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Amazing Shots of Snowboarders in Action Captured Against Majestic Landscapes


Lorenz Holder is the holder of the Red Bull Illume 2013 Overall Winner title. Holder grew up in Munich, near the Bavarian mountains, and it was that place that influenced his life greatly. Back in the day, Holder was a semi-professional snowboarder, until an injury forced him to quit the sport for a whole season.

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Digital Photo Retouching: Beauty, Fashion & Portrait Photography eBook


An inspirational eBook with lots of beautiful images, retouching tips, articles and a few illustrated text and video tutorials for amateur and professional photographers who edit their work in Adobe Photoshop.

Dramatic Landscape Photography Examples Show the Stark Contrast Between the Alps and Manmade Structures


Documentary photographer Ettore Moni recently shot some dramatic images of picturesque mountain landscapes, which unfortunately are being spoiled by the construction of manmade structures. Moni calls this series simply, Alps. He shoots the various landscapes using a large-format camera (4×5) and does not apply any post production to the end results. The aim of Alps is to arouse the viewers with the images of sullied mountainscapes that have been violated with structures that did not seem to environmentally blend with the beautiful Alps.

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Fabulous Examples of Delectable Food Photography


Food photography can sometimes be just as delectable as the real thing, especially when it is shot by an enthusiast as good as Vanessa Rees. Rees combines the food with interesting backgrounds that enhance the edible goodies even more. Brooklyn-based Rees is a self-proclaimed food, still life, and lifestyle photographer, and based on her portfolio is quite exceptional at it. One will notice that Rees is able to animate her images cleverly using color, texture and shapes.  Her superbly composed images all share a quality, which is that they are never tiring to look at.

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Fireworks Photography Tips and Techniques


When you are going to photograph fireworks, be prepared. Make sure you have enough memory cards and extra batteries. You will need to take a tripod, a wide-angle or a telephoto zoom lens, and remember to arrive early. Place the camera on a tripod, and turn the mode dial to M (manual) mode; we want f/8 – f/16 for a greater DOF (depth of field) and a long exposure anywhere between 1-10 seconds. Use your camera’s self-timer or a cable release to take the photo with absolutely no blurring. For dramatic effect, try to capture multiple fireworks trails across the sky.

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Beautiful Panoramas of Some of the Most Amazing Destinations on Earth

jakub polomski

Beautiful vistas and panoramas were shot in the mountainous region surrounding the Polish town of Cieszyn by Jakub Polomski, and can only be described as anything but grandiose. Polomski decided to journey extensively and shoot these majestic images of mountainous landscapes.

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