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Cape Town-based photographer Kate Davies is fascinated by the many facets of her craft. She specializes in animal and product photography, but a daily infrared project has become her latest obsession. Drawing inspiration from the bandwagon ‘365 Project’ concept that has the photography world all caught up, Davies threw her hat into the fad.

infrared photography

Her’s though has a twist. Called 365 Days in Infrared, she has been documenting snapshots of her everyday life shooting in infrared, and has been sharing the images on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Working with infrared has its own quirks, though.

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For instance Davies can’t see the pictures through her camera’s viewfinder, and relies on her imagination to take over. She also threw in a monkey wrench by challenging herself further since she has to capture the images as circles.

infrared photography kate davies

So far, 365 Days in Infrared is made-up mostly of people and places important to Davies. The ongoing collection ranges from wistful images of the South African landscape to its people living out their daily lives. Davies started the project on January 4, 2014 and it is a worldwide phenomenon. She feels she is one of a handful of photographers to choose to shoot in infrared. She also thinks her decision to use the circular format makes her collection more unique.

kate davies infrared photography

Davies shared her thoughts on the ongoing 365 Days in Infrared recently.

“First of all, I can’t see through my viewfinder while shooting in infrared, so a lot of guesstimation is involved. Secondly, shooting for a circle requires completely different composition to a camera’s rectangle or Instagram’s square format. In terms of subject matter, the project is a window into my life and my images include intimate snapshots of important people and places.

kate davies infrared photo

I find the title of each image an important part of the whole, enriching the moment that the image evokes. I’ll stick with it because I like how it keeps photography top of my mind every day, actively seeking out shots for the project.”

infrared photo kate davies

Join her continuing one year journey by going here.

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