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Magnificent Display of Panoramic Images of London

big ben

Julian Calverley of late spent 3 long days not too long ago taking panoramic back plates of London. Every finished image is a composite, made up of three 80 mpxl image files. It comes as no surprise that the resulting images of his efforts reveal a truly spectacular level of intricacy and detail.

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Photographer Captures Swimming Pools Empty of Human Presence

franck bohbot swimming pool

Public swimming pools are certainly one of the last places where you would hope to find some respite or solitude. Public swimming pools are often characteristically normal with rowdy kids, shrieking teenagers, as well as merry making adults. It can be a place for many things, but hardly ever appropriate for some peace and quiet.

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Photographers Decked Out in Hunting Gear Blend into Background in Clever Marketing Campaign

human predators photographers hunting

Hunting or warfare usually requires garments that tries to hide you as much as possible. This kind of garments is normally referred to as camouflage, which is the use of any combination of materials, colors or lighting for concealment. Both humans and animals use camouflage during specific tasks.

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Colorful Photos of Incredible Edibles Made of Fruits and Vegetables

dan cretu

For Dan Cretu, food is more than just something edible; they are his tools for creating practically anything he fancies. For instance, an orange can be a bicycle, tablets can be a disco mirror ball, donuts can take the form of an extinct cassette tape cartridge, seeds can be a soccer ball, and the list goes on and on. What Cretu does is take everyday food items such as watermelons, oranges, tomatoes and licorice and create the unexpected.

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Enchanting Photos of Bubbles Frozen on the Ground

frozen angela kelly

Ever thought you could get anything amazing from the lowly soap bubble? Of course you can! This striking series is a product of the imagination of a certain Angela Kelly. Believe it or not, these lovely spheres were made with ordinary dish soap. They froze on the ground, but the results as you can see are stunning.

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These Aerial Photos Were Captured Using a Kite and a Fishing Pole


Photographer Gerco de Ruijter has quite an unusual way of taking pictures. The Dutchman captures these lovely photographs from the air using a film camera outfitted with a wide angle lens attached to either a kite or a fishing pole. He uses a remote trigger to activate the shutter.

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