Adorable Portraits of a Little Boy and His Teddy Bear

adrian murray

Adrian Murray was inspired to get serious about photography, especially since he realized that the childhood years of his kid would be fleeting. While he had been around cameras his entire life, his photography took on a new meaning, especially as a father documenting his children. There was now a profound reason to pursue photography.

adrian murray portrait

“I took pictures in the past, but never with a purpose,” he says. “It wasn’t until I had something I wanted to document forever that I was motivated to continually shoot.”

Murray’s lovely portraits all embody a story of childhood that we can connect with. His sentimental point of view takes us back to our own childhoods, as well as the storybooks we loved to read while growing up. Ironically, this newfound passion to photograph his kids came about thru a nearly tragic experience.

portrait adrian murray

Murray and his wife arose one morning to find their 10-month-old son unresponsive while he lay in his crib.  The boy was brought to the hospital in a frenzy, and a few days later and with several tests conducted, the incident remained a mystery. The condition would happen again days later, and the boy was prescribed anti-seizure medication. This experience shook Murray’s take on life at its very foundation, prompting him to cherish every moment.

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It also convinced him to document his family’s precious time together through photography. Luckily, Emerson, the young boy is doing just fine now and even has a kid brother. After 12 months on the anti-seizure of medication, fresh tests were conducted and he has been cleared from needing medication for now. A harrowing but touching story that has produced some beautifully shot images of the unfettered joys of growing-up.

adrian murray portrait

adrian murray portrait son

See Adrian’s poignant work of his kids, and feel the inimitable love that can only come from a doting father.

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