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Clever iPhone Add-On Contains a Larger Sensor and a 50mm f/1.8 Lens


We place great demands on our smartphones, and the iPhone’s is perhaps one of the most stressed and stretched among the smartphone gadgets. Perhaps the most used and abused multi-tasking feature of our ubiquitous smartphone is arguably the camera. When it comes to the iPhone, its camera has seen many improvements over the years, and is often times the most anticipated feature upgrade to new models of its various incarnations. Having said that, well, here we go again.

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Photo Series Shows What It Would Be Like If Mermaids Lived Among Us

mermaid in snow

With Christmas just over, it isn’t far-fetched to assume that images of Santa Claus are still fresh in most people’s minds. Perhaps a character just as enigmatic as Santa would be the mermaid. Stories of this sea bound beauty have captivated us for centuries, and children are especially taken by tales of this ocean creature that is half-fish, half woman. Czech photographer Hana Vojackova is obviously one such individual, with the difference of having a camera to bring images of imagined mermaids to life. She calls the series Milk & Sea.

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Winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2013 are Impressive as Ever

polar bear melting ice nat geo

Grand Prize and Nature Winner
Paul Souders, Seattle, Washington
The Ice Bear

National Geographic has just consummated its annual photo contest and selected its roster of fine winners. The choice for  its prestigious annual 2013 Photo Contest is a stunning image of a polar bear as it attempts to look through melting ice.

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New Year’s Eve Celebration Captured in Breathtaking Timelapse

A New Years Eve celebration perhaps culturally is more widely observed during the holiday season, the occasion being more of a calendar event and nothing else. For others, New Years Eve brings a fitting punctuation to ending the holiday season, capping off weeks of parties and get-togethers. It is after all, the beginning of all beginnings, another new year.  Very few places in the world perhaps, can lay claim to being a New Years Eve attraction as Times Square in New York.

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Yellowstone’s Thermal Pools in All Its Vibrancy


Mention Yellowstone National Park and many other wildlife things come to mind except the abstract. Dave Reichert however saw exactly that when he turned his attention toward the thermal pits that are so common to the area. Yellowstone’s park’s geothermal pools just took him totally by surprise.

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Chasing Superstorms: Staggering Images of Nature’s Fury


Mitch Dobrowner you might say is some kind of storm chaser. Being at it since 2009, he does not follow storms to study them but rather to catch their fury on camera. Partnered with Roger Hill who is a genuine professional storm chaser, Dobrowner journeys throughout Midwestern and Western USA just to take pictures of storms unleashing their immense power.

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