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Photos of Aquatic Filmmaker and His Astounding 31-Day Underwater Adventure in the Florida Keys

fabien cousteau

There can perhaps be no better pedigree to carry than the name of Cousteau when it comes to sea exploration. No doubt you are talking about royalty here when it comes to pioneering studies conducted throughout the vast oceans. Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s name towers above in a pantheon that is occupied by a very scant few, and it is exciting to know that his legacy and spirit for discovery and investigation lives on in his grandson, Fabien Cousteau.

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Dramatic Black and White Outdoor Landscapes

Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro is a fine art photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He formally took up photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography in 1991. While there he majored in film and video production combined with a minor in black and white photography. The fruits of that education, particularly the latter can be seen in his assorted body of work, specifically photographs of the outdoors.

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Pair of Photographers Do a ‘Shoot the Shooter’ Style Series All Over the World

lens between us

While the selfie may be all the rage and indelibly part of our shot options, it still does not compare with an actual person taking a photo of you.  That seems to be the point driven across by creative directors Peter Sedlacik and Zuzu Galova who put together a playful series as each acted as the other’s personal photographer in a series called Lens Between Us. The collection consists of snapshots of the duo’s travels together, and they make a point of photographing each other in unison.

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Captivating Wedding Photos Shot Against the Breathtaking Icelandic Landscape

iceland wedding photo

Sometimes the lines can blur when a wedding pictorial is shot in a location that can upstage the milestone event. That is perhaps what can be said of Ohio couple Sarah and Josh, who decided to ditch plans for a grand wedding bash in their home state. The couple instead opted to head for Iceland to stage some astounding wedding photos.

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Powerful Images that Showcase the Graceful Movements of Ballet Dancers

erik saulitis

Some of the most challenging subjects to photograph are movements that derive their beauty from motion itself. Dance would certainly fall into this category, and ballet and its attendant grace would figure quite prominently.   Erik Saulitis however is able to capture the magnificence of this art form in his dancer photos.

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Brilliant Examples of Surreal Portrait Photography

megan christine

Photographer Megan Christine is undoubtedly another skilled artist to join the ranks of the growing surrealist movement that is so popular among the current generation of digital photographers. Christine is from the United States, and despite being a young photographer possesses the rare talent to tell narratives through her images.

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