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Photographer Captures Extreme Weather Conditions in Stunning Detail


You are going to come up with nothing less than spectacular with your camera, if you happen to be a storm chaser. That is a given fact. Storm chasing, perilous as it is affords the chance to see some of the most terrifying and yet magnificent images of nature’s wrath unleashed, or about to unfold. Storm chasing is another term for a ringside seat when it comes to these horrific weather tantrums. Mike Hollingshead is one such storm chaser who is certainly no stranger to a front row seat in one of these terrific shows.

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Fanciful Portrait Series Depicts Youthful Women Caught in the Moment

portrait series audrey simper

Photographer Audrey Simper is another example of young blood that is making a name in the genre of surreal photography. The young Simper, a mere 21 years old, created some femininely surreal portraits, a showcase on women caught in magical, if not sometimes suggestive poses that reflect their soft, gentle nature. The fanciful images depict youthful women that are all somehow caught in the moment of something mystical.

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Priceless Photo Series of Siblings Interacting with Farm Animals

elena shumilova

Russian photographer Elena Shumilova acquired her first camera not too long ago in 2012, but unlike most of us, exhibited an uncommon talent as most anyone can see in her Flickr and 500px profiles. Her amazing photographs are breathtaking, both technically and in substance. She is unquestionably talented behind the camera, but her two boys deserve just as much credit, providing themselves as exceptional subjects.

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Glowing Maldives Shoreline Captivates Photographer

maldives shoreline

If not for the accessibility of information on the internet, such phenomenon like the one captured by  Taiwanese photographer Will Ho will cause you to think of silly things such as the weird, bizarre and even supernatural. Thankfully, we know they are just planktons. Apparently these kinds of planktons under stress create a visual marvel that does not look stressful at all. In fact their blue glow creates magical astral-like patterns on the sea shore.

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If Birds Carried Cameras: Photographer Simulates Bird’s Perspective with Composite Images

howard lau

The phrase “bird’s eye view” was surely coined with good reason. Man has always been fascinated with how things look while loftily up in the air, just like our feathered friends. A bird’s ability to fly has also always been symbolic of freedom, “to fly or soar like a bird,” goes the old saying. Photographer Howard Lau explores this theme in his series called Proud Wanderer.

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Amazing Series of Composite Photographs Inspired by Influential Painter Edward Hopper

richard tuschman photo series composite inspired by edward hopper

Richard Tuschman produced these amazing images that form a series of composite photographs that draw inspiration from the work of the influential American painter Edward Hopper. Hopper was an important American realist painter and printmaker. Although he was well-known primarily for his oil paintings, he was also noted as a watercolorist as well as printmaker in etching. Hopper’s urban and rural scenes, described as ‘spare and finely calculated renderings’ were mirrors of his personal reflections of modern American life.

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