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Photographer Applies Instagram Filters to Everyday Visuals in Photo Series ‘Real Life Instagram’

instagram filter

Instagram has certainly taken the world by a storm of pictures. Buckets and bucket loads of pictures that is. Estimates as of September 9, 2013 pegs the figure at more than 150 million monthly active users. Even celebrities have taken to Instagram, sharing photos and videos of their personal and professional lives with fans thru their profiles. For a certain photographer named Bruno Ribeiro, his vision of the app is applying its iconic trademark looks to real life.

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Interview with Czech Republic Based Photographer Simona Smrckova

Simona Smrckova Interview

How do you come up with your concepts? What’s your thought process?

During the day, I write down every little detail, small things I have seen. For example, interesting details on styling, a particular mood evoked in a picture or a film scene, and build upon my own story. Sometimes the best sources of inspiration are models.

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Spectacular Images of Individuals Bravely Perched Atop Majestic Mountains

roberto bertero

Photographer and musician Roberto Bertero takes some rather spectacular images of individuals bravely perched atop majestic mountains, depicting them as they gaze out into the vast panoramas. It is an impressive collection of images made by the Italy-based Bertero.

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Card Characters Come to Life in Photo Series ‘Carte’

christian tagliavini card

Appearing a bit creepy, much like humanized versions of animated characters, these playing cards created by photographer Christian Tagliavini inject a bizarre quality into this otherwise ordinary source for amusement. Created in 2012 and simply called Carte or ‘playing cards’ in Italian,  Tagliavini’s collection uses  models  in costumes that correspond  to card characters.

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Contemplative Moments Communicated Through Dreamy Portraiture

man on cloud

The number of emerging talent from the ranks of the young guns is certainly making themselves felt in the world of creative photography. 21-year-old Wyatt McCollum is one of those exceptional talents, proving again that age is not a factor when it comes to creating photographs that carry deep and profound imagery.

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Interesting Images Mirrored from Ubiquitous Street Puddles

street reflections

Photographer Manuel Plantin, who also goes by the name Yodamanu, is on to something. Apparently, the French lensman has stumbled onto a trick that involves those ubiquitous little street puddles. Thanks to a keen eye as well as a fertile, creative mind, he uses the reflections off these puddles as images for his upside-down photography.  It is both a collection of mirrored images on the puddles, as well as inverted perspectives of pedestrians and street action in general.

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