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Photographer Revisits Location After 50 Years with Pyrotechnics

pyrotechnics and landscape

To have been intimate with a site for over 50 years is highly uncommon, and to revisit that location is what photographer Harry Cory Wright did with his series Hey Charlie. Thanks to a special connection and affinity to a specific spot in Norfolk, East England, Wright did what he could to transform distant but vivid recollections into pictures. It was a place where he spent countless childhood days, so he shot a particular bend in the river and the field beside it.

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Abandoned House Comes to Life Because of Unlikely Furry Inhabitants

squirrel by window

The House in the Woods is a fascinating collection of photographs that show wild animals appropriating an abandoned home as habitat for themselves. It is an old house where the roof leaks, the walls are cracked and the windows have remained shut for years. Wooden plank floors creak, and doors harshly squeak. This house may surely look long forgotten, but just like in a fairy tale, it comes to life thanks to its unlikely inhabitants.

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Photojournalist Breaks His Previous Record for Largest Camera Collection with 4,425 Units

camera collection dilish parekh

They say that collecting is nothing but organized hoarding. If you once thought you had issues with Gear Acquisition Syndrome or GAS, lighten up. Mumbai-based photojournalist Dilish Parekh definitely sets the bar when it comes to camera collecting. As the Guinness Book World Record holder for the largest camera collection with 4,425 units, Parekh demolished the previous record of a distant and paltry 2,634 cameras. But wait! That was his record too!

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Interview with Amsterdam Based Photographer Jinna van Ringen

Jinna van Ringen Interview

How did you get into photography? Were you always passionate about photography?

I’ve always been interested in art and photography, but I started to get into photography myself  after I graduated from high school. I purchased my first dslr and started to experiment with different settings and I spent days on looking for inspiration. I soon found my passion for landscape and travel photography.

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Steve McCurry’s Photographic Life Told in His New Book

steve mccurry praying

Steve McCurry Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs covers 30 years of McCurry’s extraordinary career and includes interesting mementos from his journeys which include photos of him at work, diary entries, and the many passports he’s gone through over the years. McCurry lived through the harrowing Slovenia plane crash and even armed bandits and bombings while in Afghanistan. The remarkable thing about McCurry’s work is that his images evoke wonder, rather than distress or tragedy.

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Acer Announces Release of 6-Inch Liquid S2 Smartphone with 4K-Recording Camera

acer liquid s2

The cellphone wars are really escalating (thankfully for us) especially when it comes to the bells and whistles of built-in cameras. Every new phone that is rolled out into the market comes with some new fangled feature meant to push it at the forefront of the development envelope. Even Acer has stepped up its game. Despite being among the world’s chief manufacturers in a different electronic niche (laptops), Acer has just dangled some very enticing bait to draw attention to its smartphone. While its latest model is certainly no game changer, it has one feature which can steal the thunder from Samsung, Apple and the other big boys. Behold: Acers’s 4K camera.

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