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Photos of a Lush Costa Rica Blanketed in Flower Petals to Demonstrate the Capabilities of Sony‘s New 4k TV

sony ad

Global advertising agency giant, McCann recently solicited the services of photographer Nick Meek to demonstrate the capabilities of Sony‘s new 4k TV in a forthcoming advertising blitz. The new monitor model is touted to be four times better than the detail of full high definition. The creative team went to the colorful tropics of Costa Rica, where they shot the abundant and pulsating botanical life where hundreds of multicolored leaves and flowers could be seen for more than fourteen days.

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Photographer Stages Scenarios with Miniature Star Wars Figures

star wars

Star Wars is an American space saga franchise that revolves around an epic film series conceived by George Lucas. The entire film series is made up of two trilogies, and has given birth to an extensive media franchise known as the Expanded Universe which includes countless publications, television series, computer and video games, in addition to comic books. Words and characters like Jedi, Darth Vader, and Light sabers have become ingrained into modern popular culture. Many from all over the world have gone crazy over the Star Wars theme, and one such individual is Zahir Batin.

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Teen Dedicates Instagram Account to Ailing Grandmother

grandma betty

While it has its share of critics, social media can do some pretty decent things especially with the best of intentions. In this case, an Instagram account devoted to an elderly woman struggling with terminal cancer is getting very much attention from all over the world. Zach Belden, the woman’s great-grandson, posts pictures of his dear Grandma Betty on her account, showing everyone how love and joy can alleviate some of the pain associated with the big C. Grandma Betty now walks her daily journey accompanied by over 500,000 followers, and now she feels like a celebrity.

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Hurry, only a few hours left!!! 60% Off Hacking Photography eBook by Mike Newton!!!

Hacking Photography eBook

Do you want to learn how to improve your photography in record time? Hacking Photography was designed from the ground up to teach new and intermediate photographers how to rock their photography in only 10 days! This ebook follows the 80/20 rule, which means it covers the 20% of tips that create 80% of the results so we skip all the junk that doesn’t immediate improve your photos! We’ll dive into how and when to use aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, composition, and more. Photographers are visual learners so Hacking Photography is loaded with beautiful high resolution images to illustrate each point!

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Stunning Photos of Butterflies and Moths in Extreme Close-Up

macro butterfly

You think you know something very well, until you see it through the perspective of macro photography.  Through extreme close-ups,   a magical world is opened up before us by seeing things that are otherwise imperceptible to the naked eye. Biochemist and photographer Linden Gladhill demonstrates this by revealing an astonishingly beautiful world of wings of moths and butterflies.

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Photographer Captures an Amazing Collection of Sunrise Images from Atop Mt. Fuji Everyday for Nearly Two Years

mt fuji

While Mt. Fuji is a challenging mountain top to climb, Yu Yamauchi not only scaled his way to the summit of the mountain, but also made the celebrated mountaintop his home for nearly two years. While doing so, Yamauchi recorded his incredible adventure with his camera. He shot a picture every day at dawn from the same location, amassing a collection of sunrise images while there.

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