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Satellite Images Captured by the Landsat 7 Satellite Offer a Rare Look at Some Natural Phenomenon

aerial photo earth

A series of out of this world (pardon the pun) images of earth taken from the Landsat 7 satellites collection and archive are yours for the viewing, whenever you please. These particular images featured were singled out for their beauty and splendor first and foremost, rather than for scientific value and study.

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Beautiful Time-Lapse Featuring the City of Light in All Its Centuries’ Old Splendor

For those who thoroughly enjoyed the time-lapse work of French photographer and filmmaker Mayeul Akpovi called Paris in Motion, this surely will be a treat. Akpovi once again reprises his already three-part series, in yet a fourth installment for the collection. Simply called Paris in Motion 4 Akpovi further prolongs his beautiful and elegant video journey around the City of Light.

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Photographer Takes to the Skies to Capture Some Magnificent Aerial Views of Germany


Take to the skies and there surely will be some amazing views to behold.  50-year-old Klaus Leidorf knows this fact all too well. The German photographer is preceded by his reputation for his magnificent aerial shots, taken from the window of his own aircraft. What is even more amazing is that he goes on these photo expeditions solo, where he is also the pilot of the Cessna 172 plane. He uses all limbs to both fly and take photographs, steering the small plane with his knees. Talk about multi-tasking!

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Breathtaking Images of Some of the Widest and Longest Caves Around the World

cave photography

Suspended on a thin rope, engulfed in cloud and lost in time, a tiny figure is dwarfed by the sheer size on a monumental scale of Cloud Ladder Hall. The beam of light cast by anothers headtorch pierces the fog yet illuminates nothing. This naturally formed room is so large it has it’s own weather system going on.

Robbie Shone is an adventurer who has particular fondness for cave photography. He melds his passion for both photography and caving into a perfect mix to capture some rather imposing photographs. For the past 10 years he has been able to document the depths of widest and longest of caves around the world. Shone’s adventures have brought him to the farthest areas of Papua New Guinea, Borneo, China, the Alps and Crete where he has shot some enormous, cavernous cave systems.

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Dreamy Landscapes with Reflective Fragments Inserted Create Stunning Visuals

seascape mirrors

Victoria Siemer is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer who created a series of digital artworks that investigates our discernment of space. In an untitled series of images, Siemer cleverly made geometric shapes into images of natural landscapes to create fragmented reflections within the landscapes themselves. She places fragments of the landscapes, making flowing natural panoramas and vistas turn into angular and rigid visuals.

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Hauntingly Beautiful Long Exposure Images

darren moore

The uniqueness of Darren Moore‘s photographs is not found in how he captures fleeting moments, but rather quite the opposite.  The Surrey photographers’ dreamlike and ethereal long exposures, as fantastic as they are, barely allow us to see the painstaking process involved in their creation. Besides the usual task of finding an idyllic location as well as subject or focal point, composing the image and getting the technical details right,  Moore who is both a painter as well as  photographer has to set up his camera to take in minimal light since he mostly shoots in the daytime.

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