Acer Announces Release of 6-Inch Liquid S2 Smartphone with 4K-Recording Camera

acer liquid s2

The cellphone wars are really escalating (thankfully for us) especially when it comes to the bells and whistles of built-in cameras. Every new phone that is rolled out into the market comes with some new fangled feature meant to push it at the forefront of the development envelope. Even Acer has stepped up its game. Despite being among the world’s chief manufacturers in a different electronic niche (laptops), Acer has just dangled some very enticing bait to draw attention to its smartphone. While its latest model is certainly no game changer, it has one feature which can steal the thunder from Samsung, Apple and the other big boys. Behold: Acers’s 4K camera.

Acer’s 6-inch Liquid S2 is the first smartphone to come with the horsepower to record 4K videos. It is a feature that’s been touted to be forthcoming with the Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone, but Acer has beaten the Koreans to the draw, apparently.  Although 4K UHDTVs are still evolving, there are a handful of tablets such as Apple’s iPad, that can playback content at higher resolutions than the industry-standard 1080p.

Acer’s new phone, which initially is only available in Europe (United States and Asia to follow), comes stock with a Snapdragon 800 chip, has a clock speed of 2.2GHz and is backed by 2GB of RAM. The yummy, creamy icing on the cake is ofcourse, its 4G LTE ready connectivity and that brawny 4K camera.

acer liquid s2 smartphone

The S2 comes factory spec with only 16 GB of onboard memory, so anyone who wants to drive the video capabilities all out is going to need some memory cards. It is ready to accept as high as 128 GB SDvcards. The camera boasts of 13-megapixels, and can initialize quickly from the lock screen and comes with an LED ring flash.

The S2 will come in black or red and will be on sale at the end of October in Europe. Pricing is still TBA and Acer has yet to announce any plans for a US release. Acer will demonstrate the smartphone at this week’s IFA conference in Berlin, where its 4K video will get close scrutiny.

See a video of the S2 here.

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