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Create Stunning Special Effects and Trick Photos Without the Fancy Equipment – Everything You Need to Know in One eBook

trick photo

Maybe you thought that once you got your DSLR, fancy pictures and trick shots would be a breeze to create. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume you probably got disappointed at some point. Well that’s because the real secret behind shooting any great shot isn’t all about the gear. It all boils down to knowing the fundamentals about photography. Once you have mastered this, your creativity can kick in and everything will fall into place. That is essentially the message behind the ebook  by Evan Sharboneau entitled Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook and Video Course, dubbed as “Your complete instructional guide on taking breathtaking special effects shots and cool images your friends won’t believe.”

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Vibrant Photos of Sugar-Based Dyes Exploding Against Endless Flows of Waves

Arnaud Lajeunie

Sometimes we need to see things in a different perspective to renew our interest. This is what Arnaud Lajeunie attempted to do in his newest series called Water meets colour, colour meets water. The Paris-based Lajeunie explores fresh manners of seeing the endless flow of waves by making them more visually interesting with the use of biodegradable, sugar-based dyes. Lajeunie’s infusion of color to the surging, flowing tides is captured using an exceptionally fast shutter speed, creating photos of vibrant landscapes in the ocean.

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Beautiful Photos of the Finnish Landscape Through the Changing Seasons


Situated between latitudes 60° and 70° N, and longitudes 20° and 32° E, Finland is one of the planet’s northernmost countries. The major influence to Finland’s climate is the country’s geographical location. Inside Finland, the temperateness range quite considerably between the southern coastal regions and the farthest north, exhibiting both a continental and maritime climate.

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Magical Photos of a Forest in Belgium Covered in Bluebells

bluebell forest

There exists a magical forest in Belgium, not too distant from Brussels that is absolutely out of this world. Come to this place if you are there in April or May and you will be totally mystified. Each spring, Hallebros, or Bois de Hal (Halle Forest in Dutch), a gorgeous forest, is covered with a dense blanket of bluebell flowers.

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Elaborate Underwater Photo Project Involving a Sunken Shipwreck Produces Some Spectacular Images

von wong

Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong has a reputation that precedes him for shooting complicated productions, exceedingly difficult shots in addition to unbelievable images. His most recent piece of work is an astonishingly difficult underwater photoshoot that has yielded some absolutely dramatic results.

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Spectacular Picturesque Images Shot Across Many Locations Across the Globe

finn beales

Finn Beales is a world traveler as well as professional photographer and artist who shoots some spectacularly picturesque images throughout the globe. Beales has shot many beautiful locations across several continents which to name a few include India, Bangladesh, Iceland, Mexico, Columbia, Denmark, Wales, and Ireland. As Beales aims his lenses on people, places, objects, or events, his style is not to limit his subject matter. He tries to tell some kind of visual narrative in most of his exemplary documentary work.

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