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Self-Portrait Series Straddles the Line Between Fantasy and Reality

rachel baran photo series

Rachel Baran who no doubt is a talented photographer, likes to tag herself as having a small purse but big dreams. Obviously she does a lot of that dreaming while wide awake, behind her camera. The young 20-year-old from Ohio says that “One of my many very fancy hobbies is taking photographs of mainly myself but I promise I’m not a total narcissist.”

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Body Boarders, Surfers and Swimmers Dive Underwater to Seek Refuge from Powerful Waves in Underwater Series

the underwater project

Photographer Mark Tipple tries to capture with his camera the struggle between man and the overwhelming power of waves in the shores his native Australia. Called the Underwater Project, his book shows body boarders, surfers, and swimmers going below the surface to seek refuge from the powerful waves.

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Incredible Macro Photography of Tiny Spiders Staring Directly at You


Monstrosities are sometimes a matter of perception, and even more so of visual perspective. Photographer Jimmy Kong demonstrates this as he has captures an amazing series of macro photos showing spiders that are staring directly into the camera with their bulbous eyes. If you did not know that these were tiny little spiders, one could swear that these creatures were straight out of some sci-fi movie writer’s imagination.

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Photos of the Changing Landscape Promote Awareness

camille seaman

Camille Seaman has built a reputation for not only her immaculate photography shot in the Polar Regions including Antarctica, Greenland, and Svalbard, but for her gallant efforts to raise awareness as well. The marvelously evocative photographs raise a consciousness of particular regions of the earth that we either never see, or choose to ignore.

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Hauntingly Beautiful Portraits Combine Clever Photoshop Techniques and Ethereal Imagery

brooke shaden

While there certainly is no shortage of surrealist photographers these days, its widespread practice as both a theme and style makes it difficult to stand out. Just like any movement that becomes common, the challenge increases as it becomes more difficult to be noticed in sea of parroted artistic expressions. This however cannot be said of the mystical photography of Brooke Shaden.

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Photos of the Desolate and Abandoned Svalbard Landscape

mountains of svalbard

Empty buildings usually have a kind of strange character about them. Photographer Reuben Wu is all so aware of this, and he just can’t seem to get enough of abandoned places as a subject. Wu has travelled quite extensively to photograph such barren locations. The places he has been to include Nazi coastal forts built along Western Europe and Scandinavia, observatories in Chile’s Atacama Desert, in addition to the more recent arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

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