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Breathtaking Views of the Night Sky from the Mt. John Observatory

Earth and Sky Mt. John Observatory

The vast majority of us are content to look up at the night sky and gaze at obscure stars, or perhaps be amused by some man-made spectacle like spotlights or the blinking lights from passing plane. This is what we have grown accustomed to. But if you want a truly spectacular look at the heavens, then you will need a little help from some extraordinary places. The Earth and Sky Mt. John Observatory in New Zealand is just that kind of place, offering stargazers some truly stunning views of celestial action.

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Electric Mountain Photo Series Captures the Eerie Nighttime Illuminations of Ski Resorts

ski resorts

Among the defining moments of man conquering his environment was the twin innovations of the harnessing of electricity and the creation of the light bulb. These two colossal milestones exponentially ushered in a new era that would be defined by rapid, if not blinding rates of development. Nightfall would no longer be a hindrance to mankind, and the practical 24 hour day was born.  Over a century later, to see a night landscape artificially lit still stirs feelings of wonder and amazement.

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Man Documents His Daily Activities with Two Plastic Skeletons

skeletons in car

With the use of two full-sized plastic Halloween skeletons, author J.W. Ocker of the eccentric travel blog Odd Things I’ve Seen created a series that amusingly imagines living daily life with them. In one photo, the New Hampshire author is normally seated at the dinner table having Monster breakfast cereals with the two skeletons. In another shot, one of the skeletons is mowing the lawn while everyone else does some garden work.

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Brilliant Stop-Motion Video of Elderly Man Revisiting Old Memories

There is always a melancholic tone whenever a story is told of an old person, alone with his memories and distant recollections. This is so poignantly captured in this moving short video produced by Theo Putzu.    The short video is simply called Paper Memories. Using stop-motion, Putzu masterfully tells a simple tale of nostalgia and sadness. It features no dialogue, and yet the brief video speaks volumes of the lonely life we so often fail to recognize in our elderly.

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Cyber Monday Sale – 60% Off Trick Photography Tutorials!

Levitation Photo

Maybe you thought that once you got your DSLR, fancy pictures and trick shots would be a breeze to create. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume you probably got disappointed at some point. Well that’s because the real secret behind shooting any great shot isn’t all about the gear. It all boils down to knowing the fundamentals about photography. Once you have mastered this, your creativity can kick in and everything will fall into place. That is essentially the message behind the ebook  by Evan Sharboneau entitled Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook and Video Course, dubbed as “Your complete instructional guide on taking breathtaking special effects shots and cool images your friends won’t believe.”

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Cyber Monday Sale – up to 60% off Selected eBooks!!!

Cyber Monday Sale - ExposureGuide

It’s finally here!!! The Cyber Monday sale you’ve been waiting for! Don’t miss out on these Amazing Deals! It only happens once a year! These ebooks have been carefully selected for serious amateurs, advanced DSLR enthusiasts and professional photographers.

Trick Photography eBook and Video Course-Over 60% Off!!!

Trick Photography eBook

Your complete instructional guide on taking breathtaking special effects shots and cool images your friends won’t believe. It comes with 295 pages of instruction9 hours of how-to video tutorials, and contains over 300 creative photographs created by some of the most talented photographic artists around the world.

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