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Astonishing Liquid Sculpture Photographs Captured Using High-Speed Photography

red droplet

Photographer Martin Waugh is fixated with water. Schooled in physics, the Portland Oregon Waugh was mesmerized by high-speed photography capturing brief, split second events such as the balloon popping, smashing light bulb, and water splashing images of Harold Edgerton which he saw around 10 years ago. This spurred him on to create his own version of split second moments just like Edgerton did. By doing so, he made a significant discovery.

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Behind the Scenes Timelapse of an Artist Painting

The talented Russian painter Lora Zombie is a youthful, self-taught artist who has gained a huge and growing following of fans and admirers online over the past few years. Zombie is now beginning to break into the gallery spotlight and her talent is starting to reach far beyond her native Russia. Her one-of-a-kind fusion of street art and grunge influence has made quite a statement as her trademark. Influenced and motivated by music, Zombie’s multiple talents are evident in the varied and diverse work she has amassed in her impressive portfolio.

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Photo Series ‘Painted Stripes’ Simulate Test Strip Effect

coffee table setting test strip

Initially, these shots by London-based photographer Benedict Morgan look just like any other professionally shot images. You might notice though, some kind of lines where tones somewhat darken or lighten, whether you look up or down the image. The first impression it gives is this must be some kind of test strip for exposure, akin to the darkroom days of photography. Inexplicably, it is, but also isn’t. This series is called Painted Stripes for a reason. The inspiration did come from the processes that used to happen in the dark room.

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Apple Announces Two New iPhones: The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

iphone 5s

Finally, and after some nail biting anticipation and speculation, Apple revealed the new additions to Apple’s lineup, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5s is a major leap from of the iPhone 5, which although quite similar aesthetically, offers much more serious horsepower, as well as some pretty impressive bells and whistles. In fact in its latest incarnation, the iPhone 5s is quite groundbreaking with its list of features.

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Powerful Portraits of a Climber Holding On by His Fingertips

climber hanging on by fingertips

For the uninitiated, rock climbing is a grueling, challenging activity where individuals climb up, down or across natural rock formations, or in urban areas, mock rock walls. The point most of the time is to get to the top of a formation or the endpoint of a route without falling. To complete a climb successfully, one is required to go back to the starting point or the base unharmed.

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Strangely Conceived Images of Puzzling Illusions and Surreal Scenes

fish covering eyes

Oleksandr Hnatenko shares his creative ideas as he brings to life a photo series of surreal scenes. The collection called S. Real is presented in black in white with a strong contrast that mirrors its unusual themes. In every picture, the Austria-based photographer shares with his viewers his bizarre world filled with puzzling illusions.

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