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Artist Meticulously Creates Alternate Universe Without Any Photomanipulation

lee jee young

Every once in a while, a refreshing artist pops out and does things the old fashioned way. In the world of photography, while the herd is practically all hooked on Photoshop, there are still some shutterbugs that create things in organic space. South Korean artist Jee Young Lee is one such photographer. She has been known to labor for weeks; sometimes even months transforming her studio space into a set which she then photographs.

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Former Ballet Dancer Shifts Attention to Creating Ethereal Imagery

kylli sparre

With many years of training under her belt to become a professional ballet dancer, artist Kylli Sparre came to the realization that dance was not her calling.  She instead placed her passion for ballet into deeper interest, which is photography and image manipulation. In her photos, her dance background takes on a more unique and profound form of expression.

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Photographer Documents the Changes in Ice from Her Own Freezer

frozen water

Australian photographer Heidi Romano transforms the mundane into the visually extraordinary in a series entitled Frozen Water. Romano made her frozen world by photographing the changes in ice from her own freezer, watching as the substance began to crack, melt, and dissolve as it was brought out of its freezing environment.

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Visually Dramatic Series of Vertical Panoramic Shots of Churches

interior of church

Richard Silver achieves the absolutely sublime in his spectacular pictures of churches that show entrance to altar all in one sweeping image. Just as one would normally crane his head when in the midst of magnificent architecture, Silver makes you do the same with his panoramic views of church interiors. Collectively called Vertical Churches, Silver takes us on a virtual tour of superbly designed church ceilings and interiors around NYC and elsewhere.

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Magnificent Photos of the Entire Grand Canyon Overflowing with Dense Fog

grand canyon

Not too long ago, on Friday, November 29 one natural wonder of the world was engulfed by another spectacle. To be specific, the Grand Canyon was the site for a rare atmospheric phenomenon called a temperature inversion. The result of such an occurrence produced a rare, if not heavenly sight. The entire massive canyon was engulfed, overflowing with dense fog.

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Conceptual Project 365 Series Laced with a Sense of Humor

logan zillmer

Here is a selection of yet more surreal themed photographs, this time from American Logan Zillmer, a young conceptual photographer. The Michigan native’s creations are both surprising and intriguing; however they are always laced with a sense of humor. Logan Zillman is himself also on a “365 photo project” sharing a new picture every day of his conceptual work.

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