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Long Exposure Images of Star Trails and the Singapore Cityscape

justin ng

The notion of aiming a camera at the evening sky and leaving the shutter open for a long duration certainly is not a new one. Each time somebody does this however, the results can be quite unpredictable, but almost always spectacular. Photographer Justin Ng did just that and was able to come up with some stunning star trails.

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Breathtaking Aerial Perspectives of African Landscape and Wildlife

eyes over africa

In the book, Eyes over Africa, Photographer Michael Poliza shares with us the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Nearly 8 years ago in 2006, he decided to turn long-standing wish into a reality.  Poliza who is a much-admired and respected photographer, along with his buddy Stefan Breuer hopped on a helicopter to travel across Africa. On that trip they flew the chopper close to ground most of the time to provide some breathtaking perspectives.

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Series of Photos Showing Us How 200 Calories Look in Different Varieties of Food

M&M Candy 40 grams = 200 Calories

M&M Candy
40 grams = 200 Calories

People concerned with their weight must watch their caloric intake. If you want to gain weight, you must consume a caloric surplus, and if you want to lose weight, you must consume a caloric deficit. Simple, right? Well not exactly. Most people don’t go around weighing their food, are not familiar with details like the glycemic index, and are not well-informed on caloric expenditure.

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Evocative Black and White Long Exposure Images

vassilis tangoulis

Fine art photographer Vassilis Tangoulis could put forth the argument that contrast is more significant than color for making a statement with dramatic landscape photographs. That may sound like a bit of a stretch, but once you see his work with long exposure photographs, you will soon find out that the premise is quite a valid one. Tangoulis shoots a depth of imagery whose dramatic effect would be difficult to replicate with color.

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Elegant Images of Women Merged with Exquisite Blooms

lara kiosses

Double exposure images can have a powerful effect when used with the right elements. The photography of Paris-based Lara Kiosses definitely has a magical undercurrent and sensitivity. The series is called The Romantic Collection, and they look as if Kiosses were capturing fanciful and mythical forest nymphs.  Kiosses’ images merge flowers and women flawlessly, creating a seamless, surreal image that is both soft and delicate.

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Beautiful Portraits of Exotic Animals Showcase Their Elegance and Grace

lukas holas

Photographer Lukas Holas absolutely adores animals. The Czech Republic-based Holas loves animals so much so that he decided to do away with the usual color, and instead created some elegant black and white portraits of his much loved creatures to showcase their genuine grace and majesty.

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