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Everyday Scenes Captured with Charming Reflections

daniel antunes

Any observer of beauty and its attendant elements will tell you, there is beauty in symmetry as well as capturing things in flawless proportion. It does not matter whether you are shooting architecture and city streets, historical archways or interesting street corners. There will always be something that will inspire the symmetry inclined individual. That is exactly what photographer Daniel Antunes has.

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Women Creatively Dressed in Colored Milk Featured in ‘Splash Heroes’ Calendar

Splash Heroes

Like all years, there are many calendars available for 2015 with practically every theme you can imagine. However there is none that can in any way be similar to Splash Heroes. This unique calendar features naked women who have been creatively dressed in colored milk.

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These Adorable Photos of Newborns Will Put a Smile on Your Face


Erin Elizabeth’s area of expertise is to photograph newborn babies, and she possesses the incredible ability to get even the most difficult of little ones to break into a smile. Elizabeth has been photographing toddlers as young as just a few days old for six years now since 2008.  Given her flair for the specialty, request for her work has been growing year by year.

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LightBox Photography Cards Ingeniously Offers a Deck Filled with Photo Ideas


Lens man Paul Michael Kane has come up with a smart new product that is meant to motivate and push photographers along the creativity envelope. The product is dubbed LightBox Photography Cards, which is a deck of 52 cards that can facilitate shuffling things up in one’s photography work and in Kane’s words” get you out shooting in new and exciting ways.“

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Adorable Photo Series Features Cloned Cats in Their Respective Homes


The jury is still out on which make better pets, Cats or Dogs? While this question always elicits heated debate, for now anyway let’s focus on the feline inclined. Cats are famous for their mystifying ways and their numbers are staggering. There were approximately 81,721,000 cats in U.S. households as of 2007, compared to 72,114,000 dogs, and the typical feline owner has at least two cats. So at least these numbers confirm on very solid ground that people like cats, and lots of them. For all the legions of cat lovers out there, here is an amusing and unique photo series full of cool felines. The collection was shot by photographer Andreanne Lupien and it shows cats and their devoted owners in their natural environments, their homes.

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Underwater Engagement Photos of Happy Couples

adam opris

As the world turns and a new year is once again upon us, many couples will be surely tying the knot. As with all years, 2015 will have its fair share of fads and trends that will be innovative, fun, and unique. Apparently one such trend is already surfacing, as couples get all wet and brave underwater environments for a one-of-a-kind engagement shoot. Couples are not hesitating as they dive into the New Year to express themselves and immortalize their love in a whole new element.

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