Adorable Photo Series Features Cloned Cats in Their Respective Homes


The jury is still out on which make better pets, Cats or Dogs? While this question always elicits heated debate, for now anyway let’s focus on the feline inclined. Cats are famous for their mystifying ways and their numbers are staggering. There were approximately 81,721,000 cats in U.S. households as of 2007, compared to 72,114,000 dogs, and the typical feline owner has at least two cats. So at least these numbers confirm on very solid ground that people like cats, and lots of them. For all the legions of cat lovers out there, here is an amusing and unique photo series full of cool felines. The collection was shot by photographer Andreanne Lupien and it shows cats and their devoted owners in their natural environments, their homes.

cat photo

Master and Cat can be seen doing all sorts of things you expect between them, like watching TV, eating, preparing breakfast, reading a book, or just plain chilling out. The cats are all over the place, as multiple felines dominate each image.

photo cats

In fact, they practically take over every photograph in the series, almost like a herd. What Lupien actually did (thanks to digital editing) was have the same cat appear many times in the same photo. So the cats you actually see all over the place is just one cat.

photo cats

To further feed this already cat-infested series and bolster the ego of the millions of cat lovers out there, a new study says that cat owners are smarter than dog owners, despite their pet’s intelligence. The research discovered that the owners of the two animals have a tendency to have differing personalities.

cloned cats

The study said that cat lovers tend to be more sensitive and open-minded than dog lovers who are generally more active. The Carroll University in Wisconsin study found that cat owners scored higher on intelligence tests compared to dog owners. No offense, dog owners!

photo series cats

Visit Andreanne Lupien’s website to see more.

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