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Beautiful Landscape Photography of Antarctica and Its Seemingly Endless Icy Wilderness

portal point icebers

Tokyo-based Martin Bailey is a wildlife and nature photographer who recently documented the spectacular, awesome beauty of Antarctica’s icebergs in a captivating photo collection. In a preceding series, Bailey shot the chilly Antarctic’s wildlife that included penguins and seals, but this time he wanted to cast the spotlight on its vast, seemingly endless icy wilderness.

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Mesmerizing Photos of Bubbles Just Moments Before They Burst

fabian oefner

Photographer Fabian Oefner indulges the simple event of the bursting bubble in his project called Iridient and turns it to art. Using the funnel of a sugar dispenser, the rainbow hued bubbles that exist only for a few brief seconds are frozen by the camera at two points: just scant moments before they rupture, and at the precise instant that they burst.

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Portrait Photography Tips and Techniques

Baby Photography Tips

Baby Photography Tips

Babies are unpredictable so therefore tears and tantrums are to be expected. Don’t be afraid to keep the camera shooting rather than waiting for that perfect pose or moment because somewhere in 30 consecutive shots will be one winner. Presuming you have a good amount of natural daylight, choose an ISO of 100-400 and use a wide aperture (f/2.8-f/8) for a shallow DOF (depth of field). Use continuous shooting mode on your camera to capture 2, 3, 4, or 5 photos in a couple of seconds.

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The Before and After Project: An Explicit Example of How the Standards of Beauty Differ Around the World

before and after

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so says the old adage. “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it,” is also another such proverb that reiterates how beauty is relative. Missouri-based journalist, Esther Honig, a 24-year-old from Kansas City decided to see how these sayings manifest themselves in reality. Honig recently solicited the help (and perspective) of people in more than 25 countries. They were given explicit permission to manipulate an image of herself.

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Photographer Captures Effects of Drugs on Exposed Negative Film

LSDSarah Schoenfeld is no stranger to drugs.  There was a time when she used to work in a Berlin nightclub, and that experience allowed her to witness first hand how some of the world’s most potent recreational drugs can affect behavior. Schoenfeld got to see for herself how mind-altering, hallucinogen substances can change people’s behavior. Ever the curios mind, she got to wondering about how these diversity of drugs could alter other things other than the human body.

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Spectacular Photos of Iceland Shot During Winter

iceland in winterErez Marom has a passion for Iceland and he shares that enthusiasm through his spectacularly and breathtakingly captured photos shot in winter. The professional photographer states his love for the country unequivocally, saying, “I’ve spent over 3 months of my life in Iceland, all during winter, and I’ve captured many images of its magical frozen landscape. Black beaches adorned with countless diamond-like icebergs, glacial lagoons, ice-crusted waterfalls, Northern Lights, ice caves… Iceland in winter is a true paradise for photographers, one that I go back to every year to shoot and guide.”

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