1 Second Every Day by Cesar Kuriyama

photo of cesar kuriyama at ted talk

Some people take one photo every day for a year. Some take one photo every week. For director Cesar Kuriyama, it was one second of each day for a whole year. Those snippets made for a beautiful recollection of the 30th year of his life. It gained a lot of attention last year since it debuted during a TED talk he gave in March.

Recording one second every day suddenly allowed me to easily reflect back on my life—to look back at my day-to-day decisions.  I started re-evaluating how I approached each day.  Quickly, I was able to see when a couple of days would go by when I hadn’t done anything remotely interesting or outside my typical routine.

We have a tendency to pull cameras out when we’re doing something fun or interesting, but we probably don’t think to record when we’re just sitting at home watching TV.  Recording a moment daily started encouraging me to wake up and seize each day.

The video has gone viral, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve already seen it posted somewhere. It’s become such a success that Kuriyama decided to make an app that will allow users to do the same on their iPhones.

photo of 1 second every day app

Creating one second videos every day sounds easy, but you’d be surprised how difficult it can be to choose which second of your day to record. A decade’s worth of one-second videos will yield a video approximately 1 hour long. By the time Kuriyama turns 80 years old, he will have a video more than 5 hours long. 50 years in 5 hours—sounds very compact, eh?

Not everyone has the means to take off from work for a full year, but it sure does sound lovely. Being able to do all the important things you never had the chance to do seems like the perfect inspiration for such a project.

Press play and see for yourself. Each second has a story.

Almost entirely shot on iPhone 4 or 4S
about a dozen shots on a Canon 7D
a handful of shots on a LUMIX ZS3
a handful of shots on a goProHD
1 shot was provided by Kathy Monahan
1 shot was provided by Matthew Guzzardo
*credit to the magnificent OLLOCLIP for iPhone which allowed me to easily capture FishEye shots.

Kickstarter is a great way to connect with people to make your ideas known and maybe even get some financial support. In just one month, Kuriyama was able to raise more than twice his goal! If you do decide to take on a similar project, such as a project 365 or a 1 Second Every Day video, share the link with us in the comments!

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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