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Photographer Captures His Daughters’ Irresistible Shenanigans

daughter lighting candles on fire

Any doting parent proudly gets behind the camera to photograph their children especially during those wonder years of childhood. Professional wedding and portrait photographer Jason Lee is no different, being the father Kristin and Kayla, his two adorable and camera friendly kids.

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Unique Macro Photos of Fireworks in Photo Series ‘Explosions in the Sky’

out of focus fireworks

During the last 4th of July revelry, photographer Nick Pacione made camp to stake out the customary fireworks show that comes with the celebration. The Dallas-based Pacione captured these breathtaking, out of this world shots made possible by using a macro lens. Entitled Explosions in the Sky, Pacione made use of a special rack focus technique that modifies focus during the exposure to create some magnificently abstract imagery that need reminding at times that they are fireworks going off in the July sky.

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Titanic in Color: Photos of One of the Largest Passenger Liners of Its Time Rendered in Full Color

titanic in color ship

To this day, tales of the Titanic continue to captivate and enthrall people, despite the fact that we are many generations removed from that awful tragedy. The RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that famously sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on the fateful day of 15 April 1912. The luxury ship collided with an iceberg during its maiden voyage, originating from Southampton, UK enroute to New York City, USA.  It was one of the largest passenger liners of its time and was ironically considered by many to be unsinkable. Because of the disaster, the Titanic tale quickly became legend, fixating the public’s imagination and inspiring many popular books and movies. Since the discovery of its wreckage in 1985, interest in the ill-fated liner slightly dwindled. Now a century after its sinking, the Titanic remains an enduring and enigmatic subject.

Thomas Schmid is one such person that has been mesmerized by the tale of this fabled ship that was once pronounced unsinkable. Through his work, we are able to travel back in time to see images of the luxury liner, not as they were taken, but rendered in full color.

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Facebook Friends Meet Once a Month to Create Diptych Photographs Together

couple diptych

A diptych photograph is an image that uses two different or identical images side by side to form one single photo. The two images can be in contact with each other, or otherwise separated by a border or a frame. Two young photographers, Silvia Sala and Freddy Viera met each other through a Facebook group and now, they produce beautiful diptych photos together.

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Interview with Astronomer and Astrophotographer Phil Hart

Phil Hart Astrophotographer - Interview

Do you have a background in astronomy? What made you decide to go into night sky photography and astrophotography? 

Astronomy and Photography have been together for me from the beginning. Growing up, my parents would take us two kids outside on holidays and try and identify stars and constellations in the sky. Then as a teenager I got access to a couple of film SLRs at the same time as I was making the astronomy hobby my own. I used those film SLRs primarily at night from the start and the two interests have been one and the same for me ever since, just over twenty years ago.

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Wistful Photos of Nature Captured Against the Radiance of Evening Light

macro photography droplet

Polish photographer Emerald Wake captures the radiance of evening light as she explores nature’s grasslands with her camera.  Her macro photography is exceptional in the shots of the serene evening light as it casts radiance on nature.  Awash in a warm, evocative glow, these images depict a melancholic side to nature. Wake’s wistful shots reflect her own personality, as she expresses what drives her art.

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