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Heartwarming Family Portrait with a Jack-Russell Terrier Posing as the Couple’s Newborn Baby

family portrait

No baby? No problem. The dog will do. At least for a photoshoot, that is. This is what professional family and pet portrait photographer Jamie Clauss did. Clauss and her photographer buddies created a series of baby photos with their Jack-Russell Terrier called Snuggles, which stood in for the real thing. The Huntsville, Alabama-based Jan and Chase Renegar do not have a baby. That however, did not stop the two who also happen to be wedding photographers, from staging some ‘family’ pictures they could call their own.

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Long Exposure Effects eBook

Trick Photography eBook and Video Course

Take better photographs today with this instruction manual that includes 295 pages of instruction and 9 hours of how-to video tutorials. You’ll also be getting over 300 creative photographs by some incredibly talented artists from all over the world. This diverse mix of perspectives and techniques goes above and beyond any typical photography manual.

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Dreamlike Images of Solitary Figures Posing Against Dramatic Landscapes

Kasia Derwinska

For Kasia Derwinska, her photography is her way of expressing her innermost thoughts of the world. Through her work she communicates her own thoughts, doubts, experiences, fears and hopes in an effort to reflect her own life’s direction. An example of this would be her collection of single figures wandering through immense, otherworldly landscapes rendered in dramatic black and white.

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Unbelievable Parade of Colors and Shapes in Rare Photos of Middle Eastern Mosques


Mohammad Domiri is a young self-taught but nonetheless talented photographer from northern Iran. He recently shot some lovely images of classic architectural monuments all over the Middle East. The majority of his subjects are impressive traditional mosques, ornately decorated with impressive geometric patterns and mosaics, gleaming and swirling with hues that bring to mind colorful kaleidoscopes.

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Images of Felines Morphed with Their Owners in Photo Series ‘Undercats’


Do you agree with the observation of some that pets eventually resemble their owners? Well Sebastian Magnani makes a pretty strong case for that belief. He expresses the idea in graphic terms, creating a series to illustrating just how much an animal can start looking like its master. The series is called Undercat, and underscores that ‘look-alike’ premise of felines and their respective owners.

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Tranquil Seascape Series Shot Using Long Exposure Photography

Antti Viitala

In a very soothing new collection, artist Antii Viitala shoots elegant long exposure photographs of the ocean shore. Viitala who is a landscape and nature photographer calls this series Seascapes. The series is an in-depth examination of the ocean, specifically as the tides move in and out as waves collide into the shore as they hit the break. Viitala basically follows the same design formula for each composition where overcast skies and intense blue waters gently fuse together creating a seamless, almost obscured horizon at the center, nearly blurring where sea ends and skies begins.

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