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Bokeh Wonderland: Striking Out of Focus Display of Tokyo Cityscape


Delightful Bokeh photographs made from images shot of Tokyo at night create a dazzling display of colors and shapes of Japans’ premier city. Photographer Takashi Kitajima, also a computer software engineer blurs buildings and other infrastructure in the tradition of Bokeh art into beautifully abstract landscape.

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A Fresh Approach to Food Photography


The book The Photography of Modernist Cuisine has made quite an impact since its release.  It was quickly heralded as highly influential in the realm of modern cooking and received phenomenal commercial success. Even at a heavy six volumes, and an even heftier $499 retail price tag, the series is still compelling to purchase.

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Tiny Tiny Camera Series Draws Attention to Endless Patterns, Colors and Designs

tiny tiny camera cork

Maria Cristina Travaglio seeks to elevate the obscure, insignificant and, well, the small, through her project entitled the Tiny Tiny Camera Project. It is a series of photographs where literally, a tiny, omnipresent camera is in all of the pictures in the series. It is this miniscule little camera that serves as the subject, set against a backdrop of what Travaglio refers to as many “Endless patterns, colors, and designs made by man or nature, countless materials and textures that we pass by every day.”

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The Streets of New York from a Cyclist’s Perspective

Tim Sklyarov bicycle

Put on your trainers, grab a helmet and brace yourselves to see the big apple in two-wheeled style.  The series New York through the eyes of a Road Bicycle shot by cycling enthusiast Tim Sklyarov is a collection of photographs of the city of New York as it would be viewed through the eyes of a roving cyclist. It is an intimately photographed series, with ground photos connecting you with the city through some unexpectedly stunning scenes shot by the designer/photographer.

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Collection of Pictures Combined into Animated Visuals

man book GIF

Pardon the comment, but for just a moment, can we please have a brief respite from all the’ surreal’, ‘ethereal’, ‘other worldly’ and ‘dream-like’ pictures out there. While we are all curious and perplexed by the subconscious, there are times when we would also rather just dwell on the mundane, ordinary stuff. In fact there are days when just being silly for its own sake suffices. This perhaps what appeals so much about photographer Romain Laurent’s series.

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Crane Operator’s Stunning Aerial Photography Shot from the New Shanghai Tower, the Second Tallest Building in the World

wei gensheng

Perhaps the one thing that prevents many of us from experiencing spectacular views of the world is a fear of heights. Acrophobia arguably afflicts most of us in varying degrees. This may be also why there is such a fascination with extremely lofty perspectives. Wei Gensheng apparently is not one of those who fears heights. In fact, he is a crane operator on the Shanghai Tower, a structure that is being touted as the second tallest building in the world once finished, second only to the now famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which proclaimed itself as the “Tallest Building in the World” during its opening four year ago on January 4, 2010.

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