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Captivating Photos of Brazilian Beaches Teeming with People


The fervor surrounding the Brazil hosted World Cup may be over, but the Brazilian passion for partying and celebrations goes enduringly on. French photographer Benoit Fournier captures that spirit through the beauty of Brazilian beaches in his latest series, showing the love affair Brazilians have with the shoreline.

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Children’s Fears Graphically Portrayed with a Satirized Twist in Photo Series ‘Terror’

bedroom monster series

Remember when as a child you used to hide yourself under a blanket, fearful of the imagined ghost by the side of your bed? Do you also recall how you would spend many frightful nights alone, dreading the monster that would terrorize you inside your bedroom?  We all remember those arduous paranoia-driven evenings spent sticking our heads into the covers, sometimes to the point of sweating profusely under the sheets. Terror accurately captures the kinds of fears we experience as children but with a satirized twist.

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Photographer Creates Mesmerizing Landscape Photo Series Using an Unusual Lighting Technique

Benoit Paillé

Photographer Benoit Paillé has been dabbling with a mesmerizing series of landscape images using an odd lighting technique. The Montreal based Paillé uses a bizarre, floating and glowing square in all of his landscape photos. The images are real, meaning they are not Photoshop created. The 1×1 meter iridescent cube of light is suspended in the middle of every photograph and the resulting image portrays this weird manifestation of lighting.

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6 Examples of Stunning Landscape Photography

pete piriya landscapes

A well-rounded photographer should not be limited to any specific field of the discipline. An example of a versatile lensman is Pete Piriya. His body of work is varied containing landscapes that are both natural and urban. His work can only be described as grandiose and breathtaking, having an eye for framing magnificent vistas and panoramas of both the wild outdoors as well as glorious cityscapes and skylines.

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Charming Portraits of a World Where Every Pet Has a Room with a View

rachel bellinsky

Photographer Rachel Bellinsky is an eclectic photographer, with a considerable bias towards nature subjects. She photographs just about anything she finds interesting. Bellinsky admits that the majority of her finer works shot over the years are mostly due to luck. She often shoots things she comes across in her neighborhood, and her pictures are imbued with the fresh and lovely images of spring. No surreal, brooding, moody or ethereal stuff from Bellinsky. Just light, refreshing images that are uplifting for the soul.

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Surreal Photography Explores the Complex and Mystical Aspects of the Human Psyche in Photo Series ‘Dreamalities’

julie waroquier

Dreams represent the most substantial evidence of our subconscious, and yet they usually hardly make any sense.  They are comprised of visions, thoughts, sensations as well as emotions we go through while asleep, but typically are disjointed and fragmented ‘experiences’. Most of the time, we try to unravel what they mean using logic and try to connect them to reality. To recreate these dream ‘experiences’ is quite a difficult feat, but digital technology comes pretty close. French photographer Julie Waroquier does a splendid job with replicating visuals that are quasi-dreamlike, in her collection (now a book) called Dreamalities.

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