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Stunning Landscape and Human Interest Photos from Around the World

asia Weerapong Chaipuck

Thailand-based photographer Weerapong Chaipuck captures stunning landscape and human interest photos from around the world while on his travels after leaving early from a profession in the field of medicine. Among those images are of Asia, an exotic, beautiful and enigmatic continent replete with breathtaking landscapes and awash with multihued cultures and traditions. These qualities are precisely what photographer Chaipuck is able to depict in his images. Viewing his work, it is difficult to believe that he got into photography as a second career, after opting for an retirement from the medical profession.

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Animated GIF Series Showcases the Striking Beauty of Flowers as They Fully Blossom

rose blooming gif

Tired of the harsh, winter months that seem to go on forever? Here’s a little touch of spring to compensate. These lovely time-lapse collection of flowers blooming were painstakingly created not by one, but several artists. They were started by artist Yutaka Kitamura for a series called Touched by Strangers, a performance project she did in collaboration with artist Alexander ReederTouched by Strangers is a GIF series that showcases the striking beauty of flowers as they fully blossom. The raw time-lapse video was originally recorded by Kitamura and Reeder, and was later assembled into an animated GIF series on Tumblr.

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Photographer Captures Colorful series Where Fluid Elements Mimic High Fashion

iain crawford

London-based photographer Iain Crawford perfected the way to capture the splash of paint on a model’s body, manipulating the liquid to mimic clothing shapes. This project is reminiscent of the series done not too long ago by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. Wieczorkiewicz combined beautiful nude models with perfectly placed gallons of milk and water, also making the illusion of apparel made out of liquid.

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Spectacular Images of Surfers Riding Waves


Stuart Gibson was always fascinated by cameras and filming, so turning into a shutterbug was inevitable. After borrowing a friend’s Canon EOS 5, he fell in love with still photography, amazed with the quality of pictures the new technology could shoot. He would also dabble in shooting 35mm slide film, which for him is still the litmus test for all bonafide photographers.

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Awesome Landscape Photography Depicting Nature from Serene Pastoral Images to Violent Volcanic Eruptions

miles morgan waterfall

Miles Morgan has been creating quite a stir lately with his daring escapades photographing lava from perilously close range. While most of us would go as far as possible from an erupting volcano, Morgan does the complete opposite.

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Photographer Uses Emulsion layer of the Polaroid to Create Unique Compositions


One camera whose concept was way ahead of its time is undoubtedly the Polaroid. It is an idea that to this day holds-up in relevance, despite many decades since its inception and even though we are well-entrenched in the digital era.  The simplicity and genius of the instant print will perhaps never become obsolete. There is after all no substitute for holding an actual image in your hands. Germany-based photographer and art director Tanja Deuss explores the many ways to skin this mother of all instant cameras, using a Polaroid SX-70 for the images in her series called, Abheben.

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