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Photographer Makes Statement in Minimal Photo Series ‘Less is More’

less is more

Artist Zoltan Bekefy is quite into landscape and fine art photography. He is extremely passionate about the monochromatic medium and minimalism, which prevalently shows in his work, Less is More. The aforementioned is the title of a stunning series of photographs by the Ireland-based Bekefy. Captured immaculately in black and white and using full dramatic contrasts, Bekefy’s images have an enigmatic quality to them.

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Brothers Recreate Old Photographs of Themselves in Photo Series ‘Imagine Finding Me’

imagine finding me

There are many themes of pictures these days that revolve around childhood memories. Childhood photos have become the subject of many spins, like some artists photoshopping images of themselves into old photographs. One of the latest additions to pay homage to childhood pictures is by the Luxton brothers, but mind you, there is nothing reflective about this series. It is a silly, side-splitting collection of images that recreates old photos of themselves, but in their present day age.

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Bizarre Photos of London Devoid of Any Pedestrians and Activity


Any fan of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol knows that Christmas day in London was filled with celebrations in the many homes, and it most certainly was not a deserted place on the streets. As Ebenezer Scrooge walked outdoors, a man fresh from the haunting of three ghosts but all the better for it, he came across many whom he surprised with his uncharacteristic good cheer, humor, and generosity. It was a festive Victorian Christmas replete with joyful people that has been indelibly etched in the minds of Dickens fans for generations.

Photographer Corrado Chiozzi shows us a rather different London at this time of the year in his project called Silent London.

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World Famous Skylines Inverted Revealing a Skyscraper Silhouette Made of Sky

buildings made of sky

Peter Wegner sees the urban landscape quite differently. Instead of seeing buildings, he sees the voids sandwiched between them. Wegner saw a unique opportunity to create a theme with this perception, and he has been shooting the spaces between buildings to create a new urban iconography; he calls this series Buildings Made of Sky. The collection is taken from sunrise till twilight by the artist in the world famous skylines of New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

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Surreal Portrait Series of Women in a Whimsical World

portrait megan christine photo series

Megan Christine, who also goes by the moniker Earthreader, is another talented artist to emerge from the burgeoning surrealist scene that is pervading the current crop of the digital era photographers. Christine is a young American photographer who has the uncommon talent to tell little tales through her images. She takes self-portraits as well as pictures of other women and men, posing these various subjects in different scenarios.

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Artist Combines Painting and Photography to Create Unique Imagery

coke bottle paint

Artist Kevin Todora makes use of two mediums to express is work. Paint and photography combine to create still images that challenge the usual norms. Featured in a show at the Dallas Contemporary recently, Todora exhibited pictures of fruit, bottles, and other objects covered with paint, as well as other photographic oddities. Todora’s photos transcend the photography medium, almost seeming like neo–sculptural pieces.

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