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Zeiss CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 Compact Zoom Lens Provides Photographers a Wide Range of Drool-Worthy Options

700-200mm zeiss

Carl Zeiss has recently rolled out the CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 compact zoom lens and the company says it gives movie makers the ability to use just one lens to take care of the short to long telephoto range. Weighing a mere 2.8kg the lens is also an excellent addition for smaller and lighter HD cameras and perfect for handheld use.  The Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 is suggested to retail at US$19,900 (excluding VAT).

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The Nikon D7000 and Canon 60D are the Most Stolen Cameras of 2013

lenstag infographic

Want additional bragging rights when it comes to owning a camera? Well here’s a good one. There now exists a list for the most-stolen digital cameras, put out by Lenstag. The anti-theft service just revealed the information based on the company’s findings in the form of easy to comprehend infographics. Nikon and Canon get top accolades for being the most stolen cameras, very much confirming their sought after status as the brands to own.

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Creative Retouching Essentials in a Day – 50% OFF!!!

Creative Portrait Retouching ebook Sample

This interactive eBook is for you if you are beginning your journey into the professional Beauty & Portrait photography retouching world. You don’t need to waste your time learning all the tools and panels Photoshop has to offer, if you only want to master or improve your photo retouching skills.

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Photographer Captures Renewal of Vows in Exotic Location Complete with Wildlife

african safari wedding

Photographer Christopher Scott recently shot some stunning wedding photos, not so much because of any particular technique, but due to the unusual subject matter and location. The wedding was held at the fabulous Chengeta Safari Lodge and the lucky groom was Redditor Corey Perkins, aka per1993 who decided to renew his vows with his Zimbabwe native wife of three years. The venue was of course no less than spectacular, given its exotic location.

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Adorable Photo Calendar of Dogs with Their Heads Hanging Out of Car Windows

golden retrievers

We can’t seem to get enough of our cute little canines. In practically every manner possible, we depict these delightful little pooches in ways that range from the adorable to the insane. LA-based Lara Jo Regan happens to be one such dog loving individual. The lady photographer decided to take a different route with her latest series by taking ‘happy’ dogs as they placed their heads precariously out of windows on moving vehicles. This (silly) undertaking is part of a crazy project, all directed towards the effort for her new 2014 calendar called, what else? Dogs In Cars.

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One Hand Snap Design Allows You to Shoot with Only Your Left Hand

one hand snap diagram

We probably don’t realize it, but there are many things that require two hands to be done, that we insist on doing with just one. To name a couple of activities where this holds true would driving and eating. In the case of photographers, many of them likewise insist on taking shots with just one hand, even though it may seem awkward, if not insufficient for support.

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