9-Year-Old Photographer Wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award

Stinger in the Sun

Believe it or not a young prodigy, specifically a 9-year old boy from Spain garnered top honors in the youth division of the 2014 Natural History Museum and BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. The annual contest just celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Since 1964, London’s Natural History Museum has been holding an annual search for Wildlife Photographer of the Year through this competition. This year the winner is 9-year old Carlos Perez Naval.

carlos naval

Naval went up against other youth of similar age, as well as others as old as 17-years old. He stole the thunder from everyone when his excellent photo, “Stinger In The Sun” got the young photographer a 1st place finish in the 10 and under division, while also also garnering the exalted title of Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, for which he easily beat other photographers nearly twice his age.

carlos naval photo

Many of Naval’s images are taken during his numerous travels with his parents, Eva Navel and Rodrigo Pérez and it’s evident that his passion for photography is insatiable. It does not matter whether he is in exotic locations like India or parts of the United States, or is in his own backyard.

carlos naval

Naval finds inspiration everywhere. He also seems to exhibit a trait common and necessary for wildlife photography which is fearlessness. Naval will not shirk from an opportunity to get shots of bears, tigers, snakes, and a variety of other wildlife which are sometimes just a stone’s throw away.

photography carlos naval

Kids are all too often underestimated but in reality they are capable of such amazing things, as demonstrated by Naval. He has been taking photos of extremely vast landscapes as well as tiny worlds all around the globe since he was a mere 4 years old. He started using a little compact camera, but when his parents noticed that he was unusually gifted, they supported his passion by upgrading him to a Nikon professional camera. That has certainly proved to be such wise decision.

Find out more about this whiz kid here.

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