Adorable Photos of a Little Boy and His Big Dog

little boy and dog wrapped in blanket

You would be hard pressed to come across a relationship more adorable than a boy and his dog. For generations, this has been a subject that has inspired authors to spin stories about. Hollywood has had its fair share of motion pictures celebrating this special relationship.. Tales of the incredibly obedient, sweet and smart dog have been told and retold, and we love these stories because they have timeless appeal. Here’s another one of those special boy and dog relationships caught on film.

dog and boy under planks of wood

dog and boy on beach

Meet 4-year-old Julian and his huge dog, Max, a five-year-old Newfoundland. His mother, Stasha Becker took the images of her son and dog, and captures the extraordinary rapport they have. There is obviously a bond between the two that shows how they have a very special connection. It is this kind of friendship with a dog that we all hope to either experience once in lives, or we wish can be nurtured for our children.

Stasha muses about how the photos began, “It started with me asking the boys to stand in front of the garage door before we get in the van so I can snap a quick photo with my phone and text it to daddy or grandparents,” she wrote in an email to HuffPost. Julian takes charge during the photo shoots, and gives creative direction to the dog. “But ultimately, all the photos are just my boys being themselves.” says Stasha.

dog and boy's heads close together

dog and boy reading

Max was actually part of the family, coming ahead of Julian. Stasha and her husband acquired the dog when she was just entering her second trimester while  being pregnant with Julian.

The dog, she says, helped prepare them to be new parents. “He taught me love and patience I never knew I had. He also made me see my husband in a whole new light. We both learned just as we were about to become parents what it’s like to always put someone else’s needs before ours.”

dog pulling boy on sled

boy in raincoat with big dog

As one famous dog trainer once put it, the dog you should get is one that will teach you something, and not the other way around.

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