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Do you ever wish you could just look over the shoulder of someone while they’re editing their photos? Better yet, imagine what it would be like to get inside their brain and know exactly what their thinking and how they’re making that photo editing magic happen?

Hey I’m Rob from Photography Concentrate, and I’ve helped thousands of people learn how to use Lightroom to bring the best out of their photos.

Today I want to tell you about a new video tutorial on Lightroom that I’ve created that I think you’re going to love.

The concept is really simple:  You’ll get X videos in this tutorial and in each video I walk you step by step through the process I take editing 1 photo from start to finish In each video you’ll see every adjustment I make to the photo and I’ll be talking you through why I made those adjustments

A great black and white conversion can take an image from snapshot to award-winning.
There are a lot of tools you can use to make that happen for your images!
Shapes and lines come alive in black and white, but you have to know how to accentuate them.
Being able to control your viewer’s eye is a huge benefit of post-processing, but often goes overlooked. Once you figure it out, you’ll be able to use Lightroom®
to take your photos to the next level.
You can even get the popular film-look in your images by learning about all the creative tools Lightroom® has for your post-processing!
Golden hour is great to shoot in, but can result in tricky exposures, and flat, washed-out tones. Post-processing is a must to get the full benefit of this type of light.
Shooting the Grand Canyon is a once in a lifetime experience, but the photos don’t always match up with what you see! Thank goodness for Lightroom®. Bland to amazing for sure!
Lightroom® can let you get super creative with your images. By playing with colour and tones you can get hyper-realistic, HDR style photos that really stand out!
Even well-exposed, pretty photos need some post-processing adjustments to make them look
their best. A few easy adjustments takes this one from dull to stunning.
Look really closely here. Do you see the subtle changes in the lines? Check out that disappearing graffiti. Lightroom® is so powerful, you won’t believe how easy it is to make these amazing changes.
Learning how to create custom black and white conversions is an essential skill for anyone who enjoys the drama that comes from this type of processing. The default conversion
just doesn’t cut it – let’s learn how to make it really stand out!
Softening up the tones, and bringing more attention to the subject has a dramatic effect on this image. But you’d hardly know it was edited at all. That’s the power of great post-processing!

Lets talk about your photography for a second…

I know you have a vision for how you want your photographs to look, but when you bring them onto the computer they’re not quite there yet. Thats where post processing comes in. Learning how to use all the tools in Lightroom, can help you transform your images and communicate the vision you had in mind when you took the photo.


So who would this video tutorial would be perfect for?

Maybe it’s been a while since you took a Lightroom course. This tutorial will be the perfect quick refresher.

Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut with your editing. Well This tutorial will give you some fresh ideas about how to approach your images.

Or maybe you’re new to Lightroom and you want to get an idea of what it can do for your photos.

This tutorial will be the perfect guide to get you started, and could have you producing stunning editing of your own a lot faster than you think.

Black and White Dandelion

Now this isn’t designed to be a full course on using Lightroom (we already have an extensive course covering that).

Instead this tutorial is meant to be a concentrated dose of photo editing experience, jam packed with tons of Lightroom tips. I’ve carefully chosen the photos in the videos to really show how powerful Lightroom can be for corrective and creative editing.

There’s a perfect combination of portraits, animals, landscapes, and still life – the kinds of photos you probably already have sitting on your computer right now just waiting to be edited.

We’re also going to cover colour and black and white processing, so you’ll be able to do both.

The videos average about 5.5 minutes long each, and there’s over 1 hour content total.  Just think, you could improve your editing skills in less than one evening with plenty of time leftover to experiment with your own images! You can find out more details about the tutorial below this video. And if you’d like to buy it just click the big red button! Thanks so much for watching and happy photo editing!

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Lightroom Processing Video Tutorials


Attila Kun

Attila Kun

Attila is the founder and editor-in-chief of Exposure Guide. He is an avid photographer, graphic designer, bedroom DJ and devoted Mac addict. Attila got his first DSLR camera, a Canon 10D, back in 2003 and he has been hooked on photography ever since.