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Surface Interactions of Nail Polish with Household Cleaners Look Like Star Systems

chris peun

From frozen flowers, glass bottoms with dried spirits, to close-ups of exploding soap bubbles, leave it to today’s photographers to exploit just about everything and every event just to get that unique image. Chris Peun joins this growing legion of shutterbugs, as he chooses another seemingly mundane subject to shoot. Nail polish.

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Timeless Portrait Photography Tips by Wayne Radford

Portrait Photography Tips

portait photography tips ebook

TIMELESS PORTRAITS is a supplement to NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAITURE and contains more images of recommended setups and diagrams that will help you create natural light portraits. Aside from that, you’ll also be getting lots of valuable information on how Wayne Radford plans his portrait sessions. He doesn’t just show up at a shoot unprepared, but goes the extra mile such as planning the color schemes of everything from clothes to the interior of the subject’s home. Radford’s ebook includes information for both color and black and white portrait photography.

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Sublime Minimalist Landscapes Bring Out the Tranquility and Serenity of the Sea


Adriana Echavarria-Eisenhower’s sublime seascapes carry an element of elegance and refinement, dramatic in their serenity as well as tranquility. Her background as a dancer comes as no surprise, as the images evoke the same fluidity you would expect from a disciplined performer. Focusing her talents behind the camera as a portrait and landscape photographer, her style is very clear and defined as it tries to bring out the tranquility and serenity of the sea in every picture.

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Remarkable Time-Lapse Video of a Man’s 4500-Kilometer Journey on Foot from China to Germany

If you want to hear about one of the most epic of foot treks, then you have to read about this guy. Christoph Rehage began to walk on November 9, 2007 and did not stop until nearly a year later in October 2008. He walked over 4500 kilometers or almost 3000 miles, transforming during the journey from a clean shaven appearance into caveman-like creature. Rehage embarked on the trip while he was studying in Beijing and was about to turn 26, when he was spurred by his strong sense for adventure and a passion for photography. Rehage, a German national, started his yearlong goal to walk from Beijing, all the way back home to Berlin.

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Incredible Photos of the Traditional Art of Honey Hunting

honey hunting

Travel and documentary photographer Andrew Newey recently went on a journey of central Nepal, and he spent 14 days living amongst the Gurung tribes’ people in order to witness and photograph the traditional art of honey hunting. Newey is an award-winning UK-based photographer, and he was able to document riveting images of the central Nepalese Gurung tribe members while they were in the process of doing the perilous and ancient honey hunting activity.

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Baby Poses as TV Characters in Photo Series ‘Olivia’s Favorite TV Shows’


If it’s too cold to do anything outdoors, you can stay inside the house and get bored, or you could do something more productive and maybe in the process even entertain yourself. That’s exactly what photographer Karen Abad did as she created a series entitled Olivia’s Favourite TV Shows. In the collection, a baby named Olivia is dressed and posed as TV characters from shows like Girls, Breaking Bad and even Game of Thrones. In the gallery she can be seen dressed-up as Walter White, Khaleesi, and Hannah Horvath.

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