Adobe Releases Photoshop Lightroom 5 with Significant Updates for $149

Adobe has released Photoshop Lightroom 5, the newest version of its professional photography software.  Obtainable as an individual license or as part of a Creative Cloud subscription, Lightroom 5 puts in a more superior healing/cloning tool, an updated selective editing tool and the ability to edit files that are offline.  Lightroom 5 also comes with  an automatic image leveling and perspective correction feature called Upright (for distorted images). The price is pegged as $149 for new users while an upgrade will set you back for $79.

lightroom 5 demo macbook

The software developed for OS X and Windows, according to Adobe is much improved with more than 400 known bugs and glitches resolved. Intended for shutterbug enthusiasts as well as professionals, Lightroom 5 adds powerful editing capabilities. Lightroom 5 was first released April 2013 as a free, public beta in April 2013. The full release version of Lightroom 5 arrives eight weeks after that public beta debut.

tweaks on lightroom 5

Winston Hendrickson, Adobe vice president of products, Creative Media Solutions, said,

“Lightroom was originally conceived through the requests of Adobe customers, and this feedback continues to drive each new iteration.  As the digital photography landscape advances and evolves, Lightroom is the best solution for photographers and passionate hobbyists who want to get the most out of their digital images.”

Lightroom 5 also brings other features such as innovative video slideshows where stills, video clips and music can be combined in an HD slideshow. Improvements to the Book module create the ability to personalize and print stylish and neat photo books from a variety of templates, while customized templates is also an option. Adobe has also integrated the new Lightroom 5 with the newly-acquired Behance.

photographer using lightroom 5

New also to Lightroom 5, is Smart Previews which enables users to do image edits offline, not having to bring their entire library of often cumbersome files. Metadata revisions and edits done on Smart Previews files are automatically applied to the original images once reconnected. Lightroom 5 is available at this time for immediate download for Adobe Creative Cloud members.

What do you think of the new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 so far?

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Patricia Ramos

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