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Colorful Photos of Incredible Edibles Made of Fruits and Vegetables

dan cretu

For Dan Cretu, food is more than just something edible; they are his tools for creating practically anything he fancies. For instance, an orange can be a bicycle, tablets can be a disco mirror ball, donuts can take the form of an extinct cassette tape cartridge, seeds can be a soccer ball, and the list goes on and on. What Cretu does is take everyday food items such as watermelons, oranges, tomatoes and licorice and create the unexpected.

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Enchanting Photos of Bubbles Frozen on the Ground

frozen angela kelly

Ever thought you could get anything amazing from the lowly soap bubble? Of course you can! This striking series is a product of the imagination of a certain Angela Kelly. Believe it or not, these lovely spheres were made with ordinary dish soap. They froze on the ground, but the results as you can see are stunning.

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These Aerial Photos Were Captured Using a Kite and a Fishing Pole


Photographer Gerco de Ruijter has quite an unusual way of taking pictures. The Dutchman captures these lovely photographs from the air using a film camera outfitted with a wide angle lens attached to either a kite or a fishing pole. He uses a remote trigger to activate the shutter.

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Architectural Photographer Imagines Building in 88 Different Configurations


If you think you have seen weird architecture, your ideas about the strange and bizarre are about to be stretched. Prepare yourself to see some of the most fantastic buildings that you will perhaps never see in real life, and these are not creations of some eccentric architect.  They are the products of the fertile imagination of one Victor Enrich. Enrich is a gifted Spanish photographer who is well-known for his architectural photography and post production manipulations.

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Photo Series ‘Memoirs of Lost Time’ Journeys Back to Childhood Dreams and Imagination

vikram kushwah

It really seems like the floodgates of surrealism have been unleashed on photography. Ever since the power of digital shooting and manipulation have been a available, photographers have dwelled on the dreamlike, otherworldly, bizarre and yes, the surreal. Perhaps a hundred years from now people will look back as this being a period of ‘photo surrealism’ in the history of photography, and refer to the purveyors of the style as ‘surrealists’. One such indulgence into the oft used style and theme is Memoirs of Lost Time.

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Intriguing Photo Series of a Woman Backlit Behind a White Screen


One would be reminded of Victorian era advertisements upon seeing the beautiful photos in the series called Be a Woman. In the collection, photographer Hanna Seweryn created images of shadows cast on a backlit screen of a woman as she strikes different poses.

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