6 Examples of Stunning Landscape Photography

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A well-rounded photographer should not be limited to any specific field of the discipline. An example of a versatile lensman is Pete Piriya. His body of work is varied containing landscapes that are both natural and urban. His work can only be described as grandiose and breathtaking, having an eye for framing magnificent vistas and panoramas of both the wild outdoors as well as glorious cityscapes and skylines.

pete piriya landscape photography

Piriya was born in Bangkok but has been living in Southern California. The photos in his varied portfolio were shot in various portions of North America, the Arctic as well as Thailand. Once relocated to the United sates, Piriya pursued further studies (his graduate course in Analytical Chemistry), except for the times when he was gone on trips. He transferred to Los Angeles in 2011 to take-up Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program in 2011.

landscape photography pete piriya

Travelling is a twin passion for Piriya along with photography, which makes for two perfect endeavors that go well perfectly. Piriya’s first camera was given to him by his father and it was a beloved Nikon FA. He took up digital photography seven years ago, and as one can see has an extremely fast learning curve based on the fabulous portfolio. He has been irresistibly hooked ever since.

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Piriya holds the belief that no instructional materials or amount of reading will teach him about photography, and is largely thus self-taught. The travelling provides great opportunities for his research work, as well as the stunning landscape visuals that he so impeccably photographs.  His work has been featured in international articles.

landscape photo pete piriya

Visit his website to see some of the most magnificent outdoor images, from mountainous ranges, icy landscapes, cavernous rock formations, dramatic bodies of water as well as fabulous urban jungles.

pete piriya

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