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Striking High Contrast Black and White Photos

black and white

Photographer Martin Stavars’ work is characterized by extremely high contrast black and white images. Stavars takes pictures of landscapes and cityscapes, shot both during the daytime and at night. Based on the various landmarks and distinct iconography, he has travelled extensively around the globe to many countries.

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Breathtaking Images of Earth Shot from Lofty Aerial Perspectives


Tulip Fields in Lisse, Netherlands

There exists a website called The Daily Overview, and it is a treasure trove of images of our planet, shot from lofty aerial perspectives. It will no doubt bring to you a fresh look into otherwise mundane spaces and places we take for granted. The Daily Overview actually explores the phenomenon known as the ‘overview effect’, which is usually experienced by space-bound people like astronauts. It is a perceptive change in the awareness that happens during flight in space. Typically, this effect occurs when the astronaut or space traveller sees the view of Earth from orbit or the moon’s surface.

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Landscape Photographer Captures Moody Atmospheres

landscape photo

Finland-based photographer Mika Suutari captures moving images, often with an undercurrent that is brooding and enigmatic. Suutari also has a penchant to depict the majestic, at times peaceful, sometimes tumultuous. Distant outlines of a human figure put into perspective the majesty of these mystic landscapes. She is, after all a landscape photographer, first and foremost.

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Magnificent Time-Lapse Video Shot from the International Space Station

For the most part, the internet can be one superhighway of clutter, commercialism and useless information. It can be the repository of some of the most inane things. However, every once in a while there comes a breath of fresh air, and this time it comes in the form of a time-lapse video. Dmitry Pisanko presents to us The ISS Symphony, a spectacular video edited together which takes viewers on the ride of their lives through Earth as viewed from the International Space Station in magnificent 4K ultra high-definition.

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Brilliant Examples of Long Exposure Night Photography

long exposure

Mikko Lagerstedt is a talented self-taught photographer from Kareva Finland. Specializing in fine art images, he shares with us his project called Visions of Depth. In the collection, Lagerstedt shot stunning night-time photos that capture the fathomless depths of the heavens. Whether he is shooting land or sky, Lagerstedt photos are consistently inspiring and are cloaked with an aura of mystical beauty.

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Rabbit Enthusiast Documents First 30 Days of Newborn Rabbits


A fellow who goes by the name Arefin on boredpanda is a fine art photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh with an uncommon passion. For nearly a year he has been photographing his pet bunnies that he adopted.

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