Adorable Little Girl Poses Next to Brahman Bulls in Extraordinary Portrait Session

Jacqui Nightscales

Wedding, portrait and family photographer Jacqui Nightscales shot an extraordinary and stunning encounter on assignment recently when she was photographing 2-year-old Tatum. The Dubai-based Nightscales, photographed little Tatum as she innocently interacted with a herd of giant Brahman bulls. The remarkable pictures show the animals as they dwarf cute little Tatum.

brahman bulls

The little one is blissfully unaware of the unusual encounter, an otherwise potentially perilous one. Some images even show her touching the bulls as if they were docile creatures. The other pictures show her standing precariously among them as the herd benignly reacts to her presence. Nightscales was so overwhelmed with the photographs that she hopes to have similar work in the future. Although this opportunity presented itself without warning, Nightscales still had a creative objective in mind as she shot the images.

brahman bulls Jacqui Nightscales

“I wanted to capture this connection in photographs between the little farm girl and these magnificent animals. How there is so much mutual respect and innocence between them.”

Nightscales also observed that the massive bulls acted as if they were protective of the little girl. Tatum’s mom and dad were around so they could extract their little girl in case things got a bit edgy, which thankfully did not happen.

brahman bulls Jacqui Nightscales portrait

The Brahman bull is principally used for breeding and the meat industry. Brahman cattle are known for their tremendous tolerance to heat and are common in tropical regions. They are also resistant to insects thanks to their thick skin. Brahman cattle last longer than numerous other breeds, typically producing calves at ages 15 and older. The Brahman is one of the most well-liked breeds of cattle meant for meat processing and is widely bred and used in Paraguay, United States, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and Colombia.

brahman bulls Jacqui Nightscales portrait photo

See the images of the Brahman bull and Tatum over at Nightscales’ website.

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