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Brilliant Examples of Micro Wave Photography


Deb Morris was born in Melbourne during the 1960’s and moved to Sydney with her family in the 1970’s, spending much of her adolescence on Bondi Beach, exposed to its active surfing culture. Part of her formation as a photographer can be attributed to her father who was into the hobby, often using Deb as his subject. She was just 14 when she first acquired a camera of her own, and Deb would shoot the various activities of the local surfing scene. This turned out to be a lifelong passion, and she would eventually carve a niche in this area.

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Compellingly Stunning Photographs that Express Fascinating Stories

christine muraton

Photographer Christine Muraton has an amazing talent for capturing compellingly stunning photographs that express fascinating stories. Born in 1988 in France, Muraton is a true global citizen, living and working all over the world as a traveling lens woman. After consummating her studies in French literature, she has been a true globe trekker.

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Astonishing Underwater Pictures Show an Unexplored Cave of Networks of Russia’s Blue Lake

blue lake russia

Russia’s Blue Lake found close to the Caucasus Mountains, is one of the deepest kinds of lakes in the world. National Geographic photographer Viktor Lyagushkin along with his group of divers photographed this unique lake in the hopes of promoting more consciousness for an underwater cave network that has remained basically unexplored.

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Lightroom for iPad, the Future of Mobile Editing?

lightroom mobile

Adobe just extended Lightroom’s applications with the launch of an iPad app. Called Lightroom Mobile, it brings a lean set of image editing tools to Apple’s tablets. Lightroom mobile also automatically syncs image adjustments of your desktop computer and iPad. It is free, but to realize its full potential you will need a subscription to an Adobe Creative Cloud option. The app allows you to do the same Basic Panel fine-tuning of the Lightroom desktop version.

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A Pair of Seemingly Mesmerized Snails are Totally Taken by Falling Water Droplets

snail macro

A pair of seemingly mesmerized snails are totally taken by falling water droplets as they both balance on the periphery of flower petals. Not being able to take their gaze off the splashes caused by the droplets, the inquisitive snails watched rather attentively and did not budge for a total of five minutes.
This unbelievable duo of mollusks were luckily captured by photographer by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza.

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Noteworthy Collection of Aerial Photographs Show a Different Perspective on the Planet

Floating daisy docks in Chicago

Floating daisy docks in Chicago

Shot while flying at an altitude of 5,000 feet in a Cessna airplane, Alex MacLean‘s photographs show a rarely seen perspective of life on the planet. Captured high enough to provide an aerial view, but not distant enough to obscure details, Maclean’s images provide a unique, observable viewpoint of some fairly common places. The collection was seen at Maclean’s first-ever London show which exhibited at Beetles + Huxley last March. MacLean takes us along on these airborne trips as we view the various areas from a height where things and people are reduced to model-like or miniature objects.

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