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Magical Photos of a Forest in Belgium Covered in Bluebells

bluebell forest

There exists a magical forest in Belgium, not too distant from Brussels that is absolutely out of this world. Come to this place if you are there in April or May and you will be totally mystified. Each spring, Hallebros, or Bois de Hal (Halle Forest in Dutch), a gorgeous forest, is covered with a dense blanket of bluebell flowers.

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Elaborate Underwater Photo Project Involving a Sunken Shipwreck Produces Some Spectacular Images

von wong

Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong has a reputation that precedes him for shooting complicated productions, exceedingly difficult shots in addition to unbelievable images. His most recent piece of work is an astonishingly difficult underwater photoshoot that has yielded some absolutely dramatic results.

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Spectacular Picturesque Images Shot Across Many Locations Across the Globe

finn beales

Finn Beales is a world traveler as well as professional photographer and artist who shoots some spectacularly picturesque images throughout the globe. Beales has shot many beautiful locations across several continents which to name a few include India, Bangladesh, Iceland, Mexico, Columbia, Denmark, Wales, and Ireland. As Beales aims his lenses on people, places, objects, or events, his style is not to limit his subject matter. He tries to tell some kind of visual narrative in most of his exemplary documentary work.

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Adorable German Shorthair Assumes Many Different Looks and Poses in Whimsical Photo Series

samuel jurcic

A rather adorable German shorthaired pointer makes a comeback as it assumes many different looks and poses other than that of just being a regular pooch. The dog’s master once again puts on all sorts of costumes and props on the obedient dog, using a variety of homemade outfits and then posts the images on Instagram.

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Shooting Stars eBook by Phil Hart

Photographing the Night Sky

Shooting Stars has all the basic instructions you’ll need to get started using your camera equipment under the beautiful night sky. If you haven’t already figured it out, it would be incredibly handy to have a tripod with you as you carry out Hart’s instructions. In addition to the basic instructions and suggested camera settings for each particular style of night sky photography, Shooting Stars also explains in detail the finer points of shooting in low light conditions. It’s a resource you’ll keep coming back to time and time again, and even professional photographers will learn more about how to use their camera at night.

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Mesmerizing Photos of Water Droplets in Stunning Detail

waterdrop feather

Stay-at-home dad and photographer Shawn Knol (Photoelasticity on Reddit) has a special talent. He takes some completely eye-catching, macro images of water drops. Knol’s close-up photos are lively, vivid, and extremely detailed, revealing every minute feature of the water’s luminous surface in addition to a myriad of reflections.

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