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Gorgeous View of the Northern Lights Shot Through an Airplane Window

When you are on a plane ride, you hope for nothing more than things you would on a pleasant flight. Decent food, nice flight attendants, a smooth turbulence free ride, and a flight that is trouble free and on schedule. A nice movie or a pleasant seatmate would be added bonuses.

Well, photographer Paul Williams got much more than any of the above. While in transit from a flight from London to New York, a show-stopping scene of the northern lights while on board the flight presented itself. Luckily for Williams, he had camera in tow and shot the whole stunning spectacle. Luckily for us, he uploaded a time-lapse of the phenomenon on YouTube.

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Photographer Captures Fleeting Beauty by Merging Gravity with Liquid Chroma to Create Orchid Shapes

fabian oefner paint

For his newest offering of paint action photography, Fabian Oefner once again captures fleeting beauty by merging gravity with liquid chroma to produce beautiful and delicate orchid shapes. Using the mixture and reactions of natural forces in addition to acrylic paint, amazing flower-like shapes materialize from the fluid substance.

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Photo Contest: The Instagramers Gallery is Open And Wants to Give You $100,000 (Largest Photography Prize to Date!)

instagramers gallery

This is exciting news for all you tech buffs, photography enthusiasts and hardcore Instagram users. Instagramers Gallery has launched a photo contest where you can win up to $1,000 prize money every day, or even the grand prize of $100,000! Simply upload your own photo, vote for other instagramers’ photo and rack up votes of your own, and participate in this great art community.

The very first Instagramers Gallery recently launched by opening its doors to the public in Miami. This strategic development is a move the social media site plans to duplicate in key cities not only in America, but all over the world. Situated in the city’s art district at 2324 North Miami Avenue, the gallery displays pictures in the now world-recognizable Instagram format as well as hosting forums, exhibits and seminars.

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Blurry Compilation of Dreamlike Sequences in Photo Series ‘Conscious’

ryan caruthers portrait

Ryan James Caruthers is another emerging photographer who has taken the route of creative abstraction through surrealism in his photography. Using his own thoughts as well as memories as a jump off point, he created his collection called Conscious. As a series that explores themes of recollections in an obscure and indistinct perspective, Conscious is a blurry compilation of dreamlike sequences that represent the subconscious of Caruthers.

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Collection of Reflective Photographs of Copenhagen, Denmark

denmark reflection copenhagen

In this day and age of Photoshopped images everywhere, it is refreshing to see photographs that look like they were created in camera. Pictures such as these are reminiscent of the pre-digital era, when photographers were challenged to spot something in the organic world that would truly be remarkable once on a print. Instagram photographer Morten Nordstrom is one such talent.

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Photographer Captures the Inherent Power of the Ocean’s Gentle Waves and Tranquil Blue Waters


Photographer Andrew Smith raises the bar quite higher with his profoundly beautiful pictures of the sea. Resplendent in many hues of blue as the ocean meets the sky in almost all of the images, Smith is able to seize the raw beauty of the ocean.

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