic Mood in Photo Series ‘Empty Space’

long exposure

Photographer Vassilis Tangoulis came-up with a set of dramatic monochromatic images called Empty Space. The collection is a compilation of long-exposure images devoid of any people in them, featuring abandoned houses in extremely desolate looking places. The Greek photographer uses photography as an emotional and expressive outlet. He favors capturing moments that look extraordinary, and does so using long exposures as well as infra-red photography.

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Minimalist Photo Series ‘Cognition’ Follows Tourists Exploring Chinese Dunes

bence bakonyi

We really have to be removed from a situation to appreciate and understand things at times. When we observe people from a point of view that is detached, we are able to perceive things in a different light. This precisely what Bence Bakonyi does in his photographs.  As a photographer based in Shanghai, China, Bankoyi makes groups of people his focal point, instead of individuals. He calls this collection of photographs the Cognition series.

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Stunning Aerial Photography of the Pacific Northwest Shot by Pilot-Photographer

aerial pacific northwest

For Gabhan Berry, nothing has made him appreciative of the world than the rare perspective through the window of his small airplane. From the air, the shapes of nature and human presence are visible across the landscape like a beautiful detailed puzzle. Every little facet of what you see is fascinating and keeps you almost spellbound, hypnotized by the view.

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Captivating Images of Immense Ice Formations in Greenland

greenland ice

Photographer Michael J Quinn’s Greenland Reflection is a photo series in which he captures the breathtaking icebergs of Greenland. In every photo of the series, Quinn shows a massive iceberg as it floats on the surface of the icy waters. Photographed in various states either as solid masses or riddled with holes as they melt, each iceberg is nonetheless breathtaking.

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Gorgeous View of the Northern Lights Shot Through an Airplane Window

When you are on a plane ride, you hope for nothing more than things you would on a pleasant flight. Decent food, nice flight attendants, a smooth turbulence free ride, and a flight that is trouble free and on schedule. A nice movie or a pleasant seatmate would be added bonuses.

Well, photographer Paul Williams got much more than any of the above. While in transit from a flight from London to New York, a show-stopping scene of the northern lights while on board the flight presented itself. Luckily for Williams, he had camera in tow and shot the whole stunning spectacle. Luckily for us, he uploaded a time-lapse of the phenomenon on YouTube.

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