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Delightful Series Entitled ‘Cinemagraphs’ is Part Picture, Part Film

glasses times square

The words mesmerizing and enchanting come to mind when viewing this unusual but delightful series of part picture, part film. Called Cinemagraphs, these animated gifs truly push the envelope in digital creativity. Artists Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have made perhaps some of the most stunning Cinemagraphs, as one can see, elevating and refining it into an art form.

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Stunning Underwater Photography of Sea Creatures

octopus underwater

From a huge 40 foot whale-shark to a two inch seahorse this vibrant series of Earth’s sea life captures the enigmatic beauty of the deep.  Photographer Mark Laita‘s collection of over 100 images of iridescent jellyfish sting rays, and deadly puffer fish is all encapsulated in a book simply called Sea.

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Mosaic of Films Creates Detailed Patchwork Image

seung hoon park

Trust someone to always push the boundaries of something you think you already know. That’s what Korean photographer Seung Hoon Park does, producing these photographic images woven together from film strips. This was a result of the inspiration he drew from urban life he witnessed when traversing the streets of Seoul, Korea, as well as other urban centers.

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Beautiful Images of the Divergent Colors of Lava in Hawaii

volcano hawaii lava tom kualii

Photographer Tom Kualii shoots beautiful images of the divergent colors of lava. Kualii is an imaginative photographer who was born and grew up in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kualii spent most of his younger years making drawings using various methods and materials as his medium of expression.

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Breathtaking Panoramas Capture the True Essence of Landscape Photography

alex noriega

Landscape Photography is one of the most difficult and challenging subjects to be tackled by a lensman. To behold beautiful images of distant locations, breathtaking panoramas, coasts, valleys and mountain ranges is the true essence of landscape photography. Capturing these gorgeous vistas requires talent, patience, skill and the luxury of time. It also entails travelling to far-away continents, being away from home and family in the quest to find nature at its best.

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Long Exposure Photography Illuminated by Fruit Batteries in Photo Series ‘Back to Light’

fruit batteries

Artist Caleb Charland investigates the natural electrifying ability of fruits in a series called Back to Light.  The images showcase some rather ordinary items one would find in just about any kitchen, but remarkably possess enough power to light lamps. Initially, Charland was able to light a lamp using 300 apples. Back to Light now includes other familiar fruits and substances that you would hardly associate with anything remotely electric, like lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges, pomelos, as well as vinegar.

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