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Poignant Images of a Transforming Greenland

snow dogs

Ciril Jazbec finds an unlikely metaphor in an elderly man’s head of hair. At the age of 70, Uunartoq, a Greenland native and traditional hunter has robust locks, weathered by the harsh outdoors and years as one of the last genuine hunters that has remained steadfast to a way of life, living through subsistence hunting.

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Spectacular Mixed Media Series Combines Photography and Watercolor

Aliza Razell

Trust innovation to consistently emanate from the youth. With herself as the subject, colorful paint, and an extremely fertile imagination, artist Aliza Razell immerses herself into a virtual abstract reality by converging the two mediums of watercolor and photos with the powers of Photoshop. The initial series, Anesidora, is all about the tale of Pandora’s Jar, the original source of the proverbial ‘Pandora’s box’ a detail misconstrued from the 1400s.

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Intimate Photo Series of Moms with Their Day Old Offsprings

one day young

Although more accustomed to celebrity subjects such as chef Jamie Oliver, the Beastie Boys or actress Keira Knightley, London-based photographer Jenny Lewis displays as much skill and a keen sensitivity for human interest themes. She does exactly that in One Day Young, a poignant photo collection showing the already loving and unbreakable bond between mother and child, a mere 24 hours after giving birth.

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Photographer Throws Milk on People and Captures Their Reactions


Alexander J.E. Bradley is one of those artists that have been bitten by the ‘liquid art’ bug. Finding a different use for milk besides being the perfect complete meal, he throws the liquid at his subjects. The Melbourne-born Bradley has dabbled in many creative roles, being photographer, producer and filmmaker.

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Interview with 300: Rise of an Empire Still Photographer Clay Enos

300: Rise of an Empire

How did you get involved with this project?

I have worked with Zack Snyder and his remarkably talented team since Watchmen. I think he knows that my efforts go beyond standard publicity images and lend themselves well for the behind-the-scenes books he and his folks love to make.

Watchmen portrait by Clay Enos

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Photographer Captures Ethereal Portraits with Subdued Color Palettes

oleg oprisco

Kiev-based photographer Oleg Oprisco is making his presence felt in the growing realm of surreal style photography. Using subdued color palettes, unorthodox props, and strange-looking subjects, he creates images from the ethereal, whimsical to bizarre.

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