Aerial Photos of Natural and Manmade Landscapes in Photo Series ‘Aerialscapes’

new york city from the air

Aerial photography is always interesting for its unique perspective. A bird’s eye view can provide a refreshing outlook, especially when we are caught–up inside the cocoons of our little worlds.  German photographer Jakob Wagner’s series of photographs shares his personal encounters with such aerial vistas. It is a series assembled from his many trips around the world called Aerialscapes.  The vast landscapes he captures are both natural and manmade, but nonetheless always breathtaking and wondrous.

jakob wagner aerialscape

Immense tracks of land and huge urban centers taken from great heights once again illustrate how great distances can obscure the little flaws we tend to obsess about. Instead we can, even if very briefly, marvel at the beauty of the world. It may appear as though Wagner spent a small portion on plane fares just taking the pictures. Quite patiently, he assembled the photos through years of air travel while assisting renowned photographers. What would have gone by as humdrum trips at least turned into opportunities to capture these spectacular images.

jakob wagner aerial shots

The process was not without its challenges though. Airplanes, he laments, are rather unpredictable and do not exactly provide the ideal shooting conditions. It is always a challenge and a hindrance to shoot through scratched-up passenger windows. Through the years, he was able to overcome this quirk by developing his own technique of cleaning–up his pictures adding contrast to mask the haze that is caused by a combination of the window and external pollution. Lately he has been saving-up for possible hot-air balloon flights.

aerialscapes jakob wagner

You can view the pictures of Aerialscapes Wagner has collected through the years here in his website, where there is also a brief description of the lens man which reads,

“Jakob Wagner was born 1985 in Herdecke, Germany. In summer 2008, he successfully completed his three-year apprenticeship as a photographer. He has since been living in Duesseldorf, where he has mainly been working as a freelance photographer, image editor and photo assistant. His work has taken him to many different countries around the world. When Jakob Wagner is not at work by assignment, he devotes much of his time and passion to his personal photography projects, which will culminate in future books and exhibitions. His photographs are available in signed and limited editions.”

jakob wagner

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