‘A Beautiful Body’ Project Celebrates Mothers’ Real Bodies

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Jade Beall is no doubt a woman with a mission. When she published a series of portraits of her postpartum body online and a similar semi-nude series of a friend, it struck a chord that resonated with legions of women. Before she knew it, she had unknowingly inspired females who felt they did not measure-up to a ridiculous standard of beauty perpetuated by advertising, showbiz, and media in general. She had tapped into this silent majority of real women, living the kind of lives that silently go by, largely unsung despite the selfless ways they dedicate themselves to family.  For them, Beall’s bold example to celebrate her real, un-photoshopped and unaltered-by-surgery self was a step many wanted to follow.

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Beall relates how overwhelming the response was,

“I had already posted photos of my post-birth body to show the world what I was going through after my son Sequoia came into this world. And through all of this I realized that there were hundreds and thousands of women who also wanted to share their life stories about their bodies! The emails started flooding in and I realized I had to build this project, that it was my calling. The stories have been intense, beautiful, painful, and everything in between.”

A Beautiful Body project is movement of women coming together to tell their stories and celebrate their ever-changing bodies so that future generations of women can live free from self-suffering.”

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A Beautiful Body is indeed a game changer for the vast majority of women. Abdominal stretch marks and C sections glorify motherhood. Saggy breasts mean a child nurtured. Baby bumps celebrate fertility. Then there are also the stories of adversity; women battling cancer, cases of late term miscarriages and other life changing traumas many women silently suffer through, with their scarred and battered bodies to show for it.

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She began raising funds on Kickstarter with a goal of $20,000, but quickly exceeded it thanks to her 1,092 backers who helped raise $58,425.

A Beautiful Body celebrates the real women of this world who are indeed truly beautiful people.

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Visit the website and pre-order your own copy and see how women can celebrate a positive body image.

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