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Beautifully Icy Landscapes of the Far North


One would imagine that having spent your entire life in the arctic cold, you would yearn for something a bit warmer. For some perhaps yes, but that is not the case with Alaska-born photographer Acacia Johnson. Not only does Johnson embrace it, but she celebrates the chilly world in her pictures, collectively called Polaris.

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Boudoir Posing Guide eBook

boudoir posing model

These brilliant downloadable Posing Guides (Vol. 1. & Vol. 2) for Boudoir photography created by Katherine Honeybourne contain over 300 pages of examples of common mistakes and how to avoid them or turn them into flattering poses, tricks on how to compensate for problem areas and to enhance your clients best features.

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Photo Series Captures the World Behind the Power Grid

power grid

Every time we do something at home or in the workplace, it most likely involves using generated energy. And yet we know so little of how and where these megawatts of power are produced. Swiss photographer Luca Zanier decided to give us an up close and personal look into these gigantic power plants through a series called Space and Energy.

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Eye-Opening Time-Lapse Video of North Korea Shows a Different Side to the Often Mysterious Country

If there was place in the world in dire need of a PR effort that would be North Korea. Officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the often reclusive and secretive state is a country in East Asia, situated in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Its capital and biggest metropolis is Pyongyang. If everything the western media puts out were to be believed, what we know of North Korea is that it an extremely controlled, isolated and curtailed country with absolutely nothing to offer but abject misery in the hands of their supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. Not if you view this time-lapse video!

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Absolutely Adorable Photos of Pugs Dressed as Game of Throne Characters

game of thrones

Photo Credit: Phillip Lauer / Barcroft Media
UK Office, London.

Countless have been bitten by the Game of Thrones bug. The fantasy drama television series created for HBO by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss is an edge-of-your-seat nail biter through and through, and fans all over the world can’t wait to feast their senses on the next season. Game of Thrones was very much anticipated by the viewing public even before its debut, and has since become a commercial and critical hit.

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Incredible Examples of Underwater Photography

ilse moore

Famous for her exquisite underwater photography, Ilse Moore enthralls audiences from all over. She is fascinated by the underwater environment since it allows her to explore a world where she can toy around and manipulate imagery. Currently working out of the Vaal Triangle, her fashion as well as art photography has appeared in British Vogue and has been featured in international sites like Fashion Gone Rogue.

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