Absolutely Stunning Aerial Photography of Holland’s Endless Rows of Tulip Fields


As Gloucestershire-based travel photographer Peter Adams saw the rows and rows of tulip fields that seemed never ending across the landscape of North Holland, he knew exactly what he was going to do. He had to shoot the tulip fields from an airplane. For Adams, aerial photography “always gives [him] a high that lasts days.”

holland tulips

Having shot practically everywhere, from Iceland to Namibia, Adams is no doubt a veteran photographer and knows his chops. Several years after that first trip, Adams monitored the tulip season through bed and breakfast operators situated near the fields. He went back at the most opportune time to photograph, which was just prior to the harvest. What he yielded were pictures that were not at all like most floral imagery, as they looked starkly different.

tulips in holland

Rather than your usual blossoms of colorful flowers, Adams’ breathtaking aerials have the fields looking more like abstract strips of differing shades. They also appear to be like fabric or strips of rug, perhaps resembling a giant swatch of color palettes.

tulip fields in holland

Taking the tulip blossoms away from their usual context totally changed their aesthetic quality. Not recognizable from a distance except for their color and arranged in seamless grids and rows, tulip stems turn into orderly strips of vivid hues. Adams purposely includes field workers and flower pickers just to give the pictures perspective and a sense of scale in case one is clueless of the floral landscape.

aerial tulips holland

Peter Adams is a full time travel photographer. He was born in London and now lives on the edge of The Cotswolds. He won the prestigious ‘Travel Photographer of The Year’ award in 2003. Adams returned to the same competition the next year as judge. He was runner up in 2006 for ‘The Observers Seeds of Change’ Photo contest.

aerial photography tulips holland

Adams’ images are frequently commissioned for cards, poster prints, CD covers as well as in calendars, books and popular publications such as National Geographic. He has also done calendars for companies like Canon and Smithkline Beechem. A shutterbug for a quarter of a century, he has visited over a hundred countries, and is also an author. Adams penned the book ‘Start Taking Great Holiday Photographs’.

See his collective works over on his website.

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