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Incredible Beauty of Japanese Cherry Blossoms Against an Urban Backdrop

japanese cherry blossom

Japan is famous for having a broad diversity of Cherry Blossoms, and perhaps well over 200 cultivars can be found there. The most widespread variety of Cherry Blossom here is the Somei Yoshino. This variety is typified by its flowers that are nearly pure white, infused with very pale pink near the stem.

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Dazzling Long Exposure Photos of Star Trails

star trails

Initially, these delightful swirls of color may strike you as computer generated graphics or maybe even some kind of digital camera glitch, but they are not. These incredible images resulted from tons of patience and meticulous night sky shooting by photographer Lincoln Harrison.

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Breathtaking Photos of Finnish Landscapes


Photographer Mikko Lagerstedt is a relative newcomer to photography, having taken it up a mere six years ago in 2008. He has since been bitten by the photography bug, finding a passion for shooting the breathtaking Finnish landscapes. Lagerstedt has taken dozens of images in his surreal style of the spectacular geography he calls home. This latest body of work is a reprise of his much viewed Edge, which was an eerily lovely collection of photographs.

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Dubai: Stunning Aerial Perspective of the Growing Metropolis

karim nafatni

Karim Nafatni is able to infuse even more power to the glowing lights of lively Dubai in his striking series of cityscapes. The Dubai-based photographer and airline pilot is certainly not one to shy away from heights. In this series in progress, Nafatni scales to the very summits of the loftiest skyscrapers he can find.

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Collection of Images of Different African Hairstyles


Hairstyles, a collection of images featuring close to 1000 different, (and we mean different!)  hairstyles showcases the African woman in all her many coiffured incarnations. Shot by the late J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere, the veteran photographer came across these various hair sculptures everywhere; on the streets of Lagos, at special occasions or even at work.

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Photographer Captures Some of Your Pet Peeves in Photo Series ‘Annoying’


Are you one of those who have the nasty habit of returning empty containers in the refrigerator or cupboard? Chances are, there will be food items that are either practically empty or maybe even expired if a cursory check of the refrigerator is done. Photographer Bruce Peterson took on this topic that is an often ignored, not talked about issue, but nonetheless annoys all of us. As a matter of fact, the Boston based Peterson calls the series Annoying. It certainly is a subject matter we are all familiar with and can certainly relate to.

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