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Stunning Visuals of Japan’s Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom


Photo Credit: Masato Mukoyama

The prospect of spring is a rather thrilling reality for the many who endured a particularly bitter winter, and that is perhaps no more manifest than this year. Once again we will be treated to the seasons many wonders, blooming flowers, glorious weather, and clear skies just to mention a few treats that are forthcoming.

For those in the orient who enjoy four seasons, spring also heralds the arrival of a particularly splendid event.  For many it is that much coveted time of the beautiful cherry blossom.

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Photographer Creates a World of Man and Beast Where Both Species Interact Peacefully

katerina plotnikova

You would not be blamed if you did a double take with these images. Yes they are what they appear to be, and no visual tricks are involved here.  These amazing images do not involve Photoshop, or any other digital manipulation.  These are real-life encounters between dangerous animals and real vulnerable people. It is the work of Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova who collaborated with two professional animal trainers.

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Photo Series of Imaginative Worlds of Children Captured Underwater

alix martinez

Children submerged in water is never a comforting thought, unless you are Photographer Alix Martinez who has been shooting portraits of kids for years with her own twist added to the subject. Although Martinez shoots conventional images of kids, she makes her trademark with shots of children while they are underwater. With the help of some cooperative children, Martinez is able to make fun, inventive scenarios underwater where kids can be seen doing otherwise mundane activities; playing golf, drinking tea, playing dress up and even dancing ballet.

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Mesmerizing Light Painting Images Appear Electric and Surging with Power

dennis calvert

Photographer Dennis Calvert, who has only been light painting since 5 years ago in 2009, is quite skilled at the art from. His relative freshness to light painting is certainly not evident in the work, which is both innovative and extremely creative. While light painting has been around a while, we rarely see pictures where there is a perfect match between the medium and the final product. Calvert’s images seem to be almost electric and surging with power, a most appropriate visual concept that is perfectly complemented by the light painting as an art form.

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Photographer Documents a Traveler’s Exit from Monument Valley and the Visual Experience that Accompanies It

monument valley

Leaving Monument Valley, a series of images by a photographer who would rather be known as Mojo2u, documents a traveler’s exit from Monument Valley, and the visual experience that accompanies it. Mojo2u wrote these reflections as they left this area of the Colorado Plateau known by a cluster of enormous sandstone buttes. “With snow on the ground headlights shine on US Highway 163 at mile marker 13. I noticed that most of the cars leaving the valley were driven by Navajo. The Navajo take their time and drive like they have all the time in the world. At this time of the evening, the tourist have already reached their destination or are rushing madly to get there,” he said.

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Floral Liquid Art Captured Using High Speed Photography

jack long

Photographer Jack Long from Milwaukee is an expert at creating magic with splash photography. Through precise timing and anticipating the exact moment a senseless blob of paint hits a hard surface, Long is able to create likenesses of vibrant flowers with liquid. While this is not the first time for this to be done, Long’s floral liquid art seems unsurpassed in its many layers and array of colors in what he calls the Vessels and Blooms series. These floral masterpieces look almost as if they had been created by a painter’s brush strokes, minus any canvass.

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