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Interview with Amsterdam Based Photographer Jinna van Ringen

Jinna van Ringen Interview

How did you get into photography? Were you always passionate about photography?

I’ve always been interested in art and photography, but I started to get into photography myself  after I graduated from high school. I purchased my first dslr and started to experiment with different settings and I spent days on looking for inspiration. I soon found my passion for landscape and travel photography.

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Steve McCurry’s Photographic Life Told in His New Book

steve mccurry praying

Steve McCurry Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs covers 30 years of McCurry’s extraordinary career and includes interesting mementos from his journeys which include photos of him at work, diary entries, and the many passports he’s gone through over the years. McCurry lived through the harrowing Slovenia plane crash and even armed bandits and bombings while in Afghanistan. The remarkable thing about McCurry’s work is that his images evoke wonder, rather than distress or tragedy.

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Acer Announces Release of 6-Inch Liquid S2 Smartphone with 4K-Recording Camera

acer liquid s2

The cellphone wars are really escalating (thankfully for us) especially when it comes to the bells and whistles of built-in cameras. Every new phone that is rolled out into the market comes with some new fangled feature meant to push it at the forefront of the development envelope. Even Acer has stepped up its game. Despite being among the world’s chief manufacturers in a different electronic niche (laptops), Acer has just dangled some very enticing bait to draw attention to its smartphone. While its latest model is certainly no game changer, it has one feature which can steal the thunder from Samsung, Apple and the other big boys. Behold: Acers’s 4K camera.

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Billows of Colored Smoke Pervade the Air in Photo Series, ‘Pop!’

orange smoke above bridge

Texas-based photographer Irby Pace stakes his vision of the predictable and typical. He does this in open fields, long and bending roads, bodies of still waters, shrub overgrown alleyways, and an assortment of landscapes devoid of activity. Pace’s jolt to these benign imagery is a ubiquitous colored cloud, reminiscent of a magician’s smoke cover as he conceals a trick or sleight of hand. Pace’s tools of choice: helium balloons, a string, and smoke canisters used in paintball machines to create the mystifying clouds of colored smoke in everyone of his images. The collection is simply called, Pop!

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Photo Series: Art of Farmland, A Journey into Abstract Realism

dark skies dry fields

When you hear the word, “farmlands”, I’m quite certain you won’t picture these images in your head. In these beautiful, if not ethereal landscape images, photographer Lisa Wood flawlessly blends a mix of minimal landscapes, abstract elements and brilliant color combinations. The collection, called Art of Farmland, depicts the stunning countryside of the artist’s place of birth in Sun Valley, Idaho. A very close examination by viewers of the visually dramatic images, however, reveals more than just exquisitely photographed vistas.

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Surreal Half-Human, Half-Animal Portraits in Photo Series ‘Therianthropes’

half deer

We have always been obsessed with finding ways to humanize animals. Evidence of this is replete in folklore, mythology, superstitious beliefs, and other stories that have been passed on for centuries. This particular photo series brings such ideas to life. Therianthropes is a project by Ulric Collette which is made up of images that are part human and part animal.

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