Adorable Photos of a Mother and Daughter Yoga Tandem


What happens when yoga instructors have kids? They have yoga practicing kids, of course! That’s exactly what New Jersey-based Laura Kasperzak has with her 4-year-old daughter Mini; a mother and daughter yoga tandem. It didn’t take Kasperzak too long to recognize that Mini, her 4-year-old daughter is enormously fond of doing yoga. Well the netizens like her too, as Kasperzak and her Mini ‘me’ already have 725,000 followers on Instagram.

Laura Kasperzak yoga

yoga Laura Kasperzak

Kasperzak is a veteran of Yoga for 17 years now, and she teaches classes and workshops in New Jersey. While she has been at it for almost two decades, her enthusiasm spiked after giving birth to her two kids. Now even her children like yoga. Mini is the youngest of a brood of two, having an older brother, but the lad is tad shy to face the camera, so Mini more than makes up for it by hamming it up.

Laura Kasperzak mother daughter

mother daughter Laura Kasperzak

As you can see, not only does Mini have excellent form, but she is also a natural on camera. Her proud mother said, “She’s the ham of my two children, and loves to be photographed. Just recently she was doing a headstand and said ‘Mommy, take a picture!’ After I did she said ‘Let me see.’ She goes, ‘Oh no, mommy, we have to do it again. I wasn’t smiling.’”

Laura Kasperzak yoga series Laura Kasperzak photo series

mother and daughter Laura Kasperzak

These delightful and inspiring images demonstrate that exercise can be a fun family activity. Studies show that active children enjoy the health benefits of being physical even when they are already in middle age. It is also a lifestyle they tend to carry with them as they grow older, and eventually impart to their children when they become parents. It is never too soon or too late to get your kids into a healthy lifestyle, so why not do like this mommy and daughter.

Laura Kasperzak mother and daughter duo

yoga practitioners Laura Kasperzak

See their amusing yoga sessions here.

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