Adorable Photo Series Featuring Pixar’s Wall-E in Everyday Situations

wall-e with cheese chips
Why, Oh Why…

Wall-E was a big hit when it was released back in 2008. 3-D movies were not as common back then, so it was a real treat for kids to see their favorite garbage collecting robot in a new light.

It does not come as a surprise to see that Wall-E is alive and well in idea boards, toys, stories and in this case, Meddy Garnet’s photo series. Meddy incorporated Wall-E into her Project 365 which she posts on her Flickr account.

wall-e playing tennis
Tennis, Anyone?
wall-e watching

It is an adorable series that captures the curious nature of Wall-E in everyday situations. One might even consider taking his perspective on the sights he would encounter on Earth if he were to see us now. From the bustling cities to the beauty of nature, there’s no doubt a major culture shock would take place.

wall-e twins
wall-e with squirrel
Feeding the Squirrels

The concepts are fairly simple, but sometimes that’s all it takes. Some photographers make the mistake of making their setups too elaborate that it becomes more of a distraction than anything else. With examples like this that show one main character as the subject in the whole series, the creativity comes in choosing locations, backgrounds and dialogues.

wall-e with bokeh
Catching Bokeh
wall-e with snail on head
Excuse Me Sir…

The next time you clean up your kids’ toys, take a closer look. Your next project could be right in front of you. It’s also quite fun and the perfect excuse to play with things meant for a much younger age group! Here is another great example featuring toy cars by Kim Leuenberger.

wall-e soldering
Soldering Time Fun!
wall-e pokemon
Pocket Mon…er…Robot

Visit Meddy’s Flickr photostream to see more of Wall-E.

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