6 Remarkable Landscapes Shot All Around the World


Nature photographer Erez Marom shot some rather remarkable landscapes during his trips around the world. Ranging in content from the massive desert dunes of Namibia to the frozen lakes of Iceland, the Israel based Marom encourages his viewers to feel the same excitement of travel communicated his camera.

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“I am admittedly addicted to traveling and seeing the world and everything it has to offer,” he said. Born in 1980 in Holon, Israel, and where he still resides today, Marom was encouraged by his parents from a young age to develop any artistic inclination.

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He dabbled with drums at age of 9 and he has been an active musician until his late twenties. He was also fascinated in academic studies, which prompted him to earn a master’s degree in engineering from Tel Aviv University. He would later work there as a math lecturer. Quite a renaissance man, actually.

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Sometime in 2008 he initially saw samples of images which could be achievable with a DSLR. This instantly made Marom decide that to be able to shoot such pictures, he would need to purchase his first camera and lens. “Fascinated with the tiny world of invertebrates, I started with macro – my first photographic passion. A year or two later I started shooting landscapes, and this, together with my love for travel, became a fierce obsession that changed both my private and professional life for good,” recalled Marom of how he began.

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Today, his life revolves around nature photography with an obvious leaning to travel. Marom claims to feel passionately about traveling, seeing the world and all it has to offer. He turned into a full-time professional in 2012 and has since been published globally in top magazines and websites.

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“I enjoy writing about photography, be it about my life and experience as a traveler and artist or about the creation of my images. I am a regular writer for DPReview.com, Landscape Photography Magazine and 500px ISO, and I will soon have my first publication with National Geographic Books.”

See his growing body of work that can only be called stunningly elegant, here.

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