4,000 Marilyn Monroe Photographs to be Sold with Copyright at Auction on July 27

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It is almost improbable that there exists a staggering collection of 3,700 photos of Marilyn Monroe that have not been seen by the general public. These unpublished images of the iconic bombshell will go up for auction in Los Angeles on July 27 in what will likely be an unprecedented public sale of such an amazing treasure trove. Each and every picture comes with full copyrights. This means that the future owners of the images can make and license reproductions all they want.

The photographs were taken by fashion and celebrity photographer Milton H. Greene. Green was active for over four decades behind the camera, and is best known for the pictorials he did with Marilyn Monroe.

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This fact alone all the more makes this collection a remarkable one. Green’s camera was singularly intimate with Monroe, as he enjoyed her confidence. They did 55 photo sessions together during the 1950s. His thoughts of the Hollywood goddess reveal the close working relationship he had with her.

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“I thought I’d seen them all; being in the business I’d seen so many models and actresses. But I’d never seen anyone with that tone of voice, that kindness, that real softness. If she saw a dead dog in the road, she’d cry. She was so supersensitive you had to watch your tone of voice all the time. Later I was to find out that she was schizoid – that she could be absolutely brilliant or absolutely kind, then, the total opposite.” reflected Greene, as quoted in a website about him put up by Heather Williams.

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The images to be auctioned were shot on assignment for Look magazine. They form part of a library of 75,000 negatives and slides to be auctioned off on July 27 by Hollywood memorabilia specialist Profiles in History. It will be a live and online accessible auction.

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“It’s a big, big deal. It’s like selling the recipe for Coca-Cola,” said Joseph Maddalena Profiles in History owner, as he spoke to the Huffington Post. The Monroe images are certainly the most prominent in the forthcoming auction, but are not the only ones. The immense collection includes, among other stars, Faye Dunaway on the set of “Bonnie & Clyde” from 1967, as well as adult film actress Linda Lovelace shooting the x-rated classic, “Deep Throat.” The auction particulars known at this point are that the images will be sold in 268 lots. They are projected to take in anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 per piece.

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Go on over to the Profiles in History website for more info.

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