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The Brilliance of the Night Sky Captured Using Long Exposure Photography and Composites

matt payne

Photographer Matt Payne recently made this series of delightfully magical night photography.  Payne is an astrophotography, landscape, portrait and event photographer who works out of Portland, Oregon. He is also a 5th generation native of Colorado Springs.

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Breathtaking Long Exposure Imagery of the Australian Outback

outback long exposure

Not too long ago, Mike Salway went on a trip to the Western Australia Kimberly Region of the Outback. Salway is an amateur Australian photographer who is into astronomy, and he posted some astonishing night sky images of his adventures in the area. Salway’s work effortlessly melds landscapes and nightscapes, flawlessly capturing the raw beauty of the Australian Outback.

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Photo Series ‘Morning Views From The Tent’ Offers Unique Perspective on Landscape Photography


Picture this: You wake up in your tent and as you unzip the front, you are greeted by an incredible mountain sunrise, with a frosty stream below and wonderful blue skies above. This what photographer Oleg Grigoryev does as he takes us with him into the mountains in his Morning Views From The Tent collection, wherein the Russian lensman frames picturesque mountain photos with his visible legs and tent entrance.

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Beautiful Long Exposure Photos of the Milky Way

milky way

Night-time photography is turning out to be all the rage these days, and Dorset is proving particularly popular because of its intensely dark skies. The absence of light pollution has provided the opportunity for launching the career of stargazing photographer Stephen Banks. Banks, who is from Bridport, is one of the legions of enthusiasts who have a passion for night-time photography.

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Photographer Perches Herself Out the Side of an Airplane to Capture These Unhindered Shots of the Icelandic Landscape


Photographer Sarah Martinet not too long ago took a pleasure trip, digressing from her usual portrait and wedding work to shoot some unbelievable landscape images of Iceland. Photographing the Nordic country’s beautiful, abundant hills and valleys, however, was not particularly easy to do. The French Martinet employed incredible aerial photography techniques, and presented Iceland’s landscapes in a manner like no one has ever done before.

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Time-Lapse Video of Aircraft Flying Over Singapore’s Changi Airport

Looking like scenes from Close Encounters of the Third Kind from 1977, a time-lapse video of Singapore Changi Airport will have you stumped as whether you are viewing a sci-fi movie or UFO sightings. This video comes to us courtesy of Milton Tan. The photographer and filmmaker was given an all access green light to Singapore Changi Airport in order to film commercial aircraft as they took off or descended to land in the evening.

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