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50% OFF Trick Photography eBook and Video Course!!!

trick photo of hand punching through water

Searching for a complete instructional guide on how to take breathtaking special effects shots?

Say no more. This eBook entitled Trick Photography and Special Effects V2 contains over 295 pages of instruction along with 9 hours of video tutorials and over 300 creative photographs to help you learn everything you need to know to create impressive images and to bring your photography to a whole new level.

Trick Photography Tips

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Mount Your Mobile Device Onto Your DSLR and Control Your Camera with the Camlet Mount


A product created to help you get more out of your DSLR is just days from release. It’s called the Camlet Mount. This adaptor (if you want to call it that) is designed to take your photography or videography to greater creative heights. One can use the Camlet Mount so your tablet and phone can join forces with your DSLR as you control your camera using those smart devices. It is meant to hold any tablet or phone and mounts on the camera hot shoe, a great convenience. Your tablet or smartphone hence provides you excellent monitoring screen live-view.

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Beautiful Photos of Mountains Helped Raise Over $100,000 to Raise Awareness and Abolish Human Trafficking

mountains instagram photo

A21 advocate Tanner Wendell Stewart, is devoted a whole year to bring much needed attention to human trafficking through photography. Stewart began the Shoot the Skies project to create awareness for The A21 Campaign by shooting one picture every day.

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Photographer Creates Beautiful Abstract Images Using an Assortment of Art Materials

Mark lovejoy

Mark Lovejoy creates work that’s quite difficult to classify. What at first appear like complex digital renderings could also just be photographs of gooey paint. In fact Lovejoy’s images are a cross of both, manipulated and then reworked until the patterns and textures take a pleasing aesthetic form, while retaining their ambiguity. Lovejoy creates beautiful abstract images using an assortment of materials in his art studio. The photographs are intense with color and depth, imbued with different moods.

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Charming Photos of a Small Town in Wales


Living in the charming, old-world, little town of Ebbw Vale surely has its advantages. Photographer Alan Coles can certainly attest to that as he relishes strolling in the hills while indulging his favorite hobby, photography. Ebbw Vale is a town at the top of the valley made by the Ebbw Fawr tributary of the Ebbw River in Wales.

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Photographer Shoots “Extra Bokeh” Images of Tokyo

takashi kitajima

Takashi Kitajima will go to great lengths to capture an exceptional photograph. For instance, to shoot some of these amazing images, he went on an observation deck of a high-rise building, and also on a pedestrian bridge to shoot stunning pictures of Tokyo.

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