More Rumors Emerging About Sony’s Upcoming Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

sony full frame mirrorless camera

It was reported late last quarter of 2012 that Sony was preparing to unveil a full frame mirrorless camera within one year. We are now more than midyear into 2013, around halfway of that timeframe, and sure enough, the buzz is getting louder as rumors turn more into factual details regarding the emergence of the new model.  A much clearer picture of the ground-breaking camera we will be seeing firms up as Sony gets ready to release its newest creation.

Much of the details are gathered and emanate from sonyalpharumors, which initially made the bold and sweeping statement, declaring that the camera is “going to shake the photography world.” This forthcoming model will be one of Sony’s most significant innovations in recent years, and sonyalpharumors has good reason to believe that Sony is intentionally spreading erroneous teasers to put people off the scent, hiding specifics about the camera.

Here are some facts that we can ascertain as fairly reasonable:

  • A few of Olympus’ core features will be integrated into the new Sony model. One often mentioned is the greatly praised 5-axis image stabilization. This would qualify the full frame camera as the first NEX to come with sensor-based stabilization. This would translate to having every lens you attach being stabilized.
Sony SLT-A99 DSLR Camera

Sony SLT-A99 DSLR Camera

  • Talk also has it that the new camera will set you back around $3,000, a cost that is similar to Sony’s high-end A99 DSLR-style camera. This price tag would potentially put the camera way below the price range of the only other camera that could come into direct competition with it, the pricey Leica M which carries a cost more than double at a hefty $7000.
Leica M Digital Rangefinder Camera

Leica M Digital Rangefinder Camera

According to the grapevine, Sony is planning to unveil this camera at a major press launch sometime in the fall of this year. By that time, the rumor mill will have reached a loud crescendo with more talk and details peaking. Keep closely posted to this hot topic, as it is not remote to see “leaked” photos to emerge in the weeks, if not days ahead.

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