Absolutely Adorable Photos of Young Children with Their Pets

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Most people consider a pet to be their most faithful companion, a trusted soul-mate they share life with. Photographer Elena Shumilova captures the unique bond that exists between pets and their owners in an uplifting collection.


Shumilova captured kids and their pets during the many ordinary moments of every-day life in Moscow and Andreapol, Russia. In the series, children are shown with their pets, playfully running after their pets in a wooded area, looking out of a frosted window before bed, or just snuggling close together as they sleep.

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In one adorable image, Shumilova captures a young boy looking out to a lake while his arm is wrapped around his pet dog. In another image a young boy is seen as he rests his head against his faithful companion, snuggled together on a cozy rug. Another picture depicts a boy and his cat as they gather leaves.

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Shumilova, a mother-of-two, feels very connected to this theme. “I felt so inspired when I was creating these images. Pets are members of our family and there’s nothing more natural and more important than the desire to care for someone you love. The children in the photos are from Moscow and Andreapol, and they are photographed with their own pets.” Shumilova also adds that children and animals mean the entire world to her, “Children and animals – that’s my life.”

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Being the mother of two boys, she likes to photograph lots of outdoor scenes which include her dog, rabbits, ducks and often some of her friends and their children. She also always likes to take pictures of her kids and friends when they take a walk.

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Shumilova favors shooting under natural light conditions, indoors or outdoors, which explains the soft gentle quality in her images. “I love all sorts of light conditions – street lights, candle light, fog, smoke, rain and snow – everything that gives visual and emotional depth to the image,” she said.

elena shumilova petcurean  photo

Her work was recently commissioned by Petcurean Pet Nutrition. See her heartwarming images here.

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