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Stunning Portraits of Animals in Their Natural Habitat


Stefano Unterthiner’s work is about as intimate as you can get to wildlife and other exotic animals. Based on the proximity from which these were taken,  one would think Unterthiner gets this close by using  a remote-controlled camera mount often employed by those shooting dangerous species.  Unterthiner does not use any such gadgets, and he often gets to a distance of less than a meter to the animals. Typical of his wildlife shots are images where he often catches the animals off guard and by surprise. His photos can perhaps be described generally as lighthearted, a quality they posses even if the animal subjects happen to be predatorial. He is able to strip our preconceived notions about some species and present them in a manner with neutrality, devoid of any bias.

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Remarkable Black and White Images of the Big Apple Shot on Film


Can you imagine the Big Apple bereft of people? Well you won’t have to thanks to the remarkable images shot by Adam Garelick. Garelick has had a love affair shooting the famously busy NYC since 2002, and during that time has taken thousands of images of this place renowned for its 24/7 non-stop activity.

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These Adorable Photos of Guinea Pigs Will Make You Swoon


Mention the creature guinea pig and immediately images of experimentation and testing come to mind. As a matter of fact say ‘guinea pig’ and you will often get the impression that something new is being tried, often implying unknown if not perilous results. There are a few exceptions ofcourse, such as Booboo.

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Spectacular Satellite Images of Our Planet’s Landscape


The “overview effect” is a phenomenon explained by astronauts as “the feeling associated with viewing the earth in its entirety, as a pale blue dot from space.”  It is the overpowering and unique transformation in mind-set and viewpoint that astronauts experience when they view Earth in its totality, seeing things as whole rather than seemingly disconnected parts. This is what Daily Overview offers.

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This is What Happens When You Swallow 35mm Film


Don’t try this at home kids! Talk about work immersion, or in this case, digestion! If you think you’ve heard it all, swallow this. A couple of graphic design dudes performed the ultimate ‘sacrifice’ by way of swallowing 35mm film and studying the excretory results. When we say swallow we don’t mean that figuratively, but literally, as in your mouth.

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Fantastic Photo Series Blurs the Line Between Reality and the Popular GTAV Video Game


Hyper Timelapse GTA V is a mesmerizing project started by Canadian digital artist and photographer Benoit Paillé. It is part of a bigger project about the connection between virtual worlds and photography. The Montreal-based Paillé makes use of the virtual confines of the Grand Theft Auto V video game to challenge photography in his collection called Crossroad of Realities.

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