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This Abandoned Fishing Village in China Has Been Reclaimed by Nature

abandoned fishing village in china

Have a look at a picturesque village in China’s Shengsi islands. This place found at the base of the Yangtze River which used to be a bustling fishing village, but over time its residents abandoned the area and Mother Nature seems to have taken over.

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Spectacular Long Exposure Photography Examples of the Night Sky

The night has sent countless people through the ages into fits of prose and poetry, and why not? To gaze into the evening sky is one of the beautiful enigmas life has to offer.  For the Austria-based photographer and dentist Nicholas Roemmelt, such awe-inspiring images can be seen from his own backyard in Tyrol, Austria.

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Dreamscapes of Los Angeles in Cotton Candy Colors

los angeles

The world is turned into a realm of colored pastels as the skies and the horizon meet in Anthony Samaniego’s series entitled Dreamscapes. Photographed mostly during dusk, there is a distinctly soft quality that lends itself to all of the picture in the collection, an effect caused by the refraction of the sun’s rays emanating from the atmosphere.

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Eerie Underwater Photos of World War Two Aircraft

brandi mueller

World War Two perhaps witnessed the most horrific sea battles in the history of human warfare. As a result, countless ships were sunk, either belonging to the axis or allied powers. Many of the sea battles were also fought in the air, through legions of combat aircraft belonging to either side. The sea is a veritable graveyard for such airplanes, where many lie undisturbed in the bottom of the ocean. One such graveyard however, has a distinctly different background and story.

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Photographer Creates the Illusion of Invisibility in Trippy Photo Series

natalie fletcher photography

Invisibility occurs when an object cannot be seen. An object in this state is referred to as being ‘invisible.’ We often hear the term used in fantasy or science fiction, where things or even people are literally made unseeable via some means.  ‘Invisibility perception’ is dependent on many optical and visual factors. For instance, invisibility depends on the eyes of the observer; or possibly the instruments being used. In the case of Natalie Fletcher, she makes use of her own art form, rather ingeniously, to create the illusion of invisibility.

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The Essential Guide to Understanding Light


Understanding Light = Better Photos

As a photographer you need to learn about light. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional – light is the most important thing in your photography. Think about it: without light, your photos simply wouldn’t exist! In fact, photography literally means “drawing with light”.  

It’s no secret that light is essential to photography, and so it’s no big surprise that learning about it will help you improve.

But what is there to really understand about light? 

Well, the more you understand how light works, the better your photos will be. The more you start to see how light affects everything around you, the better your photos will be. The more you know about the different qualities of light, and how they change the look and feel of your scene, the better your photos will be. And the more you practicecontrolling light, the better your photos will be. 

It’s simple: You need to understand light if you want to become a better photographer.

But despite being so fundamental, light has actually been a pretty tricky thing to learn…until now!

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