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Hauntingly Beautiful Portraits Combine Clever Photoshop Techniques and Ethereal Imagery

brooke shaden

While there certainly is no shortage of surrealist photographers these days, its widespread practice as both a theme and style makes it difficult to stand out. Just like any movement that becomes common, the challenge increases as it becomes more difficult to be noticed in sea of parroted artistic expressions. This however cannot be said of the mystical photography of Brooke Shaden.

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Photos of the Desolate and Abandoned Svalbard Landscape

mountains of svalbard

Empty buildings usually have a kind of strange character about them. Photographer Reuben Wu is all so aware of this, and he just can’t seem to get enough of abandoned places as a subject. Wu has travelled quite extensively to photograph such barren locations. The places he has been to include Nazi coastal forts built along Western Europe and Scandinavia, observatories in Chile’s Atacama Desert, in addition to the more recent arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

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Stunning Black and White Images of Wales

alan coles

Residing in the quaint little town of Ebbw Vale definitely has its perks. Just ask photographer Alan Coles who takes great pleasure strolling in the hills while indulging his favorite pastime, which is to take pictures. Coles captured breathtaking shots of Ebbw Vale in stark black and white, with the images at times having an ethereal appearance.

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Photographer ‘Time Travels’ and Inserts Herself into Childhood Photos

photo chino otsuka

It is rare these days to come across some truly original concepts for themes in a photo series. One would be hard-pressed to say “That’s an original!” or “I’ve never seen that done before.” It is also equally uncommon to come across an idea that is genuinely inventive, needing minimal post work.  Brilliant ideas, after all can stand up on their own and there still is nothing like a great concept. London-based photographer Chino Otsuka created just that. The young Japanese girl produced a series of “time-travel” photos.

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Remarkable Triple Exposures Created In-Camera

triple exposure

Photographer Marcus Yam used an old trick in the book, but with some rather remarkable results.  He shot some wonderfully composed triple exposure photographs created totally in-camera for a Seattle Times essay. The piece chronicles the growth of the city, showing its transformation “from a pioneer settlement into the largest metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest.”  Motivated to do things differently, Yam merged three images into a photo minus any Photoshop manipulation. Those more technically inclined might be scratching their heads now, and are asking ‘how?’

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Long Exposure Photos of Ballet Dancers Show Grace and Movement in a Single Frame

long exposure

Photography and ballet go jointly like bacon and eggs. When done well together, they are a classic combination.  So what do you get when you have creative photography techniques used to capture well executed ballet? Delightful images that seem to be moving before your very eyes.  This is exactly what former professional ballet dancer Jesús Chapa-Malacara is able to do.

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