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Creative Photo Series of Lego Figurines in Everyday Scenes

benoit lapray

Photographer Benoit Lapray combines two unlikely and unrelated interests into one project. He has a twin passion for Star Wars and Lego blocks. So how do you merge the two? Easy. Create several Star Wars Lego scenarios. Lapray does this unlikely pairing by conjuring up everyday situations made possible with clever photography and some amount of help from digital retouching and manipulation.

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Photographers Chronicle the Closure of Many Iconic Storefronts in New York City

nyc storefront

At the turn of this century, photographers James and Karla Murray started a project to document New York City’s iconic storefronts. Old haunts that defined a city but are quickly vanishing— shops and bars, mom-and-pop restaurants, clothing stores, pizzerias, diners, night clubs… all little shops that collectively helped characterize the Big Apple. A particular store that caught their attention was a place owned by Jerry Kurowycky. Jerry is a third-generation owner of E. Kurowycky & Sons Meat Market situated on First Avenue in the East Village. It is a Ukrainian butcher shop that once served the neighborhood’s active Ukrainian residents. James and Karla struck up a conversation with him, which they wrote about in their book, Store Front – The Disappearing Face of New York.

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Amazing Collection of Mushroom Images Look Almost Alien-Like

mushroom close-up

Photographer Steve Axford makes it his business to find and document some of the world’s rarest organisms such as mushrooms. Very many mushrooms! The Australia-based Axford does it so well that he has an online following for his captivating images.  A lot of the photos he has been amassing were shot in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales in Australia as well as in other isolated and exotic places around the globe.

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Photographer Documents the West Pier in Brighton and Captures Its Deterioration Over the Years

brighton pier

Photographer Finn Hopson has been documenting the West Pier since 2012 as it gradually deteriorates. The Brighton based Hopson says the images are a work in progress and he will only stop when the pier finally disappears into the ocean. The last portion of UK’s only Grade I listed pier can be seen as photographed by Hopson during the lowest tides of the year from 2012 until the present day.

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Heartwarming Photos of a Daughter and Her Adorable Pet Cats

andy prokh

Russian Photographer Andy Prokh has been keeping a photographic record of his daughter Katherine for some time. She is now 6 and a half years old and her father continues to take images of her and her two endearing cat playmates.

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Earliest Visual Documentation of the United States Show a Colorful History

Mulberry Street in New York

Mulberry Street in New York, photochrom.

What you will see are amazing postcards which are the first color photographs taken of the New World, the earliest visual documentation of the majesty and charm of Americana – from the bustling city scenes to the forever epic Grand Canyon. The images date back to the late 18 hundreds to early 19 hundreds, all turn of the century scenes.

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