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French Duo Transforms Parisian Apartments into Camera Obscuras

Around 4 years ago, Romain Alvery and Antoine Levi, two cousins, made an overland trip emanating from Paris to Tokyo, indulging their shared passions for photography and videography while on the journey. While in a square hotel room in Pushkar, India one morning, they noticed moving colors and shadows reflected on the ceiling. Apparently, a tiny pinhole in the room’s shutters was responsible, allowing just enough light to transform their room into a large camera obscura.

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Photographer Photoshops His Pet Pug Shopping in Markets Around the World

planet pug market

The pug is belongs to the category of toy dogs, and it has a wrinkly, short-muzzled face and curled tail. Pugs are quite funny animals. Their unusual look with oversized big eyes for their body size makes them look adorably ugly. Pugs can also look silly as they are not an athletic breed of dog. Nevertheless, pugs were amusing enough to have a role in the “Men in Black” movies, and they are undoubtedly cute enough to merit a photo series. Photographer Michael Sheridan happens to have a pet pug which he decided to incorporate into one of his photo projects.

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Cool Grandmas Rocking Their Band Tees

grandma wearing acdc

Photographer Jay Hynes recently shot some rather amusing pictures of elderly women dressed in some very unlikely clothing tops. What he had his lady models wear were some serious heavy metal t-shirts. Melbourne-based Hynes took the photographs of the “mature” gray haired ladies who all convincingly pulled off wearing the black printed, heavy metal t-shirts like honest to goodness rockers.

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Breathtaking Images of an Erupting Volcano and the Aurora Borealis

iceland volcano

The volcanic event of Eyjafjallajökull fissure in May 2010 may have shut down the airspace of 20 European countries, inconveniencing scores of travelers. However, weeks before that happened, it was producing stunning panoramas, and one daring photographer was determined to capture everything in his camera. James Appleton journeyed to Iceland in April and put himself in peril, just to capture some rare scenes unfolding.

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An Inside Look at Film Projection Booths

film reel

It would perhaps be safe to assume that all of us have at least craned our necks once to see those small holes at the back of a movie house from which images of a film are projected. Photographer Joseph O. Holmes is one such individual, and has always wondered about what goes on inside those tiny windows above the audience. Not too many years ago, that curiosity was satisfied, and Holmes hopes to share what he knows through a photo exhibition.

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Underwater Photos of a Diver with the Endangered Southern Right Whales

southern right whales with diver

Photojournalist Brian Skerry who specializes in wildlife photography recently took these photographs of the Southern right whales in Auckland’s Island Marine Reserve.  To shoot these images and to locate a population of right whales not affected by the pollution and shipping traffic of the American eastern seaboard, Skerry along with a research team from the University of Auckland rented a boat and headed to the Auckland Islands. Two days into the trip while at sea, they headed into Sandy Bay at Enderby Island.

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