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Photographer Captures Portraits of Indigenous Peoples from Around the World Before They Disappear

jimmy nelson

The many indigenous people from around the globe are often seen as ‘different’, and this comes as no surprise. Known as Tribal Peoples, First Peoples, Native Peoples, or Indigenous Peoples, they constitute about 5% of the world’s population. There are around 370 million Indigenous people in the world, belonging to 5,000 different groups, scattered among 90 countries worldwide, with approximately 70% of them in Asia. They are the original dwellers of this planet. Before any kind of global migration took place, indigenous people populated the various parts of the world.

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Adorable Trick Photos of Dad and Newborn

waluda zawer

While most mothers and fathers are content to have pictures of their little tots breaking into a smile, Polish photographers Ania Waluda and Michal Zawer are able to photograph their little Emilia in the most complicated poses; balanced on their fingertips, tumbling off chairs or even being thrown into the air. This is not the work of photo manipulation, as one would immediately conclude, as this collection is made even more interesting by the fact that no Photoshop was used.

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High-Line Climbers Juxtaposed Against Mesmerizing Natural Backgrounds


Pictured here are some gravity-defying, vertigo-inducing images of daredevils doing some highlining. This ‘sport’ is part of what is generally referred to as slacklining, defined as “the use of a form of webbing that is tensioned between two anchor points to balance.”

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Magnificent Photos that Capture the Vivid Colors of the Northern Lights

arild heitmann

Whilst in the midst of winter, and while going through the bitter storms and wet snowy streets, it is easy to overlook that winter can also bring with it profound beauty. The magnificent Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis embodies this, which is shot in lovely green hues by photographer Arild Heitmann.

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Awe-Inspiring Photos of Whales Swimming Gracefully Underwater

brian skerry

Since 1998, Brian Skerry as been a contract photographer for National Geographic, shooting a wide range of subjects for the publication. He is a photojournalist with a special niche for marine wildlife as well as underwater environments. As an award-winning photographer, Skerry enjoys critical acclaim around the world for “his aesthetic sense as well as his journalistic drive for relevance.

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Photographer Turns Mundane Water Droplets into Works of Art


Water droplets can be annoying for most people, but for a tiny fraction of individuals out there, they can be a source creative fulfillment. People who like to experiment with the possibilities of water droplet photography are in for a big treat in this series staged by German photographer Heinz Maier.

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