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Noteworthy Collection of Aerial Photographs Show a Different Perspective on the Planet

Floating daisy docks in Chicago

Floating daisy docks in Chicago

Shot while flying at an altitude of 5,000 feet in a Cessna airplane, Alex MacLean‘s photographs show a rarely seen perspective of life on the planet. Captured high enough to provide an aerial view, but not distant enough to obscure details, Maclean’s images provide a unique, observable viewpoint of some fairly common places. The collection was seen at Maclean’s first-ever London show which exhibited at Beetles + Huxley last March. MacLean takes us along on these airborne trips as we view the various areas from a height where things and people are reduced to model-like or miniature objects.

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Photographer Captures Absolutely Stunning Macro Photography of Insects in His Own Backyard

nordin seruyan

Macro photography gives us a passport into worlds that would otherwise be impossible for us to observe. This insect photography series by Nordin Seruyan is one such example, showcasing tiny creatures familiar to us, but looking quite different in all their minute detail. Shot in the gardens of Southeast Asia, Seruyan took the macro shots in his own home backyard which is located in Central Borneo, Indonesia.

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Exceptionally Unique Images of the Breaking Surf

Kenji Croman  waves

Kenji Croman is a brilliant and brazen photographer who shoots one of those frequent but fleeting forces of nature. Ocean waves.  Waves are perpetually there, but their powerful currents last exceedingly briefly.  Make no mistake, this is no easy task. Croman while in the pursuit of the perfect wave shot, has broken quite a few bones, dislocated his elbow and shoulder, faced-off with sharks, suffered a few concussions and even almost drowned on a few harrowing occasions.

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Playful Photo Series of a Toy Plane Set Against Dramatic Backgrounds

varun thota

Macau-based web designer and developer Varun Thota is no stranger to airplanes. Being the son of a helicopter and flight enthusiast, his growing years were filled with hours in front flight simulators and other aircraft related stuff. As a grown-up, he still carries around a small Kinder Egg airplane which he photographs against dramatic backgrounds that would fool you that you were looking at a real plane flying at very high altitudes.

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Astounding Images of Volcanoes Spewing Fiery Blue Lava

 Olivier Grunewald

For many years now Paris-based photographer Olivier Grunewald has been photographing the Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia, where astounding, electric-blue fire can often be seen spewing out of it.  Temperamental volcanoes are magnificent to experience firsthand, and very few people actually get the opportunity.

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Amazing High Speed Photography of Bullets Slicing Through Droplets of Water


The phrase goes, “faster than a speeding bullet!” and the reference is for good reason. Bullets travel lethally fast and are practically invisible to the human eye. That is precisely why these series of photographs are so startling. Dutch photographer Alexander Augusteijn has created a collection of dramatic photographs that show us what a slug piercing a drop of water looks like.

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