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Breakdancer Does One Arm Handstands in Front of Famous Paris Landmarks


A hip-hop dancer who calls himself Kapstand takes some rather odd, but original photos of himself doing a one arm handstand.  What make his images unique are the famous landmarks he uses as background. This playful series is aptly named The OneHandStand Project. Kapstand’s technique, in hip-hop parlance is called ‘freezing’. To do this move properly, a dancer has to stop his body while moving and must stay very still.

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Stunning Visuals of Isolated Arctic Locations

landscape reuben wu

Images shot by Brit artist Reuben Wu who is based in London give us some gritty images of abject desolation as he shares some surreal landscapes. An avid solitary traveler and extremely passionate for his photography, Wu is also an accomplished musician, being a producer as well as DJ, keyboardist, songwriter and violinist. Wu is also a graduate of industrial design. A man of certainly many talents and skills, his latest series of photographs called Ultima Esperanza, shows some stunning visuals of isolated arctic locations.

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Stunning Photos of the Winter Sports Activities in Switzerland


Switzerland is legendary when it comes to snow sports. It offers varied and numerous ski resorts, from small village places to large ski stations. This is because the majority of Switzerland’s ski resorts are encircled by remarkable landscapes like enormous ice fields and tall mountains, making it an idyllic place for all sorts of sports that need lots of ice. Practically all winter resorts in Switzerland are jam-packed in summer by tourists and sports enthusiasts because of the myriad of possible activities as well as superb facilities. There is also a noticeable groundswell of interest these days in winter sports, having just concluded the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Photographer Olly Burn while on a trip to Leysin in Switzerland shot some stunning images which show why enthusiasts of winter sports are so taken by their outdoor activity.

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Landscapes and Cityscapes in a 360-Degree View That Stretch the Usual Norms of Perspective

photo series randy scott

Randy Scott Slavin‘s photography portrays landscapes as well as cityscapes in a 360 degree view, a perspective more akin to the human eye than a two dimensional photograph. Called Alternate Perspectives, it is a collection of photographs wherein particular locations or landmarks are shot several times and are stitched together, creating a 360 degree view.

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Serene Landscape Photos of the English Countryside

ross jenkinson

Both genteel and rustic, nothing can quite compare with the English countryside with its rolling hills, woodlands, dales and charming winding country roads. English folk have all the luck as they have this storied countryside to explore and relax in. Ross Jenkinson does justice to the English landscape, areas described to most Brits as “England’s green and pleasant land”.

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Surface Interactions of Nail Polish with Household Cleaners Look Like Star Systems

chris peun

From frozen flowers, glass bottoms with dried spirits, to close-ups of exploding soap bubbles, leave it to today’s photographers to exploit just about everything and every event just to get that unique image. Chris Peun joins this growing legion of shutterbugs, as he chooses another seemingly mundane subject to shoot. Nail polish.

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