Absolutely Stunning Time-Lapse of Yosemite National Park


Taking over 24 months for filmmakers Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty to produce the epic Yosemite HD II, the reprise to their breathtaking 2012 ode to Yosemite National Park is certainly far from disappointing. It is just as majestic, if not even more grandiose than the original. This one has all the bells and whistles.

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The concept originally came to Neil and Delehanty as they were seated, resting on top of Yosemite’s peak, the Half Dome, one night while filming a time-lapse video of the evening sky. It was at that point that the pair decided that they were going to collaborate and document their collective experiences in California’s famous national park. That was how Project Yosemite began in 2012.

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For those not familiar, it is difficult to even attempt to overstate the beauty and grandeur of Yosemite in person. Anyone will tell you that no film or image can do justice to the actual first-hand, visual experience, however Yosemite HD and HD II is as good as it can possibly get. The first installment, a 4-minute short was both stunning as a documentation of the park as well as a time-lapse video for any subject matter, bar none.  Now with Yosemite HD II in the bag encompassing over two years’ work, the results are no less spectacular.


The duo shared how their marathon filming experience went down through the Project Yosemite website.

“On that first trip, we carried loads of camera equipment to Half Dome’s summit, where we shot time-lapse all night and through the morning. Being on Half Dome that night felt like being on another planet, a smooth granite surface under our feet and endless space spinning overhead. The morning’s sunrise felt like the first proper sunrise we’d ever witnessed.

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We decided to team up and document the experience together for others to see. We’ve been working together since then to capture and share our experiences in Yosemite National Park. We want to inspire others through our work like many others have done for us.In our latest video, we worked our way deeper into Yosemite National Park and explored some new places not seen in our first video.”

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See Yosemite HD II as well as the original Yosemite HD here.

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