A Pair of Seemingly Mesmerized Snails are Totally Taken by Falling Water Droplets

snail macro

A pair of seemingly mesmerized snails are totally taken by falling water droplets as they both balance on the periphery of flower petals. Not being able to take their gaze off the splashes caused by the droplets, the inquisitive snails watched rather attentively and did not budge for a total of five minutes.
This unbelievable duo of mollusks were luckily captured by photographer by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza.

macro snail

He watched the pair come closer and closer to the edge, almost the point of falling into the pond in the wetlands on the banks of the Po River close to Parma, Italy. Panizza said the snails were absolutely hypnotized by the splashes, as they intently watched them for many minutes. Panizza, a technician as well as professional photographer, happened to be shooting images by the pond when he noticed the snails became curious of the water drops.

snail macro photo

The 39-year-old Panizza said, “I started taking the pictures to create a set of the pond, with these two flowers just above the water. I found some snails on the flowers and they started to move around as they were attracted by the drops. At first I thought they were looking at their reflection but it was the splashes that attracted them.

 photo snail macro

It was funny to watch the snails but I really didn’t know how they felt. I guess they were really curious. To make sure they didn’t fall in, I helped the snails off the flowers and placed them on the bank when their interest in the splashes diminished. I wasn’t sure if they could swim and I wanted to help them.” Lucky for them that Panizza put them out of harm’s way.

close-up photo snail

Snail is name that is used to refer to most land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs. The name “snail” is also used to refer to most of the members of the molluscan class Gastropoda. They typically have a coiled shell that is big enough for the animal to withdraw entirely into. The word “snail” is also used generally to include not just land snails but in addition, thousands of species of ocean snails along with freshwater snails.

 snail close-up photo

See Panizza’s now famous pair of snails here.

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