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Creative Fireworks Photo Series Captured Using Different Camera Techniques

davey johnson

Fireworks displays will always be a favorite event for photographers. The allure of shooting exploding colors of light is just too much resist. The thing is, with countless lensmen out there shooting the spectacle, how do you make your work stand out? Well, Ottawa, Canada based-photographer Davey Johnson knows one way how.

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Incredible Aerial Photography Shot from a Helicopter

tom blachford

What happens when you take to the sky with camera in tow over scenic Melbourne? Well ofcourse you would yield spectacular images! That’s quite a no brainer. Of course doing such a pictorial requires some amount of logistics that digresses from your regular photoshoot, most obvious of which is you would need some kind of aircraft to be up in the sky.

Melbourne-based photographer Tom Blachford spends a great deal of time travelling around the globe and he takes advantage of these trips by capturing scenes that are out of this world. Blachford has a keen sense for recognizing unusual shapes from the sky formed by ordinary objects.

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Majestic Photos of New Zealand’s Incomparable Scenery

new zealand landscape

When you think of New Zealand and its majestic topography, the word epic comes to mind. With its vast expanses of land still seemingly unmolested, the country provides some of the most imposing geographic landscapes on the planet. Any cinema location manager worth his salt knows that if you want immense, expansive images; look no further than New Zealand. The trilogy, Lord of the Rings cemented this fact, putting on film its incomparable scenery.

26-year-old photographer and art director Alexandre Felix recently travelled to the country’s fabled countryside. After honing his skills for around five years, he went to New Zealand in December of 2012 and came back with hundreds of beautiful landscape images.

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Spectacular Time-Lapse Takes Viewers Around Barcelona, Spain

It would certainly not be far-fetched to say that Rob Whitworth’s skill for time-lapse photography is a cut above the rest. Each time he releases new work, it sends the photography community into a buzz of delight, just like his latest offering. Named Barcelona Go!, it is an exceptionally creative time-lapse video. It is the usual that we have come to expect from the genius of Whitworth, where perspectives will range from visual first person, on-the-ground points of view, to soaring aerial vistas of the colorful and eclectic Barcelona.

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Photographer Uses Long Exposure Photography to Capture A Day’s Sunset and Sunrise in One Image

mt fuji one day photo series

Japanese photographer Ken Kitano is a conceptual photographer whose expertise is in long exposure images. He combines these shots, creating new amalgamated photograph. One Day is such a collection, where Kitano demonstrates his inventive concepts through various landscapes.

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Couple Poses for Photos as Tornado Forms in the Background

wedding tornado

There are many ways that love can also sometimes be laced with danger. Infidelity, jealousy, possessiveness and other altered states of love can manifest in so many relationships. Having stated that, we are sure photographer Colleen Niska’s version of love with an undercurrent of peril is totally from left field, literally. In a series of pictures, we see a bride and groom pose for the customary pre-nuptial pictures, but not so far off in the distant rural field is an honest-to-goodness twister!

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