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Photographer Uses Emulsion layer of the Polaroid to Create Unique Compositions


One camera whose concept was way ahead of its time is undoubtedly the Polaroid. It is an idea that to this day holds-up in relevance, despite many decades since its inception and even though we are well-entrenched in the digital era.  The simplicity and genius of the instant print will perhaps never become obsolete. There is after all no substitute for holding an actual image in your hands. Germany-based photographer and art director Tanja Deuss explores the many ways to skin this mother of all instant cameras, using a Polaroid SX-70 for the images in her series called, Abheben.

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Incredible Shots of Central Park Blanketed in Snow

central park

Snow in Central Park shot by Dina Litovsky shows images of the usually bustling park all covered in snow. Central Park which is typically full of outdoor activity, life and vivid colors, looks more like an arctic wasteland, devoid of the usual action we associate with this famous location.

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Minimalist Landscapes of the Setting and Rising Sun Shot Against Pristine Skies

montauk sunset

41.0558878, -71.9816261
Fort Pond Bay, Montauk, NY
Sunset 8:10pm

Eric Cahan‘s spectacular Sky Series may leave you breathless with its absolute purity. Cahan’s minimalist landscapes of the setting and rising sun shot against pristine skies leave you with a profound feeling for things infinite like the cosmos. Cahan is quite conversant with the subjects of light, space, and memory and how his art tries to mirror these elements, as well as his own personal life.

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Aerospace Engineer Captures Amazing Celestial Panoramas

dave marrow

Dave Morrow is a self-confessed travel photographer, workshop instructor and ‘word slinger’ with a “passion for travel, the truth, and all things strange.” The 28-year-old Morrow started getting into photography not too long ago in January 2012, and has since been hooked.

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Soap, Milk, Acrylic paint, Water and Guar Gum Make Up These Remarkable Liquid Sculptures

marcus reugels

Using no more than a Sony SLR camera, a flash and a timing device, German photographer Markus Reugels created his delightful liquid sculptures. Using guar gum as a thickening agent for water creating a more dense consistency, he was able to make a remarkable range of effects and patterns through elaborate timing and extremely precise amounts of droplets.

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Photographer Alters Perception, Makes Houses Appear to be Sliding Down Slope in Clever Photo Series

duluth typologies photo series

American photographer Cameron Wittig shows all and sundry that the art of photography is also, still one of the greatest illusion agents. Wittig does this through his series called Duluth Typologies. The Minneapolis-based photographer went to a little town in Minnesota, called Duluth to photograph typical Midwestern homes situated on steep hills.

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