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Black Friday Special: 40% Off on Seven Amazing eBooks


With Black Friday fast approaching, get ready to snag some of the best deals to come along from Photography Concentrate. For a Black Friday Special, you can take advantage of a whopping 40% off on seven amazing ebooks that should all be part of any essential collection in any photographer’s resource arsenal.

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Incredible Collection of Pictures from and Inspired by Alexander Payne’s Film ‘Nebraska’

nebraska photo project

Most of us brush off notices either on SMS or via email that we have won some kind of prize. These can range from winning a car to large cash winnings. The truth is, these are 99.99 % of the time bogus. Nebraska is a comedy/drama about winning such an astounding prize, starring Bruce Dern and Will Forte. The film portrays a father and son who travel from Montana to Nebraska to claim prize money. As they go on their way, the two meet up with friends, relatives and acquaintances with one thing in common. The father owes all of them money.

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Mother and Photographer Captures Intimate Moments Shared Between Father and Son

father and baby

From birth to infancy and the early years of childhood, kids develop at an astonishing pace. These are stages in their growth that are not to be missed, and any doting parent who takes the time to be around during these years never lives to regret it. They are years that come and go in the blink of an eye, and it is a vital period that not only requires parental supervision. It is a special and glorious time that every mom and dad should celebrate.  It is an experience meant for every parent to cherish, and is unlike any other.

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Interview with French Photographer and Movie Director, Laurent Nivalle

Laurent Nivalle interview with

How has your work as an art director and movie director influenced your photography?

I must disconnect my work as art director from my work as photographer or movie director. As art director, you have to choose the best direction for the project, and this direction is not always your style. It’s really interesting and enriching to experiment with new concepts, but I think my work is heavily influenced by this distinction.

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Photo Series Compares the Body Types of Elite Athletes


From lean and svelte to muscular and defined, the myriad of body types are practically endless. Whether mesomorph, ectomorph, or endomorph, we all fall into one of these body types. A mesomorph is someone that is generally muscular. If you are typical mesomorph you perhaps are the envy in the gym since you can increase your muscle size easily. An ectomorph body type on the other hand is slim. Ectomorphs are usually tall and slender and have trouble gaining weight. Check out fashion models. Finally, an endomorph body type is curvaceous. The curves of an endomorph are akin to that of a Coke bottle. So which one are you?

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Close-Up Shots of Spiders with Fancy Waterdrop Hats

close-up spider

To a considerable number of people, mention spiders and you will elicit reactions of squeamishness and panic. And who can blame them. Spiders aren’t exactly cute, nor are they known to be harmless. The bite of some spiders can cause much harm, even death given the wrong mix of circumstances. So would you be hard-pressed to imagine these multi-legged critters depicted in a way that is almost amusing? Well, Uda Dennie did just that.

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