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Cityscapes Photographed from an Aerial Perspective Revealing Toy-Like Urban Clusters

Matteo Procaccioli cities

Aerial photographs always present a fresh point of view to almost anything. It is a rare perspective for gravity bound creatures such as us. Whenever we get a literal bird’s eye view of something, we are instantly mesmerized. Matteo Procaccioli’s version of the airborne shot, however, is quite decidedly different. The Italian photographer’s Microcities take on a miniature city appearance, almost looking like computer generated images from a sci-fi video game.

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Dreamy Panoramas Show the World in Special Effects

dreamy landscapes

At least here is one documented case that bolsters the fact that sightings of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti or the Abominable Snowman (and whatever other name it is called) are nothing but a playful hoax from bored photographers. Nick Meek is one of those culprits, and he can surely pull it off with his arsenal of special effects.

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Interview with Maine Based Landscape Photographer Christopher O’Donnell

Interview with Christopher O'Donnell

What made you decide to get into landscape photography?

I’ve always had a strong connection to nature, and I just subconsciously gravitated towards it. I was still living in Vermont when I became serious about photography, so being in that environment certainly influenced my choice. The untamed, raw beauty of landscapes and its unpredictability is what attracts me most to this field.

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Magical Fog Photography Featuring San Francisco

foggy sfo

Images of fog covered terrain and landscapes always conjure up thoughts of the magical and mystical. Such imagery is usually irresistible for a photographer. Terence Chang is once such shutterbug, as he captures parts of San Francisco and Sausalito engulfed by fog.

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Wildlife Photographer Patiently Waits for Polar Bear to Surface

polar bear canada

American nature and wildlife photographer Paul Souders is very well-travelled around the globe. In one of his exploits, we have his series of images shot in the ice capped shores of Churchill, Canada.  Souders took his Zodiac boat to Hudson Bay in midsummer and waited there for three days before he finally saw a bear, a young female while on sea ice around 30 miles offshore.

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Charming Photos of Two Young Boys Capture Their Boisterous Energy

haru and mina

Hideaki Hamada is just one of many who live in Osaka with his wife and their two young sons Haru and Mina. However as a photographer, his work is quite special. His sons, Haru and Mina are his subjects, and his work captures their charm, their boisterous youthful energy and their fresh hearts and minds that can only come from sweet young kids like themselves.

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