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Heartwarming Portraits of Homeless Animals

rescue me friends

There are plenty of ways one can lend a hand for a cause. The essential ingredient needed is the willingness help. New York photographer Brian Moss is proof of that as he volunteered his services towards helping homeless animals. Moss did this by donating his precious time and talents to New Jersey’s Bergen County Protect and Rescue to shoot some heart-melting portraits of homeless animals.

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Spectacular Photos of Geysers in Northern Chile

aerial geyser

Found amongst the Andes Mountains of northern Chile, El Tatio is the biggest geyser field in the southern hemisphere in addition to being the third largest in the whole world. El Tatio has over 80 active geysers and literally thousands of visitors come to see the fantastic mineral formations and to bathe in hot geyser water every year.

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Magical Photos of People Playing with the Moon in a Myriad of Ways

moon photos

French photographer Laurent Laveder has an enchanting series where he interacts with the moon. Entitled Moon Games, the collection features creative images with the moon artfully incorporated as various objects other than its actual lunar self. He has the moon hanging low over a hill, mimicking a glowing sphere, simulating a balloon, and even pretending to be a framed art piece.

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Remarkable Photos of Wildlife Against Beautiful Natural Backgrounds

deer silhouette

Mark Bridger is an avid amateur photographer, who pursued wildlife photography as a hobby just 5 years ago, thanks to his wife who bought him his first camera. Bridger is essentially into nature and the wild life, which can be range from anything from bugs to beasts.  Besides that, Bridger also likes to turn his camera on his little 4 year old boy.

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Remarkable Images of Lightning Bolts Piercing the Atmosphere

lightning landscape

Lightning is a humbling display of the raw, unharnessed power of Nature. Most of us are aware of its immensity and strength, as well as the brief but brilliant light it gives off when it strikes. However, even in that moment, which takes place in mere seconds, there is a hidden beauty in its wrath. That is exactly what is captured by photographer Craig Eccles.

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Brilliant Examples of Micro Wave Photography


Deb Morris was born in Melbourne during the 1960’s and moved to Sydney with her family in the 1970’s, spending much of her adolescence on Bondi Beach, exposed to its active surfing culture. Part of her formation as a photographer can be attributed to her father who was into the hobby, often using Deb as his subject. She was just 14 when she first acquired a camera of her own, and Deb would shoot the various activities of the local surfing scene. This turned out to be a lifelong passion, and she would eventually carve a niche in this area.

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