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Photographer Captures Priceless Bond Between Trainer and Pet Eagle

mongolian eagle trainer

Photographer Asher Svidensky was attracted with the story of a 13-year-old Ashol Pan, a young girl who was requested by her father to take the place of her brother once he departed for military service. Pan was up to the task and though still in school, forging a strong connection with her eagle became one of her top priorities.

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Time-Lapse Photography Shows the Gorgeous Luminous Activities of Fireflies

Using long exposure photography, Missouri-based photographer Vincent Brady captures some magical images of luminescent light trails left behind by fireflies as they do their daily night dances in the American Midwest. Fireflies have always aroused thoughts of the mystical, and as as kids they seem like the closest we will ever come to anything from the fabled wonderland. Brady used time-lapse photography to show the gorgeous luminous activities of fireflies as they streaked through the evening darkness.

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Mesmerizing Collection of Images that Combines Photographs Shot During WWI and the Same Locations as They Look Today


In 1914, the world was plunged into perhaps one of the bloodiest human conflicts that would go down in the annals of history.  World War One tore Europe apart and it would also fundamentally change world order as well as global politics. July 28 was the start of that turbulent period in 1914 and it lasted until November 11 of 1918. During that time and until the commencement of World War II, that event was simply referred to as the Great War or the World War. In the US, it was at first referred to as the European War.

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Photographer Shoots Departures and Arrivals of Various Commercial Flights and Combines the Images in One Photo

mike kelley

You can do many things with eight hours. Eight hours is a typical work day. Eight hours is also ample time to tour a new city. It also takes eight hours to travel from most states to another. For Mike Kelley, eight hours translates to an opportunity to photograph something ordinary, but in an extraordinary manner. Being an avid aviation enthusiast, Kelley recently shot the flight activity of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in one astonishing photograph.

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Photos of a Lush Costa Rica Blanketed in Flower Petals to Demonstrate the Capabilities of Sony‘s New 4k TV

sony ad

Global advertising agency giant, McCann recently solicited the services of photographer Nick Meek to demonstrate the capabilities of Sony‘s new 4k TV in a forthcoming advertising blitz. The new monitor model is touted to be four times better than the detail of full high definition. The creative team went to the colorful tropics of Costa Rica, where they shot the abundant and pulsating botanical life where hundreds of multicolored leaves and flowers could be seen for more than fourteen days.

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Photographer Stages Scenarios with Miniature Star Wars Figures

star wars

Star Wars is an American space saga franchise that revolves around an epic film series conceived by George Lucas. The entire film series is made up of two trilogies, and has given birth to an extensive media franchise known as the Expanded Universe which includes countless publications, television series, computer and video games, in addition to comic books. Words and characters like Jedi, Darth Vader, and Light sabers have become ingrained into modern popular culture. Many from all over the world have gone crazy over the Star Wars theme, and one such individual is Zahir Batin.

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