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Solitary Van Captured Against Stunning Backdrop of Portuguese Coastline and Starry Night Sky

photo series a van in the sea

Being out on the road, all alone in your vehicle has its singular pleasures. Ask any avid camper and they will tell you that there is nothing like being out on the road, carefree, and just free-wheeling as each day comes. This is exactly the bug that bit Alessandro Puccinelli.

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Swirls of Colored Liquids Submerged in Water Create Mesmerizing View

mark mawson

Stare into an aquarium and soon you will be overcome with a sense of tranquility. There is something about the buoyancy and weightlessness experienced in H20 that is most calming. Water covers about 71% of the Earth’s surface, and it is also water that nurtured us in our mother’s wombs for 9 months. It is also a vital element that we cannot live. Humans can last up to twelve days without food, but will expire in just 3 to 5 days without water. Water is also a great element for recreation, as we play in it and use it when we bathe. In a way, we are all creatures of water. It therefore comes as no surprise that Mark Mawson chose water to experiment with his liquid colors to come up with a mesmerizing series of multihued images.

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High Contrast Black and White Images of a World Upside Down

guy cohen black and white shadow

Photography student Guy Cohen is a young, talented lensman that has shown exemplary work shot in monochrome. At just 24 years old, he has been distinguishing himself with his work as an emerging talent. Cohen has been shooting for over 8 years and so far has carved for himself a strong dramatic style of contrast and light. He is at the moment working on an ambitious project that has to do with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

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Incredible Aerial Views of the African Landscape and Its Unique Population of Wildlife

zack seckler

Photographer Zack Seckler sure knew how to get attention when he shot his pictures of Botswana from high up in the air. What he came up with is a collection of images that blends the African landscape with its unique population of wildlife.

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Incredible Photos of Bullets Microseconds After They are Fired


The phrase referring to vintage Superman of the 1930’s, “faster than speeding bullet!” implied one thing. Bullets travel terribly fast. So fast that they typically clock at around 1,200 feet per second. That’s pretty terminal velocity, literally speaking.  The naked eye cannot see the bullet as it exits any firearm, and the only warning you will get from an incoming slug is the loud bang of a shot fired. Not as far as Herra Kuulapaa is concerned.

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Intimate Portraits of Polar Bears Set Against Backdrops of Warm Colors

polar bears

Typically, we are all predisposed to seeing the stark white polar bear depicted against a glaringly icy white background, but photographer, Sylvain Cordier has different ideas. Instead we have these pictures of the huge creatures set against a background of warm colors and hues. They are shown against backdrops of almost tropical-like, vibrant colors of reds, yellows and oranges.

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