6 Amazing Examples of Conceptual Photography

logan zillmer

Here’s a second look at the work of Michigan-based photographer Logan Zillmer. This is his 365 Photo Project, an endeavor where he committed to post a picture everyday on his website.  We also said that this is a guy you should keep an eye on, and we stand by that recommendation. Zillmer creates remarkable images laced with the surreal as well as some very interesting conceptual photography.


“Photography has always been second nature to me, both because I’ve done it since I was 15 and because it is just how my mind works.” says Zillmer. He skillfully fuses different elements and objects, adding layers of textures, colors, and filters using the magic of digital editing to produce photographs that offer viewers a peek into his fantastical, sometimes bizarre inner thoughts.

logan zillmer 365 photo project

In this new batch of images, we see a guy changing a flat tire in the woods casting his flashlight on a giant man, three identical men rolling out carpets of real grass, a man opening a black and white canvass background revealing a color landscape, and even several identical men standing on ladders as they stick their heads into a ceiling-like sky. They are remarkable, dream-like concepts masterfully executed.

project 365 logan zillmer

One would wonder what makes Mr. Zillmer tick, and he tried to shed some light on this during a recent interview.

“I find it difficult to tell people about myself in short compact sentences, but here is my best shot. I am a conceptual photographer from the Midwest. I have a film degree, I have ADHD and I have been interested in photography and film since I was in high school. I love cinema, literature, American landscape painters from the 19th century, good whiskey, baseball, and being creatively free. I got started with photography when I took a photography class in high school.”

logan zillmer photo project

Zillmer’s fascination with cameras has been a lifelong obsession, which dates back to his grandfather’s video camera. He learned his chops entirely on 35mm film, a foundation he feels has made all the difference. He also likes to work with ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas.

photo project logan zillmer

“… I decided not to apply any pre-conceived notions about what kind of photography I thought I should be making, and instead, let my imagination and absurd amounts of energy take over. It became quickly apparent that conceptual photography is where my voice speaks loudly.”

Follow Zillmer’s ongoing work here.

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