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Traditional Cityscapes Imagined Through Geometric Lines and Shapes


Dennis Duinker sees a lot of lines. In his mind’s eye that is. His cityscape and skyline images are all enhanced by lines that extend from unseen trajectories horizontally or vertically. He calls these most unusual series Skylights, Skylines and Linescapes, which are three studies in imaging a city’s various infrastructures through the geometric shapes that go beyond their physical shapes.

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Fantastic Images of Gigantic Waves Crashing Against a Lighthouse

waves lighthouse owen humphreys

Photographer Owen Humphreys recently captured some fantastic images as gigantic waves of over 100-feet came crashing against a lighthouse.  These were taken as gale force winds from the north engulfed the seafront at Seaham Harbour in County Durham. Spectacular and frightening at the same time, these images remind us of the humbling power nature can unleash.

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Collection of Self-Portraits with a Surreal, Conceptual Twist

surreal portrait diggie vitt

Photographer Diggie Vitt’s work stretches the limits of reality in crazy ways that range from restrained to outrageously impossible. He experiments with visual improbabilities in his emergent compilation of surreal photography. The 22-year-old artist from Jacksonville, Florida recently embarked on a 365 Project (one year) to further push himself to interpret his mind’s eye into captivating and, at times, strange images.

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The Last Vestiges of Untouched Tribal Glory in Series ‘Before They Pass Away’

dying culture

Jimmy Nelson captures some of the last holdouts of truly unspoiled indigenous peoples and cultures.  These people are the last existing ethnic groups who have somehow managed to preserve their ways with a purity that has left it untouched by the modern world. While they still exist in many parts around the globe, they are a quickly vanishing breed. This valiant series to document them before it is too late is called Before They Pass Away.

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The Beauty of the Female Form Showcased in an Underwater Photo Series

harry fayt underwater

Women submerged in water have always been a fascinating topic and visual, as evidenced by the earliest recorded fiction. Legends and myths of mermaids abound in many different cultures, and to this day, we are captivated by the image of the female persona, immersed in flowing waters. Harry Fayt indulges us in this particular obsession, conjuring-up images of women in both normal and fantasy-like states in his collection of underwater photos.

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Photo Series Captured During Cross-Country Road Trips


Grand Prismatic Spring

Reuben Wu may seem like your typical band member on the road, but that is before you get to see his pictures. As a member of a band called Ladytron, Wu who is both a DJ and photographer took some amazing shots while touring, capturing images that look astoundingly professional. What is even more surprising is to find out that Wu shoots a lot with a Polaroid.

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