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Brooding Self-Portrait Images Set Against Spectacular Scenes from Nature

paul zizka

Photographer Paul Zizka creates some breathtaking images of himself in the wilderness with his shots of spectacular scenes that totally reinvent and raise the bar for a self-portrait. Brooding and dramatic showcasing events like an aurora borealis, frozen ice falls, the distant Milky Way and some beautiful mountain ranges in the background, Zizka proves he is exemplary at what he does.

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Photographer Captures Repetition and Visual Rhythm in Today’s Skyscrapers


French photographer Alexandre Jacques displays a keen eye for repetition and visual rhythm in his stunning series called Architectural Pattern. Appearing as straddling photography and graphic design, the series of images by Jacques, which digresses away from the conventional notions of architecture draws your attention instead on the visually recurring that is inherent in many contemporary structures.

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Nature’s Spectacular Light Shows Caught on Camera


As one of the most violent and explosive forces of nature, lightning storms are always a unique challenge for most photographers. We have all seen incredible photos of lightning, and one may wonder how these images are captured so exceptionally well by photographers.

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Incredible Beauty of Japanese Cherry Blossoms Against an Urban Backdrop

japanese cherry blossom

Japan is famous for having a broad diversity of Cherry Blossoms, and perhaps well over 200 cultivars can be found there. The most widespread variety of Cherry Blossom here is the Somei Yoshino. This variety is typified by its flowers that are nearly pure white, infused with very pale pink near the stem.

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Dazzling Long Exposure Photos of Star Trails

star trails

Initially, these delightful swirls of color may strike you as computer generated graphics or maybe even some kind of digital camera glitch, but they are not. These incredible images resulted from tons of patience and meticulous night sky shooting by photographer Lincoln Harrison.

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Breathtaking Photos of Finnish Landscapes


Photographer Mikko Lagerstedt is a relative newcomer to photography, having taken it up a mere six years ago in 2008. He has since been bitten by the photography bug, finding a passion for shooting the breathtaking Finnish landscapes. Lagerstedt has taken dozens of images in his surreal style of the spectacular geography he calls home. This latest body of work is a reprise of his much viewed Edge, which was an eerily lovely collection of photographs.

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