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Astounding Images of Volcanoes Spewing Fiery Blue Lava

 Olivier Grunewald

For many years now Paris-based photographer Olivier Grunewald has been photographing the Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia, where astounding, electric-blue fire can often be seen spewing out of it.  Temperamental volcanoes are magnificent to experience firsthand, and very few people actually get the opportunity.

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Amazing High Speed Photography of Bullets Slicing Through Droplets of Water


The phrase goes, “faster than a speeding bullet!” and the reference is for good reason. Bullets travel lethally fast and are practically invisible to the human eye. That is precisely why these series of photographs are so startling. Dutch photographer Alexander Augusteijn has created a collection of dramatic photographs that show us what a slug piercing a drop of water looks like.

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Time-Lapse Video of the Bustling City of Doha, Qatar’s Rapidly Growing Capital

Two gentlemen put together this spectacular time-lapse trip of the lively city of Doha. The video contrasts the ancient sand dunes as well as historical temples against the flourishing cityscapes that are now Doha, Qatar’s rapidly growing capital. Directed by producer Hussam Maatouk and shot by San Diego photographer/videographer Michael Shainblum, the short piece is entitled Welcome to Doha, a time-lapse discovery of the bustling city.

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Hide-and-Seek Photography Book Starring the Lovable Dog, Momo

momo book

Legions of netizens play hide-and-seek with the border collie Momo each day. Momo and Canadian visual artist Andrew Knapp travel all over the world in all sorts of places. Together they went across cities, into backyards, through vast fields, down dusty country roads, suburban neighborhoods, as well as many odd locations. All these images have been compiled into a book that is both a collection of fun-filled pictures as well as outstanding photography.

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Incredible Time-Lapse Video of 150,000 Photos Shows the Gentle, Graceful Existence of Corals

Australia based Daniel Stoupin spared no effort and made no short cuts to shoot his corals time-lapse, Slow Life. It is made-up of 150,000 22 megapixel RAW shots, and the majority of them needed to be stacked in groups of 3 to 12 in order to create the required depth of field.

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Hurry! Today is the last day to save 30% off Incredibly Important Composition Skills!!!

Composition is a crucial factor in making your images sing. Get it wrong and you are likely to remain just a good photographer. The goal, for most, I imagine is to be great at what you do. Even after 18 years in this business, I came away learning so much about the use and sometimes abuse of composition. Indeed, what Lauren and Rob have done is break it all down elegantly and free of the jargon found in stuffy photography books. I recommend it to those starting out in photography and to those who like me have been at it for a very long time.” – Seshu,

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