A Close-up View on the Private Lives of Snails, Lizards and Other Tiny Critters Using Macro Photography

macro photo

A whole world of little critters really does exist, it’s just that we can’t see them with the naked eye too well. Just take a look at all these miniscule creepy-crawlies hanging around in their magical minute kingdom. Self-taught photographer Vadim Trunov, based in the Russian city of Voronezh, is so fascinated with these littlest of creatures.

macro photography

You can expect that when he takes his camera out whenever he is in his summer home, he drops in on the private lives of bugs, snails, lizards and other tiny critters we usually would not bother to notice. His work shows that he is well-versed in macro photography.

macro photographer

With developments in macro photography, a whole new world of little insects and insect-like creatures can be captured with such impressive detail, and you could even suspect some CGI was involved. Trunov, although with no formal training, is one of the talented people in the business with a macro lens, and he shoots gorgeous macro photos as one can see.

macro photos

If you were pondering how he manages to shoot the unusual bug combinations, such as for instance a ladybug on a snail and a grasshopper and snail together, it is simply by picking them up and positioning them himself. The critters don’t seem to mind though.

macro photo grasshopper

Trunov typically creates these exquisite moments using some slight manipulation, placing his unsuspecting subjects where he wants. He also does not have to go far to find them, since many can be found in his own backyard. He does not just take a photograph of these little creatures, but he captures seemingly amazing little tales revolving around the largely overlooked world that exists right under our noses.

lizard macro photo

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