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Striking Black and White Street Photography Examples

black and white

A typical photographer will take several years exploring the many niches in photographic style before arriving at a creative personality. This is a time consuming process where the truly artistic will assimilate, dispose, combine and ultimately create what hopefully is original.

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These Gorgeous Landscape Images Will Take Your Breath Away

Finn Beales

Finn Beales is a photographer with an amazing amount of talent. The Award-winning lensman is based in the Black Mountains of Wales. He travels to places in search of that perfect image. Iceland, Canada, and Denmark are just some of the destinations he sets foot on to capture breathtaking landscape images.

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Beautiful Examples of Landscape Photography

landscape phot

Tobias Richter is no doubt a gifted landscape photographer based on his strikingly majestic images. The German lensman however, often shocks many when they find out that he is a relative neophyte to the craft. Although looking at the images will lead one to think that he is a seasoned photographer, Richter has only been taking photographs for three years.

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Photographer Creates Clever Mash-ups in Series ‘Combophotos’

stephen mcmennamy

Stephen McMennamy is an American photographer who has fun on Instagram combining stuff unrelated to each other to create weird and whimsical images. What McMennamy does is something fairly simple, but then again also enormously entertaining and fascinating to look at.

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Breathtaking Photos of People Climbing the Alps

A pair of moutnaineers as seen venturing up snowy couloir of Aiguilles Marbrées with a clear view on Mont Blanc in the background.

A pair of moutnaineers as seen venturing up snowy couloir of Aiguilles Marbrées with a clear view on Mont Blanc in the background.

During the past few years, Kamil Tamiola has had the rare privilege to photograph the magnificence of the high Alps, most especially the Mont Blanc Massif. The Alps are a mountain range situated in south-central Europe, to the direct north of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Photos of the Oldest Living Trees Against a Dramatic Starlit Sky

beth moon

In a series of dramatic images, San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon captures some of the planet’s oldest living trees against a backdrop of twinkling evening skies in far-flung areas of southern Africa, South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.

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