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Long Exposure Photography Illuminated by Fruit Batteries in Photo Series ‘Back to Light’

fruit batteries

Artist Caleb Charland investigates the natural electrifying ability of fruits in a series called Back to Light.  The images showcase some rather ordinary items one would find in just about any kitchen, but remarkably possess enough power to light lamps. Initially, Charland was able to light a lamp using 300 apples. Back to Light now includes other familiar fruits and substances that you would hardly associate with anything remotely electric, like lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges, pomelos, as well as vinegar.

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Today’s Cityscapes Cast in Darkness Set Against Pristine Night Sky

San Francisco

San Francisco

For the past four years, artist Thierry Cohen has been working on a series called Villes Eteintes or Darkened Cities. The collection by the Paris-based Cohen depicts some key  cities of the world as they would look at night, perhaps a couple of centuries ago before man invented smog emitting machines.  Cohen does this by showing the various cities at night, devoid of artificial light.

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Photographer and Canyoneer Explores the Grand Canyon National Park, Captures Breathtaking Views

grand canyon national park

Dan Ransom is a multi-talented artist in both film and photography, and is passionate canyoneer who works out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Ransom is essentially a landscape photographer who often features mountains, canyons, and deserts in his many works. He exhibits an obvious passion for the great outdoors and is particularly hooked on hiking.

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Photos of Underwater Artificial Coral Reefs Fuse Conservationist Work and Underwater Photography

photo underwater sculpture

Jason deCaires Taylor is a British sculptor dedicated to the creation of modern underwater sculptures which eventually transform into artificial coral reefs. Taylor blends his talents and advocacies, fusing conservationist work, underwater photography and scuba diving all together to create unique submerged sculptures that invite the habitation and growth of corals and marine life. The sculptures attract organic growth and natural transformation, demonstrating how time and environment impact and shape underwater elements.

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Photo Series of Melancholic Landscapes Inspired by Fairy Tales

Kilian Schonberger nature

Who would ever think that an eye impairment would actually work for one’s ability to create the visually stunning. “I am colourblind and I can‘t distinguish green and red, “claims Kilian Schoenberger, undoubtedly one of the finest contemporary landscape photographers, as evidenced by his fabulous work.

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Brooding Self-Portrait Images Set Against Spectacular Scenes from Nature

paul zizka

Photographer Paul Zizka creates some breathtaking images of himself in the wilderness with his shots of spectacular scenes that totally reinvent and raise the bar for a self-portrait. Brooding and dramatic showcasing events like an aurora borealis, frozen ice falls, the distant Milky Way and some beautiful mountain ranges in the background, Zizka proves he is exemplary at what he does.

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