Adorably Cute Hedgehog Earns Quite the Following on Instagram

hedgehog in cup

Everyone please meet Darcy. Attention on the photo collection by Shota Tsukamoto of his hedgehog perhaps considered the world’s cutest has skyrocketed beyond expectation. Based in Japan, Shota created an original and extremely amusing way his adorable 3 year old hedgehog could be portrayed in “The Flying Hedgehog Darcy.”

hedgehog in shoe

Darcy, just like a real pro, hams it up for the camera and her growing legion of Instagram fans. Darcy’s picture series even has some celebrity cameo appearances of other stars like Gizmo the Gremlin.

Shota started posting pictures of Darcy online around three years ago, and since that time, the cute little hedgehog has accumulated more than 340,000 fans over on Instagram. Of course, a lot of credit goes to Shota for ingeniously staging the innocent hedgehog in such heartwarming and utterly adorable situations.

hedgehog on cards

Darcy has been made to do all sorts of scenarios, from posing with all sorts of props like berries, cups, and even a deck of cards.  See Darcy take cat naps, chill out with M&Ms or stare down a stuffed caterpillar over at darcytheflyinghedgehog on Instagram. The little girl hedgehog is the pure essence of adorable and irresistibly cute as she poses for the series conceived by her owner Shota.

hedgehog looking at globe

The 3-year-old hedgehog takes her name from music pedigree. Darcy is named after the former bass guitarist of the alternative band, The Smashing Pumpkins. Just like Darcy, the bassist and musician, Darcy the hedgehog superstar is also a pointy, edgy girl. Quite arguably, Darcy the Instagram sensation may have surpassed her human namesake in popularity a long time ago. And by the way, don’t let those spikes deceive you. Darcy is an absolute pussycat and docile little creature.

hedgehog in hand

Every picture Shota comes up with just seems to outdo the previous one. He deliberately does not caption his images, allowing viewers to fill in the gaps with their own scenarios in mind, and in the process, claiming Darcy as a bit of their own too. Apparently a children’s book is in the backburner, so let’s all see how Darcy’s stardom will pan out.

hedgehog with crown

For the meantime, see what thousands have already discovered here.

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